Saturday, March 23, 2019

Daily Inspiration 3-23-19

"The universe 
always supports you 100% 
in whatever idea 
you believe yourself most to be." 

-- Bashar, Darryl Anka 

[Classic post from 3-22-17]

Continuing today on the subject surrounding belief and how we view that and how it controls our reality, Bashar introduces the idea that the universe is always bringing us what we focus on. So regarding the quote above, the phrase, "whatever idea you believe yourself most to be," this is the interpretation of focus.

I think our focus is based so closely with our beliefs that we cannot discern a difference. 

Bashar makes it clear by saying, "as you believe, that's what you experience in physical reality," and adds, "All you need do is be willing to recognize that 100% trust in the direction you prefer will create the reality you desire to experience."

What fascinated me about this was the idea of 100% in both directions. I can just imagine the arguments against this idea that we are trusting 100% and receiving something that we don't want, but letting go of that rope will make it clear that it is true. The universe supplied the results after we supplied the stimulus. We were the cause, and the universe is in charge of the effects, which means of course that we are in charge of it all.

Bashar talks of the 100% trust: "You have all always trusted 100% in something. What your society calls doubt is not a lack of trust. It is an absolute unshakable, unswerving 100% total conviction in a negative reality. You always use trust 100%. It's just a matter of whether you trust in something you don't prefer or trust in something you do prefer. Now, which do you prefer to trust in--what you prefer, or what you don't prefer?" 

Then he adds this very important message: "As soon as you decide, however, that what you really prefer you will do 100%, there is absolutely no reason, as far as the universe is concerned, to withhold any less than 100% results from you. You will get 100% of it when you act in that direction 100%. 

100% trust will always--I guarantee it; I promise--give you 100% absolute reflection of that reality. Absolute. You are always getting a 100% reflection of the reality that you define as the most likely reality you are capable of handling. Always." 

100% Trust. Fascinating! 

Spread Some Joy Today--I trust 100% that I will experience a whole lot of joy today from many sources of encouragement.

Friday, March 22, 2019

Daily Inspiration 3-22-19

"Always be honest with yourself. . . 
Acknowledge that you have difficulty believing. . . 
Don't deny it, as denial is the first step
to forgetting everything about who you are. 
Don't deny anything about yourself, 
including the fact that you have denial." 

-- Bashar, Darryl Anka 

[Classic post from 3-21-17]

Something brought me back to this book that I posted from yesterday on the subject of beliefs and how they are the cause of whatever reality we experience. The book is Bashar: Blueprint For Change, and there are so many golden nuggets in this book, I wanted to continue for a couple of days in the same relative area of our beliefs.

Bashar asked Darryl if he believed that he could have what he wanted, and asked if he was willing to make it that simple of an idea. Darryl answered that he did believe that, sometimes. Part of Bashar's answer is the quote above.

Bashar suggests that we allow ourselves to deal with the fact that we may be denying that we have a certain belief or beliefs and that we may buy into the ideas of doubt, fear, and self-invalidation. It is stated that it is all right to have those thoughts. In fact, the problems come from the denials or the blaming of it on others, and more that keep it out of our control.

Then Bashar states this: "You see, the whole issue is that once you own the right to think that way [that it is okay to have these thoughts], you have made it clear that it was your choice to choose the negative reality. And once it's clear that it was your choice, it's back under your control." 

"If you sometimes don't feel capable of doing what excites you the most, acknowledge that you believe that. And then get into a very honest discussion with yourself about why you would choose to believe that way. What type of beliefs would you have? What kind of definitions would you have to buy into in order to feel you couldn't do the thing that is most representative of who you are." 

I've underlined the parts of those two statements that raised their voice in my head. As we stop blaming outside circumstances, heredity, our childhood or lack of it, or anything we can imagine that can be at fault and accept responsibility for our own choice of thoughts, we are empowered. We have control. What we do with that control and power is always up to us. We can stay where we are, but at least accepting it is our choice, or we can choose differently. It is what we believe about ourselves that drives the reality we currently experience.

We Are Only Pawns In The Game Of Life As We Believe That. Truth Be Known, We Are All-Powerful. 

Spread Some Joy Today--by choosing joy or not choosing joy, but not giving reasons why it is not there. Joy, along with our reality is always a choice.

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Daily Inspiration 3-21-19

"If wishes were fishes, 
we'd all cast nets." 

-- Frank Herbert 

[Classic post from 5-13-17]

I remembered a phrase from my childhood this morning: Wishes are for fishes! It was in the same realm of other edicts I heard such as money doesn't grow on trees, there's only so much to go around, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, and other powerlessness statements. Oh, woe is me! I think I'll eat some worms.

These are the kinds of statements that it is best not to remember, and certainly not helpful to believe!

Then, as one thought so often leads into another and then another, I thought about decisiveness. I thought of this: I wish. I want. I will. I am. Which of those gets results? I am, of course. I wish is such a waste of time. I want is okay, but lacking decision. I will indicates a decision, but because it is put off into the future, it is also powerless. The only one that works is I am. I am is abundance. 

If to say, I am is to be, how can I be before the result? We are always before the result. It is the being that creates the result. Empowered people are decisive. They pick and choose because they know that they have to be in alignment or resonate with that which they want. Once they find that place, they are already there.

Unlike so many of us who are waiting for an opportunity to present itself, or to find our calling, or the fish with the coins, powerful people are awash in opportunities because that is how they view life and their job is to have built up their skills in discernment to know which ones to choose, and their abundance mindset gives them the patience to take their time. They also know that things change and that mistakes can be made, and yet they also know that mistakes hold value--maybe even as much value as succeeding.

I think that when we let go of the idea of thinking that external situations and circumstances are what drives our lives, we will see our lives in such a different light. That light I would call the realization that this is an abundant world, and that there is more than enough to not only go around but to reward all who are willing to move into that light.

Next time you may be thinking about lack, whether a lack of opportunity, material resources, skills, knowledge, love, or in any form whatsoever, remember that wishes are for fishes.

I Wish. I Want. I Will. I AM. 

Spread Some Joy Today--by seeing the light of abundance that is all around you and also within.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Daily Inspiration 3-20-19

"The vibration that you hold
is how you serve."

-- Paul Selig

[Classic post from 7-13-17]

In this multi-post treatise that began with the idea of honoring ourselves, today I want to expand just a bit more on comparing because it is something that we have been taught to do and that we do throughout our days, and even for so many throughout our entire lives.

As we compare--are we greater or lesser than, who's number one, who are my competitors, how do we stand in the market, and as I mentioned before, the list goes on.

What comparison is, is judgment, and we so often judge by how one person or entity, or situation is better than, worse than, and so on. As we judge, we are in fear.

Paul Selig writes, "everything you judge you fear because you have an investment in a certain way of thinking, feeling, believing, or a belief that your safety and your personality self is being challenged by it in some way."

Judgment and comparison quite often surround the idea of right and wrong, good and bad, holy and evil. Even love and fear fall into this as they are compared in that way. Love actually has no opposite, but we often see it that way.

All the stories we've heard, seen in movies, read in books follow this theme of judgment and comparison. It cannot be avoided it seems.

We think we need judgment. The people wanted Moses to be the judge and he didn't want the job. It's not a lot of fun generally, but it is everywhere, and we've lived with it pretty much since birth.

Do we need judgment? Not really. What we do need, however, is discernment.

What's the difference between judgment and discernment? Judgment seeks righteousness and endeavors to categorize and label everything so that everything is in its proper place. But, discernment is simply a choice. We are choosing. We have some kind of criteria that causes us to want this and not so much want that, and this would indicate a need to make a comparison and make a judgment, a decision about what it is and which label to affix to it. But, we don't need judgment, we need discernment.

To discern is to simply choose and we are born choosers. It is often called Free Will because we always get to choose. But to judge is not our affair. Judgment is a full-time job, and discernment is a momentary choice and decision. Discernment helps us stay on track of living the life that we came here to live and judgment takes us off that game and takes us on an infinite meandering and meddling journey.

As we honor ourselves, which as previously stated is the same as loving ourselves, we can serve because we are aligning with our truest selves. We can feel the congruity and resonance of that without any effort. As the top quote by Paul Selig said, "the vibration that you hold is how you serve." We are expressed as consciousness and in vibration and as we vibrate we serve.

He adds more clarity to how we can serve in our truest vibration: "For one man to be in service as himself is to be realized as his truest self. As this man is realized as his truest self, he is expressed as this and that is what he calls to him. He demonstrates this in every aspect of his life because he cannot not demonstrate it."

So it isn't good deeds that win the prize (judgment and comparison), but our own alignment with who we really are that is how we serve. Who are we? We are a divine aspect of God, Source Energy, All-That-Is, or whatever label you like. As we align to that and feel that resonance, we cannot help but serve in a higher way. As we recognize our own divinity, we can only see the divinity in others regardless of their trained facade.

This is the way to peace in everything. To recognize who we are, see that all others are also a divine aspect of God, and in the resonance of the truest sense of who we are, we cannot help but serve in that same sense.

I Know Who I Am. I Know How I Serve. 

Spread Some Joy Today--by recognizing the divine in yourself, and in so doing, see it in everyone you meet.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Daily Inspiration 3-19-19

"Every moment of your life
is infinitely creative
and the universe 
is endlessly bountiful.
Just put forth a clear enough request
and everything your heart desires
must come to you."

-- Shakti Gawain

[Classic post from 7-16-17]

Still, on the theme of honoring and loving ourselves, clarity is one of the ways that we can do that. We are creators. We have free will to do as we choose. It is in our discernment--our choosing--that all our power exists.

To be crystal clear about what we want is wonderful and in that, we are drawing all of that to us in our clarity; however, often clarity is difficult because we can have a hard time picturing what we want though we are very clear that we want something else, something more, something better.

It's okay to ask to know what one wants. Feel free to reach out. "God, I know I don't want this, I want to know what I want. I ask that you guide me to know what I want." I've done this many times.

But, here's the key with that request. We need to let go and trust that the answer is already on its way. Many of us are control-freaks and we just have to be always mixing it up, trying to force things, make them happen, and yet letting go is far more fruitful.

Dr. Amy Johnson states, "Being receptive and allowing things to happen is a skill that can be practiced and improved upon." Some key phrases in that: It's a skill. It can be practiced and in that practice, we can learn to use our new skill to let go and let God get it done.

Dr. John D. Demartini has said that "beating yourself up is often the result of trying to fulfill other people's goals." What I should do. What should I do? Who should I be? How should I be? They say that I should _______. They say that I only need to _________. If I could only _______. All of these are other people's goals or ideals. Honoring ourselves means to trust that all will work out well.

Here's another way to develop clarity. We may not be able to see what it is that we want in detail, but we know how we want to feel when we have it, so then to concentrate on that feeling is to have clarity. After all, everything we do is done in order to attain a feeling--to feel good, to feel better, to feel loved, and more. So, the feeling of what it will feel like when you have what you want is a perfect place to start. And, easier too!

As we concentrate on how we want to feel (it will always feel good, or it isn't what you want), that is our only goal. All the rest will come of its own accord and will work out perfectly, often better than we could have imagined. Let go of how and focus only on what. What is our job. How is God's job.

Ask, and it is given. Seek, and you will find. Trust, and in your belief you cannot help but be rewarded accordingly.

Honor Yourself In Trusting Your Source. 

Spread Some Joy Today--by finding all manner of ways to feel good. If not good, find all manner of ways to feel better. Remember, it is not reaching out, but letting go. Joy is in the release, not the capture.

Monday, March 18, 2019

Daily Inspiration 3-18-19

"The human heart
feels things the eyes cannot see,
and knows
what the mind cannot understand."

-- Robert Vallett

[Classic post from 7-17-17]

This morning I was thinking of honoring ourselves and how that plays out practically in living our lives, doing our jobs, and more. Memories came to me from when I was a sales manager at a car dealership in the 1980s.

A salesperson goes out to greet a prospect coming on the lot, and a relatively short time later comes in after the prospects are leaving and says, "They are just lookie-loos. They are flakes. And, they're probably credit criminals too." Car lingo is funny to look at now. Most of it is obvious, I think.

But, what the salesperson said is often typical of our prejudice, or a word I like better our prejudgment. There wasn't enough time for that salesperson to find out hardly anything about that prospect, and what was really going on was that the salesperson was focused on his or her own agenda of making a sale and collecting a commission than on what their prospects came in for and how we might be of service to them.

In some circles, we call that operating within and from the small self, smaller self, ego, and so on. It is also operating from the head and not the heart. The heart feels and the brain thinks. If we can pay more attention to what the heart is feeling--and indeed, understanding, we can then invite the brain to do what it does best instead of what it does poorly. As I describe this, don't you think that the heart is doing a great job of thinking? Surely. That's why phrases like, "I know in my heart, I can feel them in my heart," come to play.

One of the best ways we can truly honor and love ourselves is to remain outside of judgment. I've talked about this before where discernment is our friend, and judgment is not. Obviously, this salesperson was in judgment and attempting to defend him or herself from any potential attack on their skills or choices. It wasn't me, it was them. They are the losers. Just a couple of lookie-loos.

The reality is that this salesperson could not communicate with this couple. There is a lot of ways that happens from focusing on the man and ignoring the woman, to not listening, to not asking questions to determine more of their desires and needs for a vehicle, and much more. As we are focused on our own agenda of what we want, we are clouded at best in determining what they want.

In this and all other scenarios like this, the best place we can start is to let go of our agenda and focus on them. The best way to achieve this is to begin by honoring ourselves as a divine aspect of our mutual Creator, and in turn, honoring those in front of us as equally divine. As we begin from this mutual respect and dignity, we cannot help but want to serve.

And, Our Best Service Is Of The Heart. 

Spread Some Joy Today--by honoring your connection to All That Is, as you honor all others in that same exact way. The result is natural joy.

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Daily Inspiration 3-17-19

"Let me never fall 
into the vulgar mistake 
of dreaming that I am persecuted 
whenever I am contradicted." 

-- Ralph Waldo Emerson 

[Classic post from 12-6-16]

What would our world be like if we all said what was on our mind and heard what others said about us from their mind, and it was all accepted and presented in the best possible perspective? Wouldn't that be interesting? Perhaps fascinating is a better word.

It seems, at least from my own perspective, that it is far easier for me to criticize others than it is to receive criticism. I know what I like and I can easily discern what I don't like, and speaking it isn't so far from thinking it, yet at least 95% of the time--okay, maybe 85% of the time, I keep it to myself for fear of serving the other what they might consider poison. Even though it is the truth. But, I have learned that truth is a relative term. It's supposed to be solid and real, but it's not.

Seth Godin in one of his recent blog posts said it nicely:

"The other person is always right. Always right about feelings. About the day he just experienced. About the fears (appropriate and ill-founded) in his life. About the narrative going on, unspoken, in his head. About what he likes and what he dislikes. You'll need to travel to this place of 'right' before you have any chance at all of actual communication." 

Of course, what he didn't say is that they are us, as we are them. Yet, realizing this can open our mind to consider the other point of view, and perhaps even understand more of their reasoning and perspective. Maybe it will give us pause for just long enough to feel for them before we express our own feelings.

It is always up to us whether we will speak from our mind with our past experiences, our ego with its self-preservation perspective, or our heart. As we express through our mouth the love that is in our heart, we will always speak the real truth, and as this is received by us in this same intention, we feel the real truth. And both are under our full control.

Communication Is Always Enhanced As Our Intention Is Always Love.

Spread Some Joy Today--by speaking the truth of your heart.

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Daily Inspiration 3-16-19

"No one can make you feel anything,
but you may choose to blame them."

--Paul Selig

[New post]

Reflection is an interesting thing. It is usually thought of as similar to looking in the rear view mirror. It is looking at something already done. It is the past, a reflection of the past in the present. One might state, "I had a good life," and that would be a reflection of one's life gone by and perhaps bringing some memories to the surface again. As that is phrased, it is the past. I had. Almost as if, and probably as if it is no longer that. We could think of a million things from the past to reflect upon.

Now consider this twist on that good life statement: "I am having a good life." It is no longer stuck in the past and needing to bring it forward, it is instead combined with right here and now. I am rather than I did. I am rather than I was. It is rather than it was. I have had many joyful times. I am having so many joyful times. I am having. I am living. I am enjoying. I did. I used to. I might have. I could have. I should have. I shouldn't have. It was. Back in the day. When I was young. Before I . . .

As I thought of this comparison, I realized how powerful that simple change in perspective and spoken or written expression of perspective is.

The two most powerful words in the English language are these whether spoken or written: I AM. We might consider using them more often to describe events and our participation in them.


Spread some joy today--by living in the moment.

Friday, March 15, 2019

Daily Inspiration 3-15-19

"You must take personal responsibility. 
You cannot change the circumstances, 
the season, or the wind, 
but you can change yourself. 
That is something that you have charge of."

--Jim Rohn

[New post]

Who is accountable? That's easy. We are. We are accountable to ourselves to others and for every thought we have. But we may often think of blaming others for whatever results we may see and it is easy to look around the world through media and see there is a whole lot of trying to find others accountable that is going on.

Let's look at accountable reflection for a moment. It may seem strange to put those two words together, but they really do go hand in hand. As we reflect on how our day went, how our lives have been thus far and how things generally have turned out for us, this is a way that we can see how we can be accountable for our thoughts and our actions.

Jim Rohn used to call that "running the tapes," at the end of the day, after the sale or whatever period we may choose to reflect on. And, he often used the word responsible or responsibility as we would reflect. We can choose to accept responsibility for our actions and our thoughts as to how things came to be or we can find blame and seek to release our responsibility to be accountable.

When it comes down to it, we are the ones responsible and so it is very beneficial to ask ourselves from time to time how we did and be fair and honest with ourselves. Did I give my best today? Did I give my best efforts on that task, the sale, or other opportunities that I had today? Did I tell my spouse, my family, that I loved them? Did I treat others with respect and dignity? Was I critical of others? Was I appreciative of others today? Did I praise anyone today?

As Jim said, it is good to run the tapes at the end, and I agree with that, but let us consider running the tapes all the while we are in motion. Change the question from did I? to am I? Am I giving my best efforts to this task or to this prospect? Am I loving my family and letting them know often? Am I respecting the person in front of me? Am I excited about the opportunities that I have right now? Am I appreciative? Am I praising people and recognizing their contributions?

Who is accountable? I am. Who is responsible? I am. 

Let me reflect on that!

Spread some joy today--by accepting responsibility for your own joy!

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Daily Inspiration 3-14-19

"I am now choosing
to see my neighbor,
to see all those before me in love.
And I know that love is
unconditional acceptance."

-- Paul Selig,
The Book of Love and Creation

[Classic post from 10-2-17]

They continue:

"Every man and woman on this planet only wants to be loved. That is all they want, whether or not they will admit it. All they want is love. And what love truly is, is true acceptance regardless of who or what they think or they believe they may have been, done, seen, or anything else."

In the last several days I've stated that I'm shocked as I think about the fact that through thousands of years of evolution, we have continued to choose the same things over and over, knowing fully that they didn't work before.

We have so many justifications for acting out of love. We stand on our righteousness, and in our company in historical agreement to those same things in the same way we've always done them. The same reactions to the same kind of events. The same expectations of how people should be or react or live.

As we hold on to being right, being good over evil and such perspectives, we see separation between each other as human beings, and separate from God at the same time.

This is all choice. It is chosen again and again, even for hundreds and thousands of years. We can choose differently. We have the ability and the power to choose differently. It may feel like new ground for a while, but as we decide to change, to see the world with different eyes, to respond rather than react, we move toward love and away from fear.

Practicing some affirmations will help remind us perhaps. I know that it has for me. "I am now choosing to see that which I see before me in Divine Love." What a powerful choice. I am choosing love. I choose love. I see the Divine in each person regardless of their actions. I may not approve of their actions, but to deny their Divinity is to deny our own, and that of God as well.

What is the value of being right? Is it as valuable as loving without condition? Who am I to judge? Who am I to love? Who am I in fear? How do I act in fear? Who am I when I am loving? How do I see the world through the eyes of love?

Great Questions. Choosing Differently. Acting Differently. A Life In Love. 

Spread Some Joy Today--by deciding how you want to see the world. I'm hoping that that view is full of joy, unconditional love and acceptance, and appreciation. It is your choice, of course.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Daily Inspiration 3-13-19

"Be hearty
in your approbation
and lavish
in your praise."

-- Dale Carnegie

[Classic post from 9-10-18]

A couple of days ago I was looking at information on a new Redbox release of a movie and it had two reviews. I was amazed at one and laughed at them both. The title of the movie doesn't really matter, but it was Ideal Home. Redbox has a 5-star possible rating.

Here was the 3-star positive review:

"This movie is a heartwarming story, with lots of witty banter that makes you laugh. Touching, funny, well written. Even my boyfriend, who thought it was going to be stupid, [he] thought it was funny, and enjoyed watching it. Well worth the watch. I almost gave it a 4-star."

Here was the negative 1-star review:

"liberal rubbish."

I thought it was interesting that the 3-star was so positive and using words like heartwarming, touching, funny, lots of witty banter, and well written, and yet only gave it a 3-star rating. She even mentioned that she was on the fence of giving it a 4-star rating but chose not to.

The other review, of which I have seen so many on Redbox and elsewhere is so negative that it isn't worth any more than some laughter at the effort they took to put it down. How sad.

So, here's the message I intended. Why would we withhold praise? Why would we withhold approval? What are we saving those other two stars for? Why would you want to spread dung as in the liberal rubbish quote? What value is that coming out of our minds and fingers or mouth?

The joy of appreciation is in appreciation. The value of praise is in the praise or the upliftment. The value of approval is in approving. 

I have learned that to approve and appreciate and to praise openly and often has caused the most dramatic shift in my love centeredness. The Apostle Paul said to "pray without ceasing." This is to be in love, to be in joy, and to see the world with the new eyes of being "born again."

Years ago back in the 1970's, I studied Transactional Analysis. In that, there were those who stated that we have two bags with us at all times. One is a bag of warm fuzzies. They feel good to give and feel good to get and they are just delightful things to share with the world around us. The other bag had cold pricklies. These feel cold, harsh, and are not desired by anyone. Yet, somehow we came to think that the bag may become empty, and so we began saving our warm fuzzies for those special times and with special people. We never want to run out of warm fuzzies. They are so valuable that we must be careful not to empty the bag, and so we dip into the cold pricklies so that we at least give something. 

But, the underlying truth is that both bags are bottomless, and when we realize that we can pray without ceasing, praise lavishly, and be in love every moment of every day, we can then drop the cold pricklies bag and stick with the only bag we will ever really want or need.

The Choice Is Ours Alone. Knowledge Is Powerful. Awareness Is Supreme.

Spread some joy today--by being hearty in your approbation and lavish in your praise. Give lots of 5-star reviews wherever you roam. You will notice the difference immediately.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Daily Inspiration 3-12-19

"What would religion do
without the devil?"

-- Alan Cohen

[Classic post from 9-1-17]

Indeed. What would the protagonist do without the antagonist? As I consider all the ways I can think of in how struggle, roadblocks, external authorities, and our own internal games play in the mixture of living life, I see nothing but the same. Well, perhaps, the same with a different name and face and time. But, same modus operandi nonetheless.

Yet, we all have the power to change this. We have always had the power; however, we have not often used it. The reason we have not is that we see the big bad wolf and we are scared. Our fear rules.

The more I grow in my studies, the clearer all of life becomes. The fact that we are dealing with the same scenarios and situations that plagued humanity thousands of years ago is an amazing thing to me. Why has it not changed? I know the answer: WE haven't changed. And, since we are the perceivers of our world, if we don't change, our world doesn't change either.

I have so loved this quote from Jim Rohn: "For things to change, you have to change." But, this is not clear enough. It is still focused on the outside. A far better way to state this truth is this way: "For things to change, I need to change." Yet, this is an edict. We have the power of choice. So, the best way to say it might be this: "If I want things outside of me to change, inside of me to change, I have the power to change what I think, what decisions I make, and how I act, react, or choose not to act."

As one changes, that one gives permission to all others to change as well. Lao Tzu stated that "the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step," and so it is with one person's change. The journey to change your own environment, the collective environment begins with ourselves in whatever capacity or situation we may find ourselves in.

No Longer Waiting On The World To Change! 

Spread Some Joy Today--by creating the world of your dreams.

Monday, March 11, 2019

Daily Inspiration 3-11-19

Make more decisions in every day. 
Because a decision is a summoning of life.

-- Abraham, Esther Hicks

[Classic post from 8-27-18]

As I was reading yet another post from Abraham, Esther Hicks (I get one every single day), I was amazed and delighted anew. The way they explain things so that it is so easy to understand without a bunch of hocus-pocus, ten-twelve-twenty step confusion is so empowering to me. So, here's the quote that was the reason I am writing this today:

"Make more decisions in every day. Because a decision is a summoning of life. That’s why a little chaos is good for you because often you don’t make a decision until you get yourself in a jam. And then, in the middle of the jam, you make a decision, but that decision summons Life Force. Have you ever been a place where you couldn’t quite make up your mind and you just felt sort of limp? “Oh, I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know.” And then you decided, and you felt alive again. We want you to know that you’ll never get it done. So don’t approach this from, “I gotta get on this” because you’re not ever going to get it done, anyway. And the other thing we want you to know is, you cannot get it wrong. So, make a decision. Let it flow."

I imagine that you can relate as I do how we get ourselves into a situation where we are sort of forced to make some kind of decision to help extricate us from the situation we are not pleased with. It might even feel a bit painful at the time; however, as Abraham states, that is a summoning of life energy. We don't think of it that way, do we? Yet I love how they see that big picture that then takes the heat off of the whole scenario. We are summoning life energy. It's all good. We can't get it wrong. It is living the life and we are the constant choosers though we may think we are justified in blaming someone or something else for our troubles.

And, just because I'm in the praising mood of Abraham, here is another that follows very well with the above quote:

"There are no choices that are really a detour that will take you far from where you’re wanting to be — because your Inner Being is always guiding you to the next, and the next, and the next. So don’t be concerned that you may make a fatal choice, because there aren’t any of those. You are always finding your balance. It’s a never-ending process."

The key thought here for me is this: We are always finding our balance. It is a never-ending process! Yes! Constantly finding our balance as we make choices, as we make decisions, as we are learning.

I celebrate mostly the simplicity of the Teachings of Abraham and how I resonate with all of it as if I have always known it this way!

Happy Monday!

Spread some joy today--Absolutely. What better thing to spread. Be a carrier. Spread your contagiousness around.

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Daily Inspiration 3-10-19

"Life instructs,

Love is all,

-- Terry Minion

[Classic post from 5-23-18]

Last night, I was laying in bed and the words above came into my mind. It is always strangely fascinating when this happens.

As I have been studying for so long now, it has become clear to me that life is instructing whether we are paying any attention to it or not. Learning is building, though we have full choice to ignore it or to open up to it. It has become equally clear that in the end there is only love, which reminds me of that early Beatles song, "love, love, love, all you need is love, do-ta-do-ta-do," except that this would be: "love, love, love, all there is is love!" Everything else is an illusion, something we simply made up either individually or collectively.

It is easy now for me to look back and see how life has always been instructing me. It is easy to look back and see that however painful something seemed at the time that I was learning what I needed to learn from that experience. There are surely many of those experiences. It is my awareness or paying attention now that allows me to celebrate those times and become so grateful for them, otherwise, I would be dragging unhappiness along with me everywhere I went. The challenge for me in my growth has not been to see the value then in my now, but to see the value as it is occurring in my present moments. I have been playing with this for some time in the last couple of years and I am making so much progress that I am celebrating that right now.

Seeing instruction and the learning that comes from experience is one thing, and learning to see that love is all there is, well, that is somewhat more challenging. Yet, I am getting this day by day and I am so grateful to Abraham, Esther Hick's work which I've studied since 2007, along with Bashar, and Paul Selig's work more recently.

It's easy to not see that love is all there is. In fact, I could even say that it seems to be the norm, but one thing to me has become clear: All that is an illusion. It merely attempts to cover love with fear. I used to think that all there is, in the end, is love and fear and our choice is between them. What I see now is that fear is simply an illusion. I think of fear as a hill blocking the sunrise or sunset and then simply walking to the top of the hill and see nothing but the sunrise or the sunset. Fear is no more unless I choose to see it or pay attention to it as being real.

I used to think that there is all this nasty stuff going on in the world and now I see that was in my head and covering up my heart. As I learn to see the instruction that life has been giving me all along and open my eyes to the love that is all around me everywhere, I am whole, renewed of mind, in peace with all including and perhaps especially within myself. Truly, that is where peace begins. It is not without, but within. As is love. To seek love without is to accept fear as real, which makes love something that is fragile, yet love is all the strength there is. It is the strongest thing. It is the only thing.

Love Is All There Is.

Spread some joy today--by opening your heart and mind to the inner knowing that we each have that love is all. As you do, you are filled with joy.

Saturday, March 9, 2019

Daily Inspiration 3-9-19

Number one:

Stop all criticism.

-- Louise L. Hay
from a live talk,
How To Love Yourself

[Classic post from 5-21-18]

I went for a long walk today and listened to a one hour live recorded audio titled, How To Love Yourself by Louise L. Hay. She had ten steps to discuss loving ourselves more and she said that if we only did number one, all the other steps would take care of themselves with no effort. The number one step is to stop all criticism. That begins with all self-criticism, and any criticism of others, things, circumstances, whatever.

How many times each and every day do we criticize ourselves, or others, or to be critical of circumstances and things? The worst thing is to be critical of ourselves. It is so disempowering. It's been said that there is no such thing as constructive criticism, and I agree with that; however, we do have discernment at our beckon call. Discernment is simply a choice of what we want or don't want, but it is not born of criticism. To be critical is to be judgmental. and it is such a negative thing that if we could or would simply cease this one activity of the mind, our lives would dramatically improve immediately.

Try it for yourself. Stop all criticism for one hour, then one day, then one week and watch what happens. It may take a while but it is worth the effort of practice to move toward a far more loving and fruitful life and the thing that will help us move away from being critical, and especially of ourselves, is to begin to praise ourselves and to praise others.

Praise Will Release All Criticism Very Quickly.

Spread some joy today--in your delight in yourself and those around you. Praise is a choice, criticism is a choice, and joy is a choice. We are the choosers.

Friday, March 8, 2019

Daily Inspiration 3-8-19

"Lifting weights without resistance
is completely pointless 
and without any benefit whatsoever."

-- Albert K. Strong

[Classic post from 5-20-18]

I went for a walk yesterday and I was listening to an audiobook and one thing that was said at the end of the book about this very successful entrepreneur. The author said that he would continue to innovate as long as he was leading the company and able and would be equally successful, or when there was no one that was standing in his way. I thought, "Wow! That is a powerful attribute of contrast in the overall value of successful accomplishment!"

So often we may think that if no one was in our way or things were lined up perfectly so that there was no resistance to our forward momentum that all would be so much better, in fact, well. My thoughts on this walk were that this is not the case and that there is so much value, in contrast, resistance, naysayers, and the like, that we should be praising their very existence. It seemed to me that without them, there would be little of value created.

Just imagine the growth and expansion that comes from those who are resisting our progress. That resistance strengthens us. It causes us to rethink, to reimagine, to reformulate and to refocus. All of that is powerfully good and has a tendency to help us come to conclusions that would not have been available to us in any other way. These things cause us to expand, to become more, to create better ways, to expand our own knowledge as we expand our influence.

So today, I suggest that instead of thinking negatively about other people and their lack of support and participation that we thank them instead. Get excited when people are pushing against our ideas and thoughts. Get excited about people having other ideas. Begin to find value in that miraculous collaboration that comes from the Ying and the Yang. Get fired up about hearing no, or hearing the boss or whoever thinking we have a screw loose. Get jazzed about the possibilities that can come from this delightful, insightful, and empowering contrast.

It's All Good When We See With The Right Eyes!

Spread some joy today--by feeling joy instead of unhappiness when others seem to be pushing against our thoughts and ideas. Listen and learn and find the joy in what they are bringing to the table!

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Daily Inspiration 3-7-19

"Illness or pain
is just an extension of negative emotion. 
When you are no longer feeling any resistance to it, 
it's a non-issue." 

-- Abraham, Esther Hicks

[Classic post from 4-25-18]

When I read the quote above, the first thing that popped into my mind was the title of The Beatles song, Let It Be. Then I immediately heard the song in my head.

Let's see if I remember the lyrics. . .

When I'm in my hour of darkness, that is when I need to sing: That's my final answer, let it be, let it be.

I used to feel so down and dreary, but now I have new eyes that see, me honor my emotion and let it be, let it be.

Let it be, let it be, let it be, let it be. I now focus on the light of God and all the rest, I let it be.

I know it was something like that. And, of course, it is true and we know that in our own lives that regardless of what is currently vying for our attention, we always have the choice to choose the direction and amplification of our gaze.

To lament the negative emotion we are feeling, however justified we think we are, it is always and only harming ourselves. Even as someone or some situation seemed to have been the culprit in our feeling of demise and anger, it is our resistance to it--our struggle with that emotional jungle gym that causes increased pain and illness.

I have found the intense value in honoring the feeling that I am having, and then to simply and exquisitely let it be. Like this: "Oh, that's interesting. Hmm. I think I would rather look over here at that warm bright light!" As I turn toward that light, I am released from the torture of my own resistance. I am back in alignment with All-That-Is, my True Self, my Inner Being, my God within.

Here's a final bit for the moment from Abraham, Esther Hicks gleaned from the DVD, New Thoughts. New Ideas:

"It's about alignment. When you have things on your mind, and you do, And when these things that are on your mind are on your mind because they are active in your vibration, and that's the way it works, then it serves you to find a way of making those things that are on your mind fit in a way that feels good to you. And, that is the only medicine."

I'm Laying Down The Rope Now, Let It Be, Let It Be.

Spread Some Joy Today--feeling your way to health and joy. Others will notice!

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Daily Inspiration 3-6-19

"Inner peace is never more than one thought away.

-- Alan Cohen

[Classic post from 4-24-18]

Of course, I totally agree with Alan Cohen and his quote above. There is one thing though. . . it sounds so easy. And, it is. And, it's not. It's easy when we haven't gotten into the feeling of the thought, and it's harder when we have. Once we start feeling it, we are quickly attracting more thoughts that create very similar feelings, and as we spend some time pouting about it, talking about it, even just thinking about it within our own head, we heap layers and layers of resistance on ourselves and simply changing a thought has such a hard time getting through those layers.

Many people probably think of me as someone who doesn't let things upset me very much and maybe even some think that I'm happy all the time. It's true that I no longer let things get going within me for very long as to cause me to feel down--or, at least, nowhere near how down I've been in the past. I do know what depression and powerlessness feels like because there were times in my life where I was like the dog getting wagged by the tail letting all manner of things within my mind and visually expressed outside of me seemed to lead my life from pain to feeling okay and it was all over the map of emotions so to speak.

Now that I am aware where the tail is and that I am in charge of my own tail, I never get that far down the emotional rollercoaster, but I do get down. It is more like an off feeling as in I'm not feeling good and I would rather feel good. The good news about this is that I know what to do now. Before, I would think about it and create more layers, and now, I do as Anthony Robbins taught me: Change my state. In other words, do something. Sometimes anything will do. Move. Go for a walk, a bike ride, a car ride with the windows down, or exercise, or almost any movement that gets me out of that state I was stuck in.

Sometimes going to sleep helps. It's too early to go to bed normally, but that is the tail wagging the dog again. Who cares? I need rest. I need to change my state. I need to get back to feeling better, feeling better about myself, and feeling better about living.

I got that way today and I immediately recognized the symptoms and turned on the Blue Ray Player and inserted a movie that causes me to laugh hysterically out loud every single time I watch it and it is inspiring at the same time. That movie is my top go-to movie: Morning Glory with Harrison Ford, Rachel McAdams, and Diane Keaton. The one in the cast that gives me the most laughing though is an actor named Matt Malloy. So tonight, I watched this wonderful movie again and I was back where I wanted to be. I changed my state. I changed my thoughts. I let go of that resistance that was trying to pull me down.

Once I realize what is going on in my mind and in my thoughts and actions, I have control. The only question is, do I exercise it? That answer for me is, yes! I often call it practice. I honor how I'm feeling, and then I ask myself if this is how I want to feel and if it isn't, then I change my state. Sometimes it is a movie, other times I've gone to bed really early. Sometimes I go for a walk, or sometimes I call my business partner because he always makes me laugh. The bottom line is that I am wagging my own tail. On purpose.

How Do You Want To Feel? Wag Your Own Tail.

Spread Some Joy Today--Woof! Woof!

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Daily Inspiration 3-5-19

"In each of us, there is a spark 
that can reverse the trends 
of violence and depression 
spiraling within us 
and in the world around us. 

By setting in motion 
the spiral of gratefulness 
we begin the journey 
toward peace and joy."

--Br. David Steindl-Rast

[Classic post from 4-23-18]

We don't fix things by focusing on the things we perceive that need fixing. We fix things by focusing on the unbrokenness of things.

It doesn't matter what we are thinking and feeling right now. It is as temporary as anything in the world is temporary, and by the way, everything is temporary! All that matters is that we are okay with where we are. If we are, all is good, even if it may seem bad to someone else.

However, if we are not pleased with where we are, don't like the feeling of it and don't want this, as we realize that everything is temporary, this need not last any longer than right this moment. We have the power to change it in a heartbeat by changing our thoughts about it. This will change the feeling of it, and as we open our eyes, we will see the manifesting of the change in motion.

Here's some great wisdom from Abraham, Esther Hicks on this subject:

"There are many situations, attitudes, lifestyles-even food choices-that you do not want to participate with. Through the living of your life, you have identified many wanted and unwanted aspects, and it is important to remember that none of those unwanted things can jump into your experience, because there is no assertion in your attraction-based Universe. [Bold type is mine because this line jumps off the page toward me!]

The choices that others make cannot negatively impact your experience unless you include them in your experience through your attention to them. Things come to you only through your Vibrational invitation-and they remain only by your continuing attention to them.

Your Universe is based upon freedom. Freedom for everyone to choose what they give their attention to, and therefore what they choose to experience. And your interaction with one another provides a contrasting basis that assures continual expansion.

When others achieve Vibrational alignment with something they desire, they in no way deprive you of your desires. If your time-space reality has inspired a desire within you, it is certain that your desire can be fulfilled, for your Earth environment has the potential of satisfying the essence of all desires."

Whatever We Choose To Look At We Will See.

Spread Some Joy Today--by choosing what causes joy within you, or as much as possible.

Monday, March 4, 2019

Daily Inspiration 3-4-19

"Just let it be
and figure it out along the way." 

-- Abraham, Esther Hicks 

[Classic post from 4-20-18]

It occurred to me a few minutes ago while standing outside feeling the sun and enjoying the clear blue sky and the nice breeze that so much of my learning that has been of value has come from my focus on how it feels to me. Does it resonate with me? Does it feel like I am in alignment? Does it feel like the truth to me?

No, it is not about right and wrong, and it isn't about anyone else's truth, or edicts of so-called truth regardless of the source. It is simply and completely a matter of whether it resonates or is in discordance with my inner knowing.

Making the conscious decision to follow my heart so to speak was the most powerful decision I have ever or could ever make. I just reread a delightful small quote by one of my favorite mentors, Alan Cohen. He said this: "You already know." It is so true.

I do know and I realize that I am in my knowing as that information resonates within me. This is also important because virtually everything is vibration, whether physical objects or thought, and as vibrations are in resonance, they are said to be in tune, and when they are not, they are out of tune. It has become very easy now for me to feel the difference. As I feel this, I am in my knowing.

There are many things that I was taught over the years, that I have found to be discordant. Many of them were hard for me to accept as truth even as I was instructed that they were. In other words, they were out of tune with my inner knowing. But, so much of this came from authority figures whether living or not and so I was trying to accept what they said I should believe, but inside I was struggling with it like trying to put a square peg in a round hole.

I love this quote from Abraham, Esther Hicks that came this morning from a quote recorded in 1997: "Even though you would like your government to orchestrate the laws or God to orchestrate the law or somebody to give everybody one set of rules, it's not ever going to happen. [And here's my favorite part:] Each one of you, individually, are seeking your own vibrational balance, and when you find it, then you will welcome all kinds of different beliefs, because you will never fear that the belief will take you someplace that you don't want to be." 

There was a good part of my recent journey where I have, to say it kindly, have felt shortchanged by what I was taught and by the teachers involved in the teaching of it, and so I thought I had to focus on letting go of all of that. But, what I learned is that this is not the least bit necessary, and the quote above that I just left explains how that can be.

As we decide to come into our own knowing by feeling the resonance or discordance of something, we are exercising our full power, which will lead us to focus on that resonance, and just let the discordance be. Just like the quote at the very beginning that says to "just let it be, and figure it out along the way." I am so thrilled with coming to this place of being in my knowing, feeling my own guidance within that to push against any manner of discordance is not only not necessary, it is not beneficial to me or anyone else.

I Am In My Own Authority. This Is A Power-Full Place To Be.

Spread Some Joy Today--as you come to realize your own inner knowing by accepting the power that we all have within us.

Sunday, March 3, 2019

Daily Inspiration 3-3-19

"It is one thing to hear a concept
and feel the resonance of it when you hear it,
and it's another thing altogether
to practice it until you own it, to be it."

-- Abraham, Esther Hicks 

[Classic post from 4-19-18]

It is so easy and goes down so smoothly to read or hear about unconditional love and feel good about the idea of that, and yet, it is a whole other thing to actually practice it in our lives. We get it. The idea of it resonates with us because it is truly in alignment with our inner knowing, our God within. Actually living that is another thing altogether.

This is true with a lot of learning perhaps even the majority of the things that we learn in concept, speak of, write of. So many things we can discuss in a lot of detail, but when it comes to actually living it, well, we become forgetful.

Abraham, Esther Hicks is famous for saying, "words do not teach. It is experience that teaches." Of course, that is true. And so, I continue to choose to engage in practice so that it becomes my experience. Victor Hugo is famous for saying, "There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come." And, as powerful as that is, it is anemic in comparison to executing that idea through action and thereby becoming experience. We learn by doing more than we learn by thinking or receiving information.

Anyone who has read these Daily Inspirations for any length of time knows that I write about love more than anything else and though I write of it that often, I am more famous for practicing it. I learn about love by loving. I learn about unconditional love by loving without condition. I don't simply share platitudes, but ideas and thoughts that when they become active in our lives change our lives for the better.

This is where practice comes in. With our historical perspective, and seeing popular movies, video games, television shows, and watching people in real life around us, it is easy to see the need for practice and it is easy to see that there isn't much going on in the way of practice but a continuing repetition of the past, adjusted perhaps, but not really different. Jim Rohn is famous for saying, "for things to change, you must change." I prefer to put that in the first person and say, for things to change, I must change, and change will require practice, especially considering my habitual patterns from history and viewing the history in action that I see all around me.

It is said that practice makes perfect and that is a great truism, yet practice is simply turning an idea into action. As we look around, we can see the manifestation of ideas turned into action and much of that action is based on ideas that were meant to control us and not serve us. The idea of right and wrong, good and bad, sinful and saintly, falling in and out of love, and more. It can be quite a challenge to find a movie that is not about killing or falling in and out of love, broken relationships, greed, revenge, etc. Uplifting movies is not the norm, but what if they were? Loving without condition is not even seen in movies generally, but what if it was?

Yesterday I mentioned a quote from the Paul Selig books that we are not independent of our environment. What that means to me is that whatever environment that I want, I must choose it. I must practice it. If I want to see more unconditional love in the world, then I must learn to practice loving without condition. Mahatma Gandhi is famous for saying, "you must be the change you wish to see in the world." Again, to put it in the first person and accept the idea, I must be the change I wish to see in the world. Accepting the idea is fine, but for the change to come about, I must practice being the change.

I Am Not Independent Of My Environment. I Am My Environment.

Spread Some Joy Today--by deciding to practice what you want to see in the world.

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Daily Inspiration 3-2-19

"Today, I will experience some magic. 
I will be alert to all that goes on around me, 
and I will be delighted and amazed. "

-- Terry Minion  

[Classic post from 12-24-17]

Most likely, today will be a busy day.

Don't forget to take your peace and love with you. The busier we get, the more we need to remember that everything we feel we create within us.

Make it a special day full of delight and wonder.

When Love Is Your Guide, You Are Always At Peace. 

Spread Some Joy Today--by creating some joy out of thin air. That's another way of saying to choose it by choosing thoughts of joy.

Friday, March 1, 2019

Daily Inspiration 3-1-19

"Those who cannot remember the past
are condemned to repeat it." 

-- George Santayana 

[Classic post from 4-18-18]

Along with some of the biggest changes in my life, in the last year, I have been studying every day five texts by Paul Selig. I've gone through them about six times because I wanted to really not only understand the wisdom contained in the texts but to adapt it in my life. Even with a year of these posts I could not share all that I have learned, but some subjects stand apart from the rest, and the one I want to share this morning is about our history, or more accurately, our habitual historical perspective which rules our lives so much, and we are not really aware of it being that way.

Let's take the quote above, which is often misquoted as, "those who cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it." The truth is that we repeat it all the time. It has become what we do without any effort or realization that this is the case.

But, before I go on, I must refute the part about being condemned (or doomed, if you prefer) to repeat it. This is ALWAYS our choice, though we claim to want change. It does not happen to us, it is chosen by us in many, many ways that on the surface do not seem like a choice at all.

The one most powerful thing that I have learned from these five texts is that we are always choosing and more often than not, we are choosing the past.

I was in the grocery store the other day and saw a magazine in the rack by the checkout that showed a robotic man-like figure in protective gear holding a rifle that looked like some kind of laser weapon and as I recall the title was war in 2030, or it might have been the weapons of war in 2030. In either case, this is pure history. It is a historical perspective. And many, if not most of us, buy into the idea that war will always be happening somewhere in this crazy world and that we need to stay ahead in the technological expansion of the tools of war. It is complete and utter silliness to me, and so I laughed at the magazine cover as I went about my day.

In these texts, this idea of history and living in a historical perspective and continuing to choose based on our history is the most discussed thing. The first couple of times through the material I was tired of hearing about it, but then I started to truly realize that this was so important for me to get that any repetition only reinforced the idea that I wasn't yet accepting it. My eyes have been opened and I can now see how this is happening in my own life and that of others and the world we live in.

Can we change? Absolutely. Will we change is a better question. But, before we can change, we must understand what and how we are choosing along with the fact that we are always choosing, and have always chosen.

One of the best quotes from these texts is something I've shared before and will again because it is so powerful: "You are not independent of your environment." But, we think we are. We think that the world rules and that our goal is to comply and adjust as necessary to get what we want, and we are often thwarted at that by circumstance or by what we consider to be other people's decisions, heredity, class stature, etc. This is not true. We certainly can operate this way and I have for most of my life, but that is not the truth, it is merely an interpretation that I make from a historical perspective.

I will continue more tomorrow and beyond, but I want to end this post with a wonderful quote by Benjamin Franklin from his autobiography: "So convenient a thing it is to be a reasonable creature since it enables one to find or make a reason for everything one has a mind to do."

Here's A Perfect Historical Perspective To (Re-)Consider: "Peace Is The Only Battle Worth Waging." -- Albert Camus

Spread Some Joy Today--as you see that you are not independent of your environment and that you are in charge of it.