Friday, November 28, 2014

Daily Inspiration 11-28-14

THANKSgiving Week Thoughts 

"I'm too grateful to be hateful. 
I am too blessed to be stressed." 

-- El DeBarge 

The quote above is so good because that sequence and outcome is exactly how it works. When one is thankful and lives in gratitude for all that is, hatred is impossible. At the same time, when one is feeling blessed by the gifts that come their way, or just by the sunshine of a new day, there can be no stress.

Real love is full of gratitude. These high emotions are all in a similar plane of vibration: love, appreciation, feeling blessed, peace, gratitude, thankfulness.

When I was young, and then again as a teenager, my parents went through a nasty divorce. I think they were bent on teaching me that love can turn into hate. For a time, I went along with that idea because they were the role models, but as I thought about it, I came to the conclusion that love cannot turn into hate. And as a result of my decision about that and even though I went through a divorce myself, there was nothing but love and appreciation and gratitude and the whole thing went as smoothly as I knew it would.

Stress comes from fear. Hate comes from fear. Distrust comes from fear. And fear comes from the ego. They all feed on each other. These states are debilitating and destructive. It can go from bad to worse to terrible easy enough, and it is all too common in much the world.

Yet, here is an interesting thing--those other attributes like love, appreciation, gratitude, peace, and such also feed on each other. They are empowering and energizing. They go from good to great to spectacular.

And, here's the most interesting thing of all: We are fully in charge of the choices that we make and all those feelings are choices. How cool is that?

Thankfulness Puts One On The Path Of Least Resistance. 

Spread Some Joy Today--If you go shopping today, take some patience and joy along with you. You'll be amazed how valuable they can be. It's better than money.

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