Saturday, October 31, 2015

Daily Inspiration 10-31-15

"Your thoughts 
change the behavior 
of everyone 
and everything 
who has anything to do with you." 

-- Abraham, Esther Hicks 

I've been using and loving my Ask and It Is Given Perpetual Flip Calendar now for about three years. That means that every short message that I see each day is the same short message I saw last time this date came around. And yet, some just jump off the page at me even today. They don't all jump off the page, but some just hit me at the right time where my head is at, and, "Hey Minion, check this out!" Or, "Hey Terry, write about this!"

Yesterday's message was like that, and as I pondered that all day yesterday and then got up this morning to the message for today, I think how perfect it is--for me. The simplicity of it is astounding. So, I'll share it just in case it means something to you.

Yesterday's message began with the quote above: "Your thoughts change the behavior of everyone and everything who has anything to do with you." That is what jumped off the page at me. Consider it--my thoughts change the behavior of everyone around me and any and all circumstances, events, etc., that have anything to do with me. How powerful that statement is. My thoughts not only change my own behavior, events, circumstances, and more, it changes all those around me.

The message continues, "For your thoughts absolutely equal your point of attraction, and the better you feel, the more everything and everyone around you improves. In the moment that you find an improved feeling, conditions and circumstances change to match your feeling. . . . Playing the Which Thought Feels Better? game will help you begin to realize the power that your own thoughts have to influence everything around you." 

My point of attraction is where ever I am now, the person I have become so far, my awareness so far, so what is coming into my life has everything to do with this position and these things. When I look at my life and what I am attracting into my life now, I can see that it is dramatically different from what I used to attract into my life before I was even aware that I was doing such. It's not like I am now at the point where I control everything, but at the same time, that is exactly true--I am controlling everything.

You probably know people who seem to be going through one shit-storm after another. I call it being the pinball in a pinball game as opposed to being the player in the game, bouncing off one issue to another, racking up blaming points, getting flipped around, and so much more. Jim Rohn used to say that, "things like that just seem to happen to people like you," when someone would complain about circumstances and how all these things are fighting them--and apparently winning. It's clear to me that they happen because of our point of attraction and awareness at that time. I see people in those circumstances today (actually I don't see very many because they are no longer on my radar) and I totally understand how those things are happening to them.

Sometimes people might say, "what were you thinking?" when someone makes what appears to be a grand error, and in reality, that is probably the perfect question to ask; albeit, the attitude of the asker, in this case, is not really interested in greater learning or guidance, but only condemnation and their own method of blame.

I'll continue tomorrow with more about the game, Which Thought Feels Better? and how it is a perfect way to help change the thoughts that change our point of attraction.

My Entire World Is Controlled By My Thoughts. 

Spread Some Joy Today--by deciding that it is a good choice for the day.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Daily Inspiration 10-30-15

"We ask ourselves, 
 'Who am I to be brilliant, 
 gorgeous, talented, fabulous?' 

Actually, who are you not to be?" 

-- Marianne Williamson 

[I posted this 4 months ago and felt very moved to share it again. We all need to feel good, and to even feel fabulous, because we are. I hope this inspires you to feel fabulous today and all weekend long! -- Terry]

I used this photo a few days ago and I cannot get it out of my mind. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words and I know that is true, as this one speaks volumes to me. Here's some of what this photo says to me--even screams to me with delight:

I'm fabulous! I feel fabulous! I feel like a star! I feel joy! I love my perfect hat. I love my choice in shades. I can be anybody behind some cool shades, and right now I'm fabulous. I've got beautiful, naturally curly hair. I love my hair. My great summer dress with the yellow borders clicks with my shades as do the other colors that blend so nicely with my great hat. I feel alive. I feel good. I feel free. I feel wonderful. 

I'm in love with me right now. I love me. I love myself. I feel like I'm showing off the real person inside me that so often I have tried to hide. I am hiding no more today. I am feeling too good to be concerned about any of that. I am feeling like I have a smile on my entire body. I feel like a wave of deliciousness has covered me giving me even more joy. I am fabulous. I feel fabulous. I am so enjoying this moment as if there were no other moments to be concerned about. 

And, while I am loving me and feeling fabulous today, I am loving every single person and thing that I see through my eyes and my perfect shades. I see them as fabulous too. In fact, we are all fabulous today. The sky is fabulous, the air is fabulous, the animals are fabulous, the ground is fabulous, the people I see are fabulous, everything around me is fabulous. Isn't fabulous so divine? I love it. I want to feel this way all the time, or at least as often as I can because it feels so delightful and fun. 

It isn't the things I'm wearing. I love them, and they are fun, but it isn't the things on my body. It is me. It is how I feel deep inside. I adore this feeling. When I add these beautiful and fun things to my body, I feel like that feeling deep inside that I don't pay attention to very much is allowed to come up to the surface and have fun with me. The things I'm wearing just enhance the feelings that are already within me. It is so marvelous when I allow this to happen. I want it much more often. I love being fabulous, feeling fabulous, and sharing my fabulousness with the entire world. 

"If You Allow Yourself To Feel Fabulous, You Are Fabulous!" -- Natalia Kills 

Spread Some Joy Today--Be Fabulous!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Daily Inspiration 10-29-15

"There is a word for the difference
between wanting to do and choosing to do. 
It's called action." 

-- Albert K. Strong 

When I was a little kid, there used to be a saying, 'wishes are for fishes.' I still haven't got a clue where that came from or why fish get all the wishes, but I think the gist of it was that you can think about something, want something, wish for something, hope for something, but nothing happens without some kind of activity.

I was thinking this morning about a long list of things that I want or would like to do. I have three stacks of books that I want to read, I want to rearrange my office, minimize the clutter (there is so much going on in this room!), try certain recipes in the kitchen, make and drink more fresh green juice, become thin again, and well, I'm sure you have your own list and yours might even be as long as mine.

I wonder how much time and energy, fret and concern that I have experienced over the years of the things that I haven't yet chosen to do? Whew! I know it has to be a lot.

I have a book I would love to read. It is The Wartime Journals of Charles A. Lindbergh. It has been on the bookshelf facing me for years. I've picked it up a few times and read a couple of bits. It's well over 1,000 pages, and I'm certain that it is fascinating based on the tidbits I've tasted, but it remains unread, right along with the three stacks on the other side of the room.

Yet, I have several books on my side desk with bookmarks of where I am in them and they are all being actively read, although I'm not in a hurry as I am enjoying them in pieces and sort of studying them, making notes, and highlights too.

Is the difference in the depth of my desire? That might be one way to look at it, but I think it is as the quote above states, the difference between wanting and choosing. The difference is in the activity or the action. I have not yet chosen to read the Lindbergh book, so there is no activity or action to do so. Whenever I choose to read it, I'm certain that I will.

Until something gets on to my to-do list, or rather until I choose to do it, whatever it is that I think I want to do or might like to do is not important. I no longer (well, it's a work in progress to better state the truth) let any of that those un-choices to interfere with the real choices. Some day, the un-choices may actually move over to the choice column, but it doesn't really matter.

The more I worry about what isn't getting done, the less I tend to get done, and the more guilt or other negative feelings I experience. When I focus on what I am choosing to do and let all the rest become insignificant, I feel good, and even if I don't complete it in a timely manner, or even if I choose to not complete it on purpose, I still feel good and that I have become more in the process.

When I Choose, I Control My Experience. 

Spread Some Joy Today--by choosing to do so. Otherwise, it will not be done.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Daily Inspiration 10-28-15

"Love is the ultimate 
and the highest goal 
 to which man can aspire." 

-- Viktor Frankl 

In his brilliant book that was just released this month, Alan Cohen keeps it real, easy and short in A Course In Miracles Made Easy. He states in the book from anecdotes that many had bought the original A Course In Miracles, but very few had actually read it through. I know from personal experience that. It was a daunting task and I learned much of the messages in A Course In Miracles through another learned interpreter--Marianne Williamson and her very popular and delightful book, A Return To Love. I highly recommend that book as well as Alan's new book.

For all intent and purposes, Alan Cohen explains perfectly what A Course In Miracles is all about. "Every moment, the Course tells us, offers us a choice between fear and love. . . the only real choice is between fear and love. Fear hurts and love heals. All else is detail. The fearful mind spins a web of complexity that makes the hardships of the world seem inescapable. A Course In Miracles tells us that life does not have to be hard and the world that fear has fabricated is entirely escapable. Boil every choice down to what heals versus what hurts, answer fear with love, and you will find the peace you seek."

This isn't some airy-fairy philosophy. This is a real choice for us throughout every single day and every aspect of our lives. We get to choose how we respond to the stimuli around us, and we can most easily tell what we are experiencing when we pay attention to how we are feeling. There are only two feelings; albeit, there are many names we've given varying degrees of those feelings. The only two feelings are feeling good and feeling bad or not good. Love will always feel good. Not love will always feel off or bad. That's how easy it can be. There's only one requirement of us, and that is to simply notice and then make our decisions. At least then we will be living on purpose whatever choices we make.

Here's a great game to play: As you go through your day and you notice something, or you are being presented with a choice, ask yourself, 'what would love do?' Then, just for the heck of it, ask, 'what would fear do?' Then ask, 'which will I choose right now?' Again, whichever is chosen, at least it is chosen consciously.

One other tiny thing to pay attention to. The results of the choice. That could be telling. . .

How Much More In Charge Can We Be? It's All Choices. 

Spread Some Joy Today--by choosing love.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Daily Inspiration 10-27-15

"It's true, that out of diversity
often will come conflict. 
Yet, it is just as true, 
that out of diversity 
will come harmony." 

-- Albert K. Strong 

I agree with the quote above, and though we may not want to admit it, conflict and harmony can both be valuable, and they are also choices of what we either expect from past experiences to happen, or it is dependent on what we are searching for.

Here's a great question: What do we get out of sameness? Abraham, Esther Hicks said this: "The most magnificent Creators don't want to get together with people who think just like they do. They're looking for people who have other thoughts because out of the contradiction, come ideas that could not be born out of sameness. Your relationships will be ultimately more if you're not identical twins just "yessing, yessing, yessing" to everything that the other one is about."

How often people get into groups that agree with one another, or at least on the surface that might be true. Yet, what are they learning? What they already know?

What I loved about that quote from Abraham was this line, "because out of the contradiction, come ideas that could not be born out of sameness." Based on that exciting line, a contradiction can be a huge asset.

I can still hear my mother saying to me, "don't contradict me!" and me replying (in my head, of course!), "I will if I want to!" I guess I've always challenged authority in one way or another. . .

Get Excited About Contradiction And Diversity And Challenge. That's Where The Fun And Excitement Is. 

Spread Some Joy Today--by finding the harmony in all things.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Daily Inspiration 10-26-15

"In an age where there is so much talk 
about "being yourself," I reserve to myself 
the right to forget about being myself, 
since in any case, there is very little chance 
of my being anybody else." 

-- Thomas Merton 

I love this quote by Thomas Merton. It's true that there is a lot of talk and publications about being yourself, finding yourself, becoming more of yourself, and so on. It reminds me of a dog chasing its tail in a circle without success.

At the same time, there is something to the idea that we find out how best to be ourselves, finding ourselves, and being more of that which we are, and I think I've found what all of that means and how to be more authentic.

I think that being ourselves is tantamount to enjoying being alive--to enjoy ourselves, to enjoy our life, to feel good, and to have very little or no fear, regret, anxiety. We do that by aligning with the spirit within, our inner being, our inner knowing, the God within. We know we are aligned when we are feeling good. We know we are out of alignment when we are feeling bad, fearful, anxious, frustrated, and so on. So, number one, being ourselves is simply to be in alignment with our inner selves. The inner and the outer in unison. When that happens, we are whole, and at peace, connected to our joy, full of love, recognizing and enjoying our life.

Second, or rather, this really should be first, finding ourselves, or our authentic self is to recognize how we are feeling and know that we truly want to feel good. Feeling good comes from that feeling of alignment within ourselves. We would then equally recognize when we are feeling bad, and now we know what that means, and that leads us to what to do about it in order to feel better: choose better feeling thoughts. Even dinky little steps help a lot. We might move from anger to worry, and that is an improvement, then from worry, we can move up to frustration, then into hope, and on to optimism, to passion, to love. That's all the control we really need--recognizing what is going on, and knowing how to move to a better place.

Other people can see it in us. You can recognize it perfectly in others. People might say, "something is wrong with George today. He's not himself. He's normally easy going and nice and today, well. . . something is off." We sense the vibrations of others by how they are feeling, and we can feel it within ourselves at the same time.

It's all about alignment. When we are aligned, we are our authentic selves. When we are out of alignment, we are easily confused about that. Being more of ourselves is simply being more in alignment. 

Think of it as tuning a stringed instrument. When the vibrations of the tuning fork and the string are in alignment, the string is in tune and the instrument sounds like it was meant to sound and music can be played. When the string is out of tune, the music played is not so good, and the more out of tune, the less it even sounds like music. And, just like we can take that out of tune instrument and get it back in tune, we have all the power we need to do the same within ourselves.

Being Yourself Is Just Like Being In Tune With Life. 

Spread Some Joy Today--by enjoying yourself. That's how easy it is.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Daily Inspiration 10-25-15

"Everything reminds us of something." 

-- Elizabeth Gilbert 

Some books I devour, while others I sip like a fine cognac, and Elizabeth Gilbert's newest book, Big Magic - Creative Living Beyond Fear, is one that I'm enjoying a little bit at a time. I'm only one-third of the way through and I've had the book for over a month. I delight in the way she puts words together, so I've also been reading it aloud.

I was thinking the past few days about these Daily Inspirations and that after thousands of them, I've repeated many themes many times and I'm always looking for something new, and how slow that seemed to come sometimes.

Then, yesterday, I picked up Big Magic and read the sub-chapter heading, Originality vs. Authenticity, and I was relieved, excited, and amazed at the same time. It has to be the shortest one in the book, lasting only one and a half pages, but it jumped out at me like it was the message from the book that was totally meant for me--and, anyone else who is thinking about creating something.

She begins by saying, "Maybe you fear that you are not original enough. Maybe that's the problem--you're worried that your ideas are commonplace and pedestrian, and therefore unworthy of creation." Wow. Commonplace and pedestrian. What a fascinating phrase. She sews in a word to a sentence that just makes me smile. I could not have imagined the word pedestrian in that sentence, yet it tickled me so. But, I digress. . .

She continues, "Aspiring writers will often tell me, "I have an idea, but I'm afraid it's already been done."

She answers, "Well, yes, it probably has already been done. Most things have already been done--but they have not yet been done by you."

She talks about how Shakespeare, in his lifetime, pretty much covered every storyline there is, and yet for all these centuries, they have been restated again and again. She adds, "So what if we repeat the same themes?... We're all related, after all, so there's going to be some repetition of creative instinct. Everything reminds us of something. But once you put your own expression and passion behind an idea, that idea becomes yours."

To bring this idea some closure, she says, "the older I get, the less impressed I become with originality. These days, I'm far more moved by authenticity. Attempts at originality can often feel forced and precious, but authenticity has quiet resonance that never fails to stir me."

And so she says for us to "just say what you want to say, then, and say it with all your heart," and to "share whatever you are driven to share," and, if it is authentic enough, believe me--it will feel original."

This is part of the chapter titled, Permission, and how we need to give ourselves permission to do what we want to do without reservation or restriction. Whatever you feel a desire to do, the most important thing I think is to allow yourself that expression--to do, to put it out there, whatever it is. It's only silly fears that keep us from that place, or worrying whether it has been done before, or done better, or whatever craziness our ego comes up with. Just do it is a perfect three words to live by. Just do it. And, in the doing will be every reward.

You Are Free To Create At Will. Share Your Uniqueness. 

Spread Some Joy Today--by allowing yourself the pleasure of doing just that.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Daily Inspiration 10-24-15

"Today would be a perfect day 
to have a perfect day." 

-- Alan Cohen 

Yesterday, I was out doing some errands. It was a beautiful day. I was feeling good. Charlie was enjoying himself riding along. Traffic was typical for a Friday afternoon, yet I was generally unaffected by the congestion. The freeway was gridlock going east which is normal for a Friday afternoon, so I took surface streets to get across town. It takes longer, but not on Friday, and there is more scenery anyway.

I dealt with several people of widely varied ages during the trip and most were amazed at how happy I was. The bank, the grocery store, the pet store, they were all not so happy, yet cordial. The grocery store lady was probably in her 50s and she said she would be happy after this day was over because it has been a long one, the bank girl in her 20s was so looking forward to the weekend. The pet store girl in her 30s would soon be off shift and would be feeling better soon.

I've mentioned these kinds of scenarios before, but as I was talking with the bank manager who asked me about the weekend ahead, I said, 'I don't look forward to weekends anymore. I think it is because I have so much freedom in my life now that I just enjoy every day.' Then this morning as I am writing this, I think that I am living more in the moment than I ever have before.

I love how Abraham, Esther Hicks explains it: "Your life is right now! It's not later! It's not in that time of retirement. It's not when the lover gets here. It's not when you've moved into the new house. It's not when you get the better job. You life is right now. It will always be right now. You might as well decide to start enjoying your life right now, because it's not ever going to get better than right now--until it gets better right now!" 

It's wonderful to eagerly anticipate something coming into our lives, but it is the full enjoyment of what is already in our lives at this very moment that is our life being enjoyed. 

I was looking at an article I wrote for the current issue of a magazine called, Prime Time Living, a magazine focused on seniors, where I asked, "When is my prime? Right now." I'll share just the first paragraph with you: "I've heard people say, "He was in his prime." By who's definition is that? Most likely it wasn't the person they were referring to. Eckhart Tolle reminds us, "The only place you can ever encounter the future, is in your head," and "Nothing can ever happen in the past. It can only happen now." So, when is my prime? Right now. This moment. No 'he was' or 'she was' or 'he will be,' or 'she will be.' There is only now, so the only time there could ever be prime is now."

I can remember living like the people I interacted with yesterday, and I am certain that one of the best changes in my life has been learning to or rather, allowing myself to enjoy the moments without needing or wanting them to be something else. All of us live in the moment. That is when life is for all of us. As we learn to enjoy these moments rather than wishing we were somewhere else, the more joy we experience, and the more we have the life we want.

Your Value Is Unquestionable. Your Purpose Is To Experience Life. All The Rest Is Variable, And Completely Under The Realm Of Our Own Choosing, Moment By Moment. 

Spread Some Joy Today--Yes. Today seems right.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Daily Inspiration 10-23-15

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." 

-- Proverb 

You might have heard the idea of a parallel universe. Well, here's a bit from Abraham, Esther Hicks that sheds some light:

"Nothing needs to be fixed. Everything is unfolding perfectly. So when you stand in your now accepting that all is well, then from that vibration, you become surrounded by more and more evidence that all is well. But, when you're convinced that things are broken, that there is pollution, or that things have gone wrong, or that the government is doing conspiracies. . . then what happens is you get caught up in that vibration, and you begin to manifest that kind of stuff, and then you say, "See, I told you that things were going wrong."

What is fascinating about this is that both are true. It's just not the circumstances that make it true or the reality of it that makes it true, it is the eye of the beholder that makes it true.

What Is Your Eye Beholding? 

Spread Some Joy Today--Just go have some joy today. It's easy. You deserve it. You don't have to share it if you really don't want to, but it is always better shared.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Daily Inspiration 10-22-15

"Follow your bliss." 

-- Joseph Campbell 

I bought a new book by Jeb Blount with a catchy title, Fanatical Prospecting. As I looked through the contents page and read some of the pages at random, my first thoughts were that he is teaching a very small group. To be fair, there is plenty to learn from this book for the average prospector, let alone the fanatical one living, breathing, and working 24/7/365.

In the sales game, we have pressure on us from the companies we sell for, to continue to produce more at less cost with more profits. Sometimes that pressure to be someone's version of success is a heavy burden. Been there, lived that, was even one putting the pressure on others many times.

Yet, what I've found is heavier than this pressure, is the expectations and disappointments we affix to ourselves in the process of trying to be something other than what and who we are.

I'm very much into personal development and growing and becoming better at what I do, and expanding as a human being too. It's all for the good of everyone involved for us to be our best selves. In other words, I want to do well and I want to keep learning.

In 1972 when I began my sales career at age 22, I found it hard to find books on sales. Now, they are so plentiful that if you want to improve your sales skills, get some fresh ideas, and keep learning more, it is very easy. I recommend that. I do it even today. Technology has helped expand the ways in which we can keep learning with e-books, audio programs, audiobooks, video, YouTube, online education and so much more. Whatever you want help with, it is out there and much of it is free. 

There's a lot to do and a lot to learn, and in all my years I have found something that is even more important, and it takes all the pressure off at the same time. It is this: learn to love what you do and to enjoy yourself doing it. Many of us get so focused on making money and forget to enjoy ourselves throughout each day. Life is short and finding a way to enjoy what you do during the day for work allows you to make money and thrive. It adds immeasurably to your home life as well.

Joseph Campbell says to "Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls." Do what you can with what you have to work with and let the rest go. Find ways to enjoy yourself throughout your day, and loving what you do serves you and everyone around you. My recommendation is that if you were to become fanatical about something, to become a fanatic about following your bliss will serve you pretty well.

Life Is Meant To Be Enjoyable. All Of It. And, Strangely Enough, We Get To Choose That Or Not As We See Fit. 

Spread Some Joy Today--because it is way cooler than spreading fear, or complaining, or being angry. Joy just feels better, don't you think?

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Daily Inspiration 10-21-15

"In sales, as in life, 
it is good to remember 
the other has an ego too." 

-- Albert K. Strong 

I heard someone say the other day that they didn't want to add a certain option to the vehicle because it cost $200 and they (the seller) think they might lose a deal over $200. That was many days ago and I haven't got that scenario out of my head. Who knows why things like that float around in my head? Silly stuff.

Yet, it has caused me to want to write about something related to sales that I have probably shared before as I've taught it for at least 40 years. One of the things that I learned early in my sales career is this phrase: Only 4% buy price.

I have found that to be pretty dang true. Only 4% buy price. Add this: almost 100% talk price, but here's the key to that--only 4% mean it.

What do people want instead of price? They want value. They want to feel good. They want to feel smart. They want to feel like they are getting a 'deal.' They want to feel like they made a wise decision. They enjoyed working with this particular salesperson. They love dealing with this company. They are loyal to this product line. They wanted to buy locally. They love the service department. They have always loved the service at this establishment. They aren't shoppers and don't like shopping around. They don't like negotiating and feel that they are taken care of here. They. . . well. . . this list could go on to infinity. It wasn't the price. It was something else. 96% buy something else. Ninety-Six Percent! And the salesperson worries about the 4% thinking that is the norm. It is not.

When people don't want to buy at the moment, their reasons could be many, and though they may talk as if the price is the reason, that is their ego talking. We should know the ego. We all have one. The ego loves to control things. It makes up stuff to save face. It is good at it. Price is something that is an easy excuse or reason, and an effective one too. So, out of the mouth of the prospect comes, "the price is too high," or "we can't afford that much," and another long list of things, this time associated with price. It's a mirage. It's simply a front. It's not real.

That doesn't mean that you can get through their self-saving barrier knowing what it is, but it gives you as a seller a better understanding of what is going on. Hopefully, it gives you the inspiration to find other things that the prospect could get excited about. I am confident that most salespeople accept what the prospect says as truth. Why did they leave? The price was too high. Not. Only 4% would do that. They left for a myriad of other reasons, but not price.

As we are selling our wares or our services or our time, it is so easy to think that price drives the sale, but it doesn't. Value is important. Service is important. Fairness is important. Feeling good is important. Price is what it is or what it needs to be, and since only 4% buy price, if we as sellers would focus on the other things that we can do to help buyers come together with us, we will never need to worry about price again.

Buyers are buyers because they came to buy. Sellers are sellers because they are here to sell. The goal then is simply to find a way or ways to come together so that both are satisfied. It would probably be easier if all parties checked their egos at the door, but here's where the skill of the salesperson comes in, by understanding better what is really going on inside the prospect. It also means that the salesperson can no longer stand on the price excuse.

The Odds Are So Overwhelmingly In Our Favor When We Focus On The Right Things. 

Spread Some Joy Today--by letting go of all those lame excuses. Let's enjoy the day and all the moments it contains.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Daily Inspiration 10-20-15

"If you don't see it around you, 
create what excites you." 

-- Bashar (paraphrased) 

Here's an interesting bit from Bashar: Blueprint For Change, regarding a question of what to do when this person was out of work for a time and feeling depressed about it and losing trust in themselves about finding work that would excite them:

"Then create what excites you to be your job; that's the whole idea. The idea is not to look around, necessarily, for the things that excite you that already exist. If you do not find something, then allow what excites you to become your job. Somebody had to start the jobs that exist in your society. They didn't always exist in the format they exist in now. Someone had to say, "Wait a minute! Look around; the thing that really excites me the most there isn't a job for. I guess I had better start one." And now, at this point in time, you think that's a typical job."

Isn't that interesting, and I know that it is completely true in that this is how jobs got created in the first place. Someone decided to open a business, offer a service, help others to manage, or organize, or do training, or a million other things.

How often have we become so blinded by what is available for us to do in order to have money and do something worthwhile or exciting?

When I was a child and even into my teens and twenties, the general theme seemed to me to be that our goal was to find a good job and retire with a gold watch and maybe a pension. Blah. I've had numerous careers, jobs, positions, situations in my life, and I'm not convinced that I am done experimenting yet.

Can you create your own situation? Absolutely. I'm living that dream. I created the work I do out of my head. This thing that I, and now we, do in this business didn't exist as it is that we do it. So, we created it. Anyone can do it. All it really requires is desire and some trust in yourself; trusting in your ability to do and to enjoy.

If that so-called perfect job that excites and completes you doesn't seem to be out there, maybe it's time to simply create it for yourself.

Opportunities Are Not Less Today. They Are Far, Far, Greater In Number And Infinitely Varied. 

Spread Some Joy Today--Join the joy club. Become a joy giver.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Daily Inspiration 10-19-15

"You have to let go of the curs-ed how's. 

Your part is the easy part. 
The Universe does all the rest." 

-- Mike Dooley 

I was out walking Charlie on such a beautiful day yesterday. I was thinking about some problems that require solutions and of course, there was I, deep in the thick of the "curs-ed how's" that Mike Dooley talks about all the time. I've said the same thing in a different way via the sign on my wall still after many years that says, WHAT is MY job, HOW is GOD"s job. Yet my thick-headed stubborn ego thinks it can solve everything. I know better, but then again, I don't if you know what I mean.

As I was walking the phrase, "that's way beyond my pay grade," came into my mind, and I thought, how true that was. I can't make it rain no matter how hard I try, or how smart I think I could become, but the Universe can and does all over the world. My powers are pretty much useless in comparison with what the Universe has at its disposal. I have to learn to pass it off more often. It's way beyond my pay grade. I haven't got the clearance for that level. I have to just let go of that rope of resistance and give that dilemma to a far higher power and trust in that source.

The next thought on the walk I had was to consider how much time and energy I have spent in my life trying and trying and trying to solve things that were beyond my pay grade. Thousands of hours easily. What a waste of effort and emotion.

There are plenty of things that I can solve. Simple things. Those other things where I don't seem to have the resources or the connections or whatever, I know are not my domain. The more I hold on trying to figure them out, the more I experience those things. And, I don't even want to speculate how many times I think it was solved and instead, I created more problems.

Better To Know My Limitations And My Place In The Scheme Of Important Matters. 

Spread Some Joy Today--by focusing there instead of on the problems we think we have.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Daily Inspiration 10-18-15

"As soon as you allow where you are

 to be all right, you will be able to 
get where you want to be much faster." 

-- Bashar 

Have you ever been unhappy in a situation or circumstance, and then, knowing that you don't want to be unhappy, made a decision to act to move away from that place to hopefully find a better one, only to find that what seemed to be better was only a mirage?

What I was taught as a sales manager in the auto business was that people need to be unhappy with what they've got in order to have the motivation to have what is out there for them. I found that to be generally false.

Unhappiness is a symptom of being out of alignment with our inner being or our inner knowing, and acting from a place of misalignment will bring more misalignment. If we really do want to have a positive change, the first thing to do is as Bashar said: "Allow where you are to be all right."

Berating ourselves for where we are, especially when it doesn't feel good to be there, only aids in keeping us there. Whatever we focus on rules. The first step is acceptance, not denial.

As a sales manager hiring and working with many, and always on the hunt for the superstar salesperson, I had to learn to accept people for where they were and have that be okay, to begin with. We are all unique and each travels the path at a different speed. I learned that I could not have them move faster on the path by demand. If they were to move faster and become better, it would only be from something inside of them, and the only method that I found that worked to aid in that transition is encouragement and love.

It's the same with ourselves. Wherever we are, we need to accept that and be okay with it, while also accepting and appreciating that we would prefer something more to our liking. In this way, we encourage ourselves to become that person while accepting and loving the person we are right now.

Bashar adds: "When you are always where you want to be, you are living in the now. If you let wherever you are, be where you want to be, you will live in the moment. And then everything will be able to find you. There is no other time that exists except now. If you are living in the past, living in the future, then nothing you need to work with can find you. . . because in the present you are not at home." 

Trust What You Prefer, While Accepting And Appreciating Where You Are. 

Spread Some Joy Today--A little bit of joy goes a long, long way.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Daily Inspiration 10-17-15

"Skill is nice, 
but it's not really about skill. 
It's about desire. 
That is a force to be reckoned with." 

-- Albert K. Strong 

There was that thing that you intended to do and it didn't happen. Something got in the way. Maybe there were several intentions that were defeated by default without manifestation.

Oh well. . .

Is it too late?

Head 'Em Up, Move 'Em Out! Happy Trails. 

Spread Some Joy Today--Ain't it a great day for it? Mighty fine day for spreading a little joy.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Daily Inspiration 10-16-15

"Your imagination is the template, the blueprint." 

-- Bashar 

Continuing from yesterday's post on a way to use the imagination that I found fascinating and different from much of what I've learned over the years.

What stood out for me is in this paragraph from Bashar:

"Your imagination is the template, the blueprint. If you conjure up in your imagination an image--a vision of how you prefer to be--then take whatever situation is going on in your life, hand it to the you you have conjured up and watch how the you in your imagination handles the situation you have given to it. Then copy it. Then you will be that person, and you will have that lifestyle automatically."

What stood out for me is the line I underlined. I never thought about using my imagination quite that way. I know that Napoleon Hill in Think and Grow Rich used what he called, The Power of the Master Mind, where he mentally assembled people from history that meant something to him as his group of advisers where he felt powerful advice helping him, but that is not quite the same kind of thing.

To imagine to be in the place that you would prefer to be in time and space and then to stand outside as an observer and take problems and issues being experienced today and assign them to that you that you imagine you want to be. What might that new you do with that issue? How might that be different than how you might be handling it now. How differently that you might even think about it. Interesting.

And, here's another plus to this: As we would do this, we are in fact living that life as we are imagining how we would deal with those issues from that place that we want to be. Because we are experiencing it at the moment, it is in our experience, we are experiencing it. This means that it isn't really fake. It is just as real as the other reality.

This gives us a way to get more in tune with what it is that we would prefer and instead of thinking of it as some kind of fantasy, by assigning it tasks it brings it all into the moment and into our now experience.

That may sound weird. If it does, just let it float around a while and it might make more sense.

Regardless, it is our imagination that drives change. Here may be a way to make better use of the imagination toward our preferences.

Activate Your Imagination As A Child Does. Go With It. Experience It. Play With It.

Spread Some Joy Today--and imagine how that joy spreads from one to another.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Daily Inspiration 10-15-15

"The idea is to face your world
with a child-like fascination. 

Then you will begin to discover 
that a lot more things you take 
for granted as being mundane 
are actually quite a bit more exciting 
than you thought, and you will be able 
to act on them--because you now see 
them for the excitement they are." 

-- Bashar 

I may have read on a subject, or even taught on a subject for a time, and then I read just one more tidbit, and find a leap of understanding simply because the idea or subject was expressed in a unique way that caused me to open up and expand from it.

I was telling my business partner yesterday, that I learn something new every day after he taught me some tricks on my iPhone. I also learned more about computer files which astonished me and more. 

Early this morning, I woke up and decided to get up and was looking for something to write about in this Daily Inspiration. I ran across an idea about using our imagination to picture what we want. I've read things like this probably several hundred times in various ways, imagining the way I want to be, creating affirmations, and more. Then, this morning, I read it in a uniquely different way which created a completely new understanding of the idea of using my imagination.

First, I've always read, been taught, and agreed with the idea that I decide what I want, then visualize it, hold the picture for a time, and then to do that regularly every day for a short time. Adding affirmations that support that picture is also appropriate. The problem I've always had with this is twofold: One, sometimes it is very hard or seems very hard to picture what I think I want, seeing myself in that place of wealth when I'm broke as an example. Two, even after I have successfully visualized that place and done it for a while, it is also very difficult or seems very difficult to be patient in its arrival in reality.

I guess there's one more problem I've had with it. It seems forced. It isn't real. It's fake and it feels fake. But, all it takes is a little twist sometimes to have us understand in a better way. Here's a way that not only makes perfect sense to me but makes it easier and I'm sure more fruitful as a result. This is from Bashar:

"The idea is to act upon your imagination. Here is a very simple mechanism: all of you--this will work for anything and everything. Very simple. Your imagination is the template, the blueprint. If you conjure up in your imagination an image--a vision of how you prefer to be--then take whatever situation is going on in your life, hand it to the you you have conjured up who is representative of the excited person you would prefer to be, and watch how the you in your imagination handles the situation you have given to it. 

Then copy it. You will get the effect that it gets in its excited state of handling all things in that excited way. That's what your imagination is for: to copy. It gives you the picture, the blueprint, the path, the methodology, the ritual, whatever will work best for you. Create an image and mimic that image. Then you will be that person, and you will have that lifestyle automatically.

That's what a child does. It sees and it becomes; it sees and it becomes. It does not question whether what it sees is valid. A child knows it is within integrity, so it doesn't have to stop to question it. It sees and it becomes; it expands and it grows. You can do that; you can play. It is up to you."

In an effort to keep this shorter, I will continue with this idea tomorrow and let Bashar's words (all bold, italic, and underline are mine), settle into your consciousness.

The Power Of An Idea Expressed Changes It From Information To Knowledge--A World Of Difference. 

Spread Some Joy Today--by spreading love, empowerment, knowledge, freedom, and appreciation. They are all synonymous with joy.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Daily Inspirtation 10-14-15

"Emotion is the afterglow of thought." 

-- Albert K. Strong 

Michael Jordan said, "If you accept the expectations of others, especially negative ones, then you never will change the outcome." I know that in recent years, I've not accepted the negative expectations of others much at all. I turn away if I am confronted with such, and run like hell. For me, it never was really the negative expectations of others that ever bothered me. Instead, it was my imagination of the negative expectations of others. That form of self-torture is insidious. I would run like hell from it too, but where do you run when it is coming from inside? Everywhere I might run, there it would be. 

In years past, I used to have negative feelings about my imagined expectations of other people a lot. It didn't stop me from doing, but it wasn't any fun living with, that's for sure. Nowadays, I feel that so rarely because my main focus is on joy, but every once in a while, I'm feeling those kinds of feelings that my imagination has been tickling. Last night was one of those times.

One thing to do is to choose a little better feeling thought, then another and another until I move away completely. Sometimes that feels like a lot of hard work. Well, it's not really hard to think anything, but those negative thoughts seem to hold control. I have found that escaping from them is easier and works well instead of facing them and trying to work through it.

My escape choices are meditation, happy music, a funny YouTube video, go to bed, and more. They all work and depending on the time of day make more sense than other choices. So last night, I just turned off my computer and went to bed. It's rare that I'm not asleep in a couple minutes, so that is a fast way to let go of my consciousness for a while and allow myself to reboot. When I wake up, as I did this morning, I may remember it happening, but it has no power or acceptance. It worked perfectly.

It's pretty dang hard to escape from yourself. It's so easy to move away from others in comparison. So, if this ever happens to you, where you're sabotaging yourself with imagined scenarios that are self-destructive, my recommendation is to have a number of escape routes ready to move into quickly. You need a number because sometimes one is not working as well as it did last time, or the time of day dictates only certain options. And, of course, there is always the option of standing up to it and choosing better feeling thoughts. It really doesn't matter the choice, only that the choice is being made before the self-destructing thoughts and emotions get very strong. Action, of some sort, is required for health reasons.

Fighting It Is Not The Answer. What You Resist Grows. The Answer Is Always Letting Go Of The Rope. 

Spread Some Joy Today--by getting excited about how much charge you have in your own life and circumstance.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Daily Inspiration 10-13-15

"In this moment in time and space, 
you are precisely where 
you intended to be, 
and the Source within you 
is pleased." 

-- Abraham, Esther Hicks 

What if that statement is true? What if we are exactly where we intended to be in this moment, at this time in our lives? What if everything has worked out perfectly to get us where we are right now? 

What if that resistance that we have experienced so many times was just the right amount of resistance to create the right amount of heat that caused us to want something and make a new choice. What if some of those (or all of those) choices, even though they may not have felt exactly right at the time, actually were not only right for us but perfect?

What if we chose to experience these things prior to being born into this body? Not as fate as in everything scripted ahead of time, but with the full allowing of any choices and turns and twists in any direction, yet a deep-down desire to experience a certain path that is more general than exactly specific? What if we could see that path as not only experiential choices but fulfilling our original desires at the same time?

What if we choose co-creators who come in and out of our experience, bringing both problems and solutions, were chosen with great skill to help us to stay on our chosen path? What if those co-creative experiences benefited everyone involved equally?

From Abraham, Esther Hicks: "When your life presents a situation where a clear new question forms within you, you are moving into new expansion. And even when the answer to your question seems nonexistent, you are still well along the way to personal growth. 

When you stand in the middle of a problem, or even what you may regard as a crisis, you are also moving into new expansion. And even though the solution to your problem feels out of reach to you, that is never the case. 

Whenever any question or problem is coming into focus in your life--an equivalent answer or solution is coming into focus as well. 

As your life continually poses new questions, it also poses new answers--which cause expansion. As your life presents new problems, it also presents new solutions--which cause expansion. 

Because the Source within you is so aware of this process (understanding the certainty of the answers and solutions), every part of your physical exploration is joyously appreciated." 

What If YOU'RE Totally The Author Of Your Life? 

Spread Some Joy Today--by remembering to write in some joy along the way.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Daily Inspiration 10-12-15

"One of the nice things about being busy is 
it makes you focus on what's important 
to you and how you use your time." 

-- Lorne Michaels 

Well. . . that's the theory anyway. . . Others? It just makes them seem like lunatics.

Feeling Like A Pinball? Playing Tug-O-War? A Little Less Busyness Goes A Long Way Toward Sanity. 

Spread Some Joy Today--by enjoying your busy and your unbusy self. That's right, the key is being in joy in whatever you find to do.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Daily Inspiration 10-11-15

"Life gives all to all, 
but we receive 
what we are willing 
to let in." 

-- Alan Cohen 

Yesterday, I wrote about practicing sending thoughts to others, especially strangers. After I wrote and sent it out, it occurred to me that what I am doing is an affirmation.

Affirmation is an interesting thing. I've heard several people make fun of them, thinking they are silly and delusional. But here's the best thing I could say about an affirmation: a belief is simply a thought we continue to think and so to help change a belief, which is a strong thing, we need to chip away at it with a new thought that is repeated over and over until that thought becomes our new belief.

It is our own resistance that blocks anything that we want. As Alan Cohen said, "Life gives all to all, but we receive what we are willing to let in." In this light, affirmations can be so powerful in our lives. To affirm is to "state or assert positively; maintain as true." Want a new truth? Affirm it until you believe it.

Most often, affirmations are thought of as something we only use on ourselves to help us change our thinking or beliefs. Why not then, as in yesterday's post, would we not want the same thing for others, and thereby offer affirmations to them.

I think that we may be more used to seeing others and finding fault. I don't necessarily mean that we do that on purpose as in being mean or conceited, but it seems that finding fault is so easy because our own ego is so good at it. By taking charge and wanting to change that, finding the positive things in others is a wonderful way to start and as I said yesterday, the better benefit may be how it causes us to feel about ourselves.

Want to change something in your life about you? Choose some affirming thoughts and write them down and repeat them throughout your day. It seems silly at first because we are so used to opening our eyes and seeing what we see and the affirmation is probably saying something that is not currently seen. In other words, it is in the face of reality. But, give yourself a break. Allow it to soften that resistance day by day, the way water carves its way through a canyon.

Want to change how you see others and the world? Choose some affirming thoughts and uplifting thoughts about others and speak them silently to everyone you come in contact with or come close enough to see. Finding the positives in others is a great way to expand your view of others and finding the positives in your environment is a great way to expand your view of the world around you.

Instead of saying, "seeing is believing," consider, "believe it and you will see it." Beliefs are so powerful in our lives and those that we have could be holding us where we are when we desire to be somewhere else. Changing the belief is a process of creating a new belief, and since a belief is just a thought we keep thinking, we can make some serious inroads with the use of affirmation and affirming our new desired belief.

Time To Get Some Silliness Going? It Will Pass Soon Enough. Here's A Toast To Your New Beliefs: Congratulations! 

Spread Some Joy Today--by affirming your joy and releasing it to others. You have an unending supply.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Daily Inspiration 10-10-15

"There's nothing more true
about reality than non-reality. 

Isn't it all in your mind?" 

-- Albert K. Strong 

When I was growing up and I'm guessing that I have a lot of company, I was not taught that thoughts had power. What a wonderful thing to teach youngsters, but I cannot remember anything worthy of note here, especially in comparison with what I've learned late in life.

I was scribbling down some notes some time back about thoughts, and it went like this:

"Do thoughts that I think have any benefit to others without my making them physical or to take form? [That question could also be asked from a negative point of view as in doing any harm to others...] 

Perhaps what I think touches other thoughts and enhances the whole of thoughtdom. . . 

Perhaps my thought may help someone with a similar thought morph their thought into thought-form and into a physical form. . . 

Thoughts are fun in the absence of fear. . . 

According to my understanding of the Law of Attraction, as I think a thought, I attract similar thoughts, and if I continue along this path even more come and ideas develop, inspiration to act in some way comes. In other words, if I stay focused and in the enjoyment of these thoughts, they will be the foundation of my creation becoming a so-called reality." 

The reason I write this is because I think it is a fascinating idea that as we think about someone that we can have an effect on them, and I relate this idea especially to strangers. I think that there is a whole other world going on and that we do affect one another by simply thinking thoughts about them. I think we can even feel it, but I think that also most of the time, we are not tuned in and aware, so even though it may have an effect, it may not be recognized as real and coming from another. I think we're all connected; albeit, not always paying attention.

For the last many months I've been playing with this idea, and many times, I think I am seeing a response. The majority of the time, I am not seeing a response, but I do believe that it got through to give the benefit intended.

I love to go to the grocery store, always have. It's one of my favorite places to play with my thoughts toward strangers. As I see someone, I immediately find things to compliment them about; such as, how beautiful they are, what a great smile they have, what great shape they are in, what a wonderful choice of clothing they made, how healthy they look. Every woman I see, I think how beautiful she is. In these thoughts, I am speaking to them directly, as in "you are beautiful; what an excellent choice you made in your clothing; I love the highlights in your hair; etc. My only rule is that it must be positive and complimentary. If any kind of negative thought might try to come through, I just let it go by and pivot to a positive thought.

One last thing. I always look them in the eye with a smile at least for a second.

What do you think is happening here? I think I am being of benefit to others. I am finding that my idea of beauty has an almost infinite range, whereas before, it might have been kind of narrow. But, this might be even more interesting: I find that I am the greater beneficiary. Sending positive, uplifting thoughts to others mentally has become such a habit for me in the last year or so and I think it is because I feel so good in the doing.

Do Our Thoughts Have An Effect On Others Unspoken? There Is No Question About It. It Is Absolutely True. 

Spread Some Joy Today--by sending your joyous thoughts to everyone you see today. You don't even have to speak a word. They will see it in your eyes and your face.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Daily Inspiration 10-9-15

"When a tree falls in a forest 
and no one is around, 
does it make a sound?" 

-- Common philosophical question 

Yesterday, I was preparing and packing up to go to an event. As I opened up the little door on my extended cab pickup, underneath some grocery store cloth bags I found an unopened, unread newspaper. It was a thick one, so it must have been from a Wednesday or Sunday. So, I thought. . . what did I miss that day? Should I bother to find out? Do I think that in general what was inside this unopened paper would be any different than all the ones I have opened? Hmm.

Could what I had missed have changed my life had I seen it? I haven't got a clue. But, here's a great follow up question: Is that even important? If life essentially experiences and I do believe that it is, then if I didn't experience it, does it even matter?

I was talking briefly yesterday with a friend who is a Daily Inspiration reader. Someone else was walking by and I said that they are a DI reader and have been for a very long time. She said that she is so busy that she misses looking at a number of them. I said many people have told me that they don't read them all, but the ones that they do read seem to be speaking directly to them. She agreed with that.

This brings me to my Abraham, Esther Hicks Ask and It Is Given perpetual calendar that I love. For October 7th, here is the short message:

"We want to encourage you to give more of your attention to what makes you feel good--not something so radical that you must control every thought--just make a decision that you will look for what you want to see. It is not a difficult decision to make, but it can make a big difference in what you bring into your experience." 

What an interesting idea: decide to look for what you want to see. I think we often may want to see what we would like to see, but don't think we have the power to have that happen on purpose, but we do. It is as easy as a simple decision to do so. Or, to not decide and let things happen as they will.

So where am I going with all this? Does what you miss matter? You'll have to decide that one for yourself. How will it feel to you if what you did miss mattered? How will you know you missed it? I guess you could get all kinds of upset about what goes on when you're not around. All that stuff on the other side of the world, or the other side of town, or in the other room.

Personally, I think it doesn't matter one dinky little bit. Regarding the tree in the forest question, if the tree hitting the ground does make a sound, if you couldn't hear it, would it even matter to you? Does it matter if it made a sound or not? Does what I perceive that I missed, indicate that I am lacking in something I should have had?

How about this: Look for what you want to see. Hear what you would like to hear. Enjoy what you would like to enjoy. Love who you would like to love. Be who you would like to be. Allow yourself the experience that you experience or that you choose to experience, and the rest is up to all those others that we share this wonderful planet with to do whatever they choose for themselves.


Spread Some Joy Today--Say it with me: TODAY, I choose to feel and share joy.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Daily Inspiration 10-8-15

Fill in the blank from your own experience: 

I don't give a _______.

It's also easy to say, "I don't care." But, how much better is it to say instead, "That doesn't bother me." Or, "I'm okay with that." Or, "I'm not disinterested, I'm just okay with it." Or, "That doesn't interest me as much as I see it does in you. That's cool. I appreciate your interest. I feel just fine the way it is."

Sometimes A Little Twist Makes All The Difference. 

Spread Some Joy Today--by having a joyful day. Let it all go today. Just enjoy.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Daily Inspiration 10-7-15

"Ask yourself two questions: 
One, how do I feel now? 
Two, how will I feel when? 

When there's no difference, 
you are there!" 

-- Albert K. Strong 

It has been said by Abraham, Esther Hicks that everything that we want, we want only because, in the having, we think we will feel better. Of course, they suggest that the shortcut to that is simply to choose to feel better now. Feel it now. Feel how it feels now. Experience it now. Do it now. Be there now.

It's been said that our subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between a vividly imagined thing and the thing itself. In fact, that has been proven time and again.

One of my early favorite mentors was Frank Bettger, who made this phrase famous: "To become enthusiastic, act enthusiastically." He didn't just make that up but learned it by actually doing it. It has also been said by many that to become this or that, act as if. That's a perfect phrase right there: Act as if.

It takes no physical effort but is a mental change. How do you measure effort mentally? Is it really hard to think of a different thought? Does it actually make us break a sweat? Nah. It's effortless. It is not directionless, but it is effortless. We're thinking nonstop anyway, so all we need do is mentally step in and change the direction of those thoughts, or at least some of them.

Not feeling loved? Begin feeling loved. You've felt it before. Re-member it. Re-think it. Feel it. Experience it in your mind. That's where you always felt it in the past when you felt loved. It was in your head then, and it is in your head now. Choose it. I feel loved. I am surrounded by loving people who love me, and I, them.

Feeling broke? Begin to feel like there is plenty of money. When you had plenty of money at some point in the past, it wasn't the money, but the feeling that you had plenty of money and how having plenty of money caused you to feel. So, imagine that feeling again. Stay with it. Roll around in it. Feel the feeling of it. It was in your head then, and it is still in your head. Re-member it. Choose it. I feel well off. I feel like I have all the money I need. I so enjoy feeling that feeling of everything being okay about money.

Don't have a loving relationship? You've had them before. At least one. How did that feel? Feel it again. Choose it. Re-member it. It was in your head then (or in romantic terms, substitute the heart for the head if you like), and it is still there. Feel it again. Roll around in it. Pour it over you. Bathe in it. Snuggle up to it and with it. Gaze on it with starry eyes and melting heart. Allow yourself the pleasure of it and relish the feeling of it right now, this minute, this moment.

Stuck in the wrong job? At some point, you had a job that did feel good. The difference is in your head. Instead of thinking about how much you hate this now and that you feel that you have to keep doing it because of the financial aspects, choose to feel how it feels to be doing your favorite thing, fully enjoying every moment of the experience and how lucky you are to get paid for doing such. You know the feeling. You've felt it before somewhere so you can re-member it. Or, if you've never had a job that felt good, you can think up a new one and imagine it.

Either way, the feeling is the real thing. It is the feeling that you have that is bringing you down, or it is the feeling that you are feeling that will bring you up. If you're feeling down, push the 'up' button and choose a different thought, which will create a different feeling.

And, here's the really interesting part. When we feel like we're stuck in an unhappy marriage, terrible job, being broke, not being loved, or whatever situation that is not feeling so good, we will remain there indefinitely when we continue to choose those thoughts and have those feelings. It isn't the thing. It is the feeling. Keep on means keeping what you've got.

However--and this is even more interesting: By thinking the thoughts that cause you to feel good, whether remembering things from the past or imagining things never before experienced, the things and situations around you will begin to change before your eyes. In fact, it is pretty much the only way things will change. When you change your thoughts, your feelings respond accordingly and cause the change of the things, people and situations in your life.

This brings even more power to this phrase by Abraham, Esther Hicks: "There is nothing more important than feeling good."

As I Feel, So It Is. 

Spread Some Joy Today--by feeling for your joy. It's in there. Re-member it.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Daily Inspiration 10-6-15

"Never attack a problem 
without also presenting a solution." 

-- Jim Rohn 

The easiest thing in the world is to see 'what is' and complain about it, express the problems about it, and draw attention to it. It is a whole other creative mentality to suggest solutions that have the potential of solving the issues of 'what is.'

And, here's an interesting thing: Guess how many solutions there are? As many as there are people who think them. And, this is even more interesting: Guess how many will work and do the intended job? A lot more than one would think.

Think of a problem as a hill. How many ways are there to the top of the hill? Countless ways. Plus, here's something interesting: Is the top of the hill the goal? Maybe it is to remove the hill, tunnel through the hill, build a fence around the hill, coat the hill with chocolate, and a few thousand other ideas. How creative can we be? Answer: As creative as you can think.

To add to the quote above, Jim Rohn adds, "The best place to solve a problem is on paper." Of course, it begins with the thought, and then putting it on paper sort of brings it into 'reality,' or a little closer to that in our experience. That, in my humble opinion, is the real value of any business plan. It doesn't mean it would be followed and come out exactly as imagined, but it does give us some ideas, and ways of looking at problems and potential problems.

I'll end with another borrowed quote from Jim Rohn: "Neil Armstrong once said, "You only have to solve two problems when going to the moon: First, how to get there; and second, how to get back. The key is don't leave until you have solved both problems."

Open Mouth, Insert Solution. 

Spread Some Joy Today--by finding things to appreciate. As soon as you are there, joy is all around you.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Daily Inspiration 10-5-15

"I would not try to motivate someone. 
I would find someone who is motivated." 

-- Alan Cohen 

I love this quote and also like how Stephen R. Covey stated it: "Motivation is a fire from within. If someone else tries to light that fire under you, chances are it will burn very briefly."

As I was reading those, my first thoughts were about hiring people to do work. There is a world--seriously, a world of difference between having someone that you feel you have to motivate and having someone who is already motivated. The first is pretty much hopeless, and if not that then helpless.

Then I focused on the words hopeless and helpless, and this caused me to think of homelessness. There have recently been several articles in our local paper about homelessness and what to do about it. The City Council has some grand plans to help these helpless, hopeless people--less because they are in need and more to rid the city of viewing the vagabonds. They call it an eyesore.

This caused me to think that there are many, many programs already in existence to help those in need to go from being homeless back to "normal" life and to help them turn their lives and fortunes around. One of those is a multi-location organization that does this full time including feeding, clothing and rescuing them from their situation.

That brought me back to the motivation quote. When someone wants the work and is interested and even eager, they are a joy to teach and train. They get it. They want it. They respond to it. They do well. When they don't, it's an uphill battle. (Jim Rohn said, "The purpose of training is to find out who you've got." I have found that to be so true!) The homeless or any other group or individuals are in that same place. When they want help, help is there all around them. They cannot miss it. When they don't want help, there is no help to be found because they aren't looking for it. It seems harsh to say they like where they are, but that is the only truth available. We can give it some other names like helplessness, despair, depression, powerlessness and more, but they are just not ready to change.

Alan Cohen says, "There are two elements to true help: Help must be given and it must be received." Somehow we blow right past that second part and put all our attention on the former.

He says, "Real change is accomplished only through a shift in consciousness. That shift can be facilitated by money or action, yet authentic transformation runs far deeper than any material element. Healing is an activity of the soul. When the soul is open and ready, the change will come, and not before. Coaxing and pressure rarely work. Creating a field of wisdom and love does.

If you are trying to help someone, be sure they are ready to be helped. Trying too hard to help someone who is not ready to be helped can delay their transformation and deplete you as a helper. . . It is kind to try to help someone. Sometimes it is kinder to give them space to help themselves." 

The truth of all truths is that we have to want to change in order for us to change. Outside forces can wail at the door, get in our face in so many ways, and tell us the right path to be on, but until they can become us, create from our perspective, their powers are worthless until we decide on our own. When we do, there will be plenty who are willing to be of assistance.

This Applies To Every Single Person On The Planet. 

Spread Some Joy Today--by realizing that all joy comes from within. It is our own choice to have and to share joy.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Daily Inspiration 10-4-15

"You're giving others too much power
as you even acknowledge how
they make you feel. 
What you've got to decide 
is how I'm going to feel." 

-- Abraham, Esther Hicks 

Continuing on relationships. Being in love is a wonderful feeling, and when we leave that feeling up to the other person to create within us, well. . . this is the reason that it is so often short-lived I think. I now realize that doing that is just like how I talk about being a pinball in a pinball machine, totally dependent on the whims and desires of another.

We may often try to do the same with the other. We may try to create, or recreate situations that used to cause heightened feelings of love and now they may not work as well. This is due to the fact that we are trying to have that someone else to feel what we want them to feel and visa versa. That's a hit and miss affair (pardon the pun).

We give the other person too much power over us as we even acknowledge how they make us feel, or how we make them feel. Our feelings are our own. We create them. They are not created by others unless we really like being a pinball.

The better way I have learned is to choose to feel as I will by choosing my thoughts. If I want to feel love, all I need do is choose thoughts of appreciation. That has become my mantra so to speak. It has become my mantra because I have learned how to appreciate. I've learned to appreciate people, things, events, thoughts.

As I appreciate, I feel love. If I wanted to feel more love for someone, I simply find things to appreciate about them. If I want to feel more love within me, I simply find more things to appreciate right now, this moment. It doesn't really matter whether my eyes are open or closed. Either way, I can find things to appreciate.

When I am in that state, it doesn't matter what another or the other is feeling really, and I think you might find also, as I have, that as I am appreciating, I see only what I want to see and what I want to see exists. In other words, if you really wanted to change someone else's mood, attitude, or demeanor, by finding things to appreciate and focusing on that, they change to more match those thoughts. 

Sometimes people struggle with issues between them that are weighing them down, and it feels like a separation. There may be anger, fear, disappointment, unhappiness going on and you don't know what to do to get back to love. I do now. Find things to appreciate right now and focus on those things. Then find more things to appreciate and more things and more things until you are on a rampage of appreciation even. I believe that it is then impossible to stay in that struggle, weighed down, and separation place. When we change, the world changes. When we change, others change.

And, It's All Because We Chose To Choose Our Thoughts. Amazing! 

Spread Some Joy Today--by choosing to feel joy and then choosing to share it.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Daily Inspiration 10-3-15

"The only way you can be happy 
is to decide to be happy."

-- Abraham, Esther Hicks 

Today, I'd like to share three paragraphs surrounding this idea of being happy and particularly as it comes to relationships from Abraham, Esther Hicks. To have learned this valuable information when I was much younger would have made such a difference in my own relationships.

"When you attempt to guide your behavior by paying attention to how someone else feels about your behavior, you are powerless because you cannot control his or her perspective, and therefore you cannot achieve any consistent improvement in your own vibration or point of attraction or how you feel."

Wow! The bold is mine because that part of the paragraph just jumped out at me. Of course. I cannot control how someone sees things, because I am not them. The only way I could control their perspective is by being them. They are in control.

"Really, there is nothing that you can do to prevent others from feeling bad because they do not feel bad because of your behavior. There is no greater entrapment in relationships or in life than to attempt to keep others happy by observing their emotions and then trying to compensate with your actions."

Again, just a little phrase jumped off the page at me. They do not feel ANYTHING because of my behavior or anyone else's behavior. Whatever they are feeling is a result of their thought either being in alignment with their inner being or inner knowing and would show up as feeling good, or being out of alignment indicating feeling bad. It isn't me. It is them. At best, it is a personal interpretation of what they think of my behavior. By this thinking and respondent emotion, they are in charge of how they feel about anything.

"The only way you can be happy is to decide to be happy. When you take upon yourself the responsibility of another's happiness, you are attempting the impossible and you are setting yourself up for a great deal of personal discord." 

As we learn how this works, we own our own feelings, and as a result of that knowledge, we are in our best position by allowing all others to own theirs. My emotions are a result of my thinking relative to my inner being, and everyone else is in that same position. This would never mean to stop communication because I think it is now on much more solid ground than it would have been before. That's a place from which to build.

Now We Can Get To The Heart Of The Matter. 

Spread Some Joy Today--by owning how you feel, and deciding to experience joy.