Monday, January 19, 2015

Daily Inspiration 1-19-15

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." 

-- Leonardo da Vinci 

A couple days ago, I was by a park walking my little dog, and a man and three kids were at the basketball court. The two small kids were running around playing by themselves, but an older girl was sitting on a curb under one basket and it sounded like she was having a hard time. I heard dad yell, "Quiet!", then again a few moments later, "Quiet!" and two or three times more all in a loud, angry like voice while he was trying to put the basketball through the hoop on the other side of the court. I heard the young girl say, "How can I learn to get baskets?" Her dad answered, "Practice!" 

Well, I had heard enough of that conversation. It reminds me of so much of the motivational stuff I learned in the 70s and 80s. The girl was looking for support, understanding, and joyful assistance because she wanted to play, but dad didn't have the patience or the coaches heart for the task. Instead, he yells out that stupid answer, "practice."

I remember when I was a young salesman at the first car dealership I worked for. I walked by the general manager's office and he stood there and said, "Sell 'em!" It's amazing what some people do to attempt motivation. Fortunately in his case, he was helpful to me from the recorded material in his possession that I studied until I pretty much had them memorized.

I am happy to learn philosophical material. I want knowledge. What I want more is how to put that knowledge to work to make positive changes on purpose, with purpose, and with results and not if, come, maybe's. That's what I get from the Teachings of Abraham. I get simplicity, easily understood concepts, and practical application tools to begin right this minute to affect change. I've never had anything so powerful in my entire life as this. I don't have to wait for the right timing or circumstances, the economy, or any other person. It all comes down to one very, very powerful word to me: Empowerment. Personal empowerment.

Yesterday, I shared the 22 levels of the Emotional Guidance System, and with only this, I am empowered to see how I've been living and why I've been getting what I've been getting. This tool is something I use pretty much every day in one way or another now. I pay attention to how I am feeling on any subject or situation whether past, present or future, and as I notice how I am feeling, I know where I am and if I would rather not feel that way, I know what to do to change.

The simple place that we all want to be is to feel good. Everything that we do, at our job, at home, with relationships is because in doing so we think we will feel good, or feel better. Then, we also know that things change and we may find ourselves feeling poorly. By paying attention and holding my strong desire to feel good, I can play toward a better feeling place by simply choosing better feeling thoughts. I don't even have to have better feeling thoughts about this exact situation, but just focus on something that causes me to feel a little better. Then, I can move up the ladder so to speak to better and better feeling places by choosing better feeling thoughts.

An angry thought is considerably better feeling than depression. But the idea is to keep moving a little at a time. You don't go from being depressed to being joyful in one fell swoop. It takes a few steps and soon you can be there. I used to find myself in frustration a lot. Now if that happens, I focus on something that causes an improvement in how I feel. Boredom will feel a little better than frustration. Then again, even on the positive side of contentment, I can be hopeful and move into enthusiasm soon enough, then focus on something to appreciate and I can be right there in appreciation. The idea is in having a feeling of relief.

I love the fact that I have complete and total power over where I am emotionally. I'm no longer a pin ball in the machine of life. I am now a creator in my rightful place in charge of myself in creating the reality that pleases me. Much more to come.

What A Wonderful World. . . 

Spread Some Joy Today--by teaching that which you most want to learn.

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