Friday, August 17, 2018

Daily Inspiration 8-17-18

"Peace is the result 
of retraining your mind
to process life as it is,
rather than 
as you think it should be."

-- Wayne Dyer

[Classic post from 6-20-14]

I've learned much on this trip. For example, no matter who planned what, there is a tendency for things to not work according to plan. There are a lot of reasons for that that I need not go into, except to say that life sometimes is a series of constant interruptions, and this is especially true in businesses and in families with teenagers.

It is only a problem with me if I were tied to a specific outcome, and as I have learned oh so well, if I just learn to go with the flow, the flow will take good care of everyone involved. And, it has this week.

Today, I was at a dealership doing some commercial truck videos and teaching several people how to do it. It didn't even get going until mid-afternoon; however, once started, it was flat amazing how much we got done and also how well it all turned out. There were so many interruptions earlier in the day and even during the videos, but it came out perfectly anyway. This is the power of going with the flow.

I had a desire in mind, but I did not concern myself whether it would be fulfilled or not. In fact, I was willing to scrap the whole trip if necessary in order to be of service, and yet it all worked out wonderfully. That includes the weather, wind, street noise and other issues. How marvelous is that?

This whole trip has gone exactly that way. I missed my turn and went way out of my way yesterday by almost two hours and it was such a blessing to see two fantastic valleys in the Yakima WA area. I had no intention of going to Yakima, but there I was making the best of it and it was the best of it. Charlie is enjoying the adventure as well.

Then, this morning driving from Hood River OR (did I say beautimous?) into Portland at 60-something degrees at 8am and clear blue skies. . . oh, my goodness what a gorgeous drive. Then I missed my turn and got to use Siri on my phone for the second time. Where was this great voice and directions all my life? Whoa. Did I say awesome? Turn here, turn here, I turned there, she refocuses without a hitch and re-guides me. Flat amazing.

The list of issues that could have been upsetting issues, along with the list of mistakes that could have been upsetting mistakes is long on this trip, and it hasn't fazed me in the slightest. I am going with the flow, bending with the wind, not caring so much about any specific outcome. The food is better, the accommodations are better, the connections with people are better. Isn't that amazing? Plus I've read almost 3 books and learned an amazing number of things and will finish 4 by the time I'm home. I don't know how it could get any better.

No Worries, Mate!

Spread Some Joy Today--Let go of expectations, and just flow with it.

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