Thursday, July 31, 2014

Daily Inspiration 7-31-14

"Mirth is God's medicine. 
Everybody ought to bathe in it." 

-- Henry Ward Beecher 

They say that laughter is the best medicine and I find a lot of things funny, so it's all good. One of my favorite, silly, yet so funny movies that I own is a farce called, My Blue Heaven with Steve Martin and Rick Moranis, among other greats. I've watched it several times and find myself laughing aloud each time and most of the way through. There are some really funny lines, and Steve Martin is classic, and in addition, the cast selection is superb.

What I found for the first time watching it again tonight is that it was written by Nora Ephron and executive producers were Nora Ephron, Goldie Hawn, and Andrew Stone. I adore Nora Ephron movies and she is so funny as a writer and director. I had no idea she was involved in this movie until tonight. Interesting.

Nora has written books, screenplays, essays, drama and more. Some of her work is Sleepless In Seattle, You've Got Mail, When Harry Met Sally, Silkwood, Heartburn and more. I love her book, I Feel Bad About My Neck and Other Thoughts On Being A Woman. In fact, I love all of her work and movies and own most of them. She helps me to laugh.

Laughter simply has a way of brightening my day and the more of it I find, the better I feel about everything. Don't you find the same thing? It doesn't matter how serious things might get if you have laughter available on demand.

My business partner helps me to laugh often, I laugh with clients and I have learned to laugh at myself when I find myself doing something goofy, strange, or just interesting.

I have a number of signs I made around my office room. One in a prominent location says, No Seriousness Allowed!, another says, Lighten Up! Have More Fun! These days, I find that my main goal in life is simply to enjoy myself and I find a lot of ways to do just that. Oh, and I do some work here and there in between. Just for the fun of it.

What A Life!

Spread Some Joy Today--What can it hurt? In fact, it may soften a lot of hurts.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Daily Inspiration 7-30-14

"Behavior is the mirror 
in which everyone shows their image." 

-- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 

Barely two weeks ago, I received a diagnosis from a doctor that is probably something many have heard but was never thought of as hearing it said to me.

Yesterday, I talked about finishing Wayne Dyer's wonderful book, I Can See Clearly Now, and he talked about how he had been teaching certain things for many years and then having to experience it for himself and having a hard time with it, yet realizing, that he must come to terms with it in the way that he taught.

It's an interesting thing about teachers and the fact that they may be sharing what others have done, overcome, occasions risen to, and so on, but they probably have never experienced it themselves. Once the opportunity comes, beyond the momentary shortness of breath, the teacher realizes that it's truly time to look in the mirror. So it is with me.

I've talked, promoted, and otherwise praised the whole idea of praising God or the Universe for everything including those things that may seem at first to be negative. And, I've done much of that on a small scale. Now the scale is slightly more grand. I also praised so profoundly the book that opened my eyes to that idea of praising God for illnesses, infirmities, and more in Power In Praise by Merlin Carothers. It's also funny to me that my wife who died just a year ago gave that book to me some years back having not read it herself.

Now I get the opportunity to live up to all that I have said, and promoted, and praised. Now I get to look in the mirror at myself and not talk about ideas belonging to others without having experienced them myself.

I've taken a couple of weeks to let this settle into my mind and I have found a resolve to act in ways that I have spoken of and have been living for many years now. I get to see the power of praise in motion and finding a better feeling thought, and then another and another and another. I get to realize as Norman Cousins did in his quote, "It is reasonable to expect the doctor to recognize that science may not have all the answers to problems of health and healing."

I will also keep up my Daily Inspirations because they are far more for me than anyone else who may read them. I am always sharing a little bit of me in all the ideas I share and come across, so it only makes sense.

Gratitude is my comfort. I am continually thankful for so much in my life and am finding more to be grateful for as I become more thankful. How interesting all that is.

I Looked In The Mirror And Saw The Person I Claimed To Be, And It Was Good. 

Spread Some Joy Today--Illness is just resistance to well being. Strange, but true. By letting go of that rope, we are carried away in the stream of well being.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Daily Inspiration 7-29-14

"The fact that you are willing to say, 
"I do not understand, and it is fine," 
is the greatest understanding you could exhibit." 

-- Wayne Dyer 

I just finished reading a couple of treats. One was James Garner, whom I have always admired and who died within the last week. He published an autobiography, The Garner Files in 2011 and it was absolutely fascinating. What a life! It's amazing he made it through his twenties, let alone into his eighties.

The other was, I Can See Clearly Now by Wayne Dyer, which is also an autobiography handled in a very interesting manner. Another fascinating life, and still living it fully. Though I learned so much about him and his early life in the book, what I took out of it mostly was my travels with Wayne, how and when I walked away, and then much later came back to his fine teachings, and yet, even though there is so much that he has taught that has resonated perfectly with me, there is also much that has not, and that I don't understand in the way he does.

I read his first book published shortly after it came out. It hit the world by storm in a very short time and it was called Your Erroneous Zones. Since I was studying a lot of self-help psychology in the early seventies, this book was perfect for me at the time and I loved it. His follow up the second book, Pulling Your Own Strings, was equally powerful for me and was what I needed at the time, along with a few million others on the planet.

I was very much into Transactional Analysis from, I'm Okay, You're Okay, and other similar books then as well. I was looking for ways to understand my emotions, other people and what they did, my own motivations, and so much more. I read everything I got my hands on from a wide variety of authors introducing this new genre of self-help books.

Then Wayne departed from psychology for the masses and was exploring spirituality and doing his best to interpret that for the masses. I read, but couldn't keep up with that change, so I backed off and went looking for other authors.

In 2007, I finally came back and began reading some of Wayne's books again. It was the book, The Secret, that got me enthused and reinvigorated toward learning about what I call practical spirituality. It was the same thing that appealed to me about Wayne Dyer with Your Erroneous Zones. It was the practical, common sense explanations that helped me to develop a greater and greater understanding. Then with Wayne's, The Power of Intention, Eckhart Tolle, Esther Hicks, and many others, I was back on the path and excited all over again.

What I enjoyed about Wayne's autobiography, I Can See Clearly Now was the transition he made and mine were so similar but the timing was not the same. It's interesting to sort of "grow up" with someone; an author; a mentor that I've never met or talked to, and though he is about 9 years older, it is like having a big brother.

I am so full of gratitude for Wayne, and all these other teachers who have been opening my eyes and heart to a better life. And, it is only getting better still.

Enjoying The Wonder Of My Own Expansion.

Spread Some Joy Today--There's more joy where that came from!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Daily Inspiration 7-28-14

"Sell your cleverness 
and buy bewilderment." 

-- Rumi 

This is not just wonderful spiritual advice. Just imagine every day going through life at home, at work, in relationships with this awe and curious approach. The wonder of it all and the value of it all. The wonder of each other and the value of each one.

An Outstanding Bargain. 

Spread Some Joy Today--by simply enjoying yourself in whatever you find you are doing.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Daily Inspiration 7-27-14

"When it is dark enough, 
you can see the stars." 

-- Ralph Waldo Emerson 

It is fascinating to me what I thought of when I read the quote above. Of course, we all know that when the sun goes down and it becomes dark, and if it is a clear sky, that we can see thousands of stars at sea level. Even when we are at a higher altitude like four or five thousand feet, and away from the lights of the city, we can then see millions of stars with our naked eye.

Then, if we used a large telescope, we could see billions of stars, and then if we took the telescope into space out of the Earth's atmosphere, and took some time, we could see billions of galaxies of billions of stars, along with uncountable numbers of planets and other objects that we cannot see.

It's all there. It is always there. And, if we didn't go out at night and look, we would not even know it existed, but it does with or without our observation of it, or knowledge of it.

Everything that we think we might want is there. As we look deeper into space, we see no end to the abundance. It is there. It is always there. We may not be able to see it with our eyes right now because we are blinded by the daylight, or the circumstances, or the noise, but it is there with or without our observation of it, or knowledge of it.

It is not something we seek so much as it is something we open our awareness to. Then by believing it, and knowing it is there and has always been there, we may experience it.

It Isn't Lost. It Isn't Found. It Is. 

Spread Some Joy Today--Jump in with both feet. It feels great.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Daily Inspiration 7-26-14

"What you seek is seeking you." 

-- Rumi 

In all my years of learning, seeking, experiencing, there is one thing that stands out above all else other than virtues like unconditional love, joy, etc. It is this: The most powerful thing for a human being to have is the knowledge of what he or she wants. Expressed another, simpler way, it is desire.

We need to know what to move toward.

Sometimes we may not know what we want and it is telling in our lives. We lack enthusiasm, and we don't feel alive. We may feel lost. It isn't about feeling bad or feeling depressed, although that can certainly come as a result of this, but just a listlessness that is a great indicator that we have lost desire. Without desire, there is no life.

A good question expressed in the form of a desire is the best thing to grab onto here by saying to God or the Universe, 'I want to know what I want!' It almost sounds silly to say such a thing but saying it is important. It looks weird to write such a thing but writing it is important. It is important because knowing what I want is the life in the living and without it, a life not worth living.

What we want will always be a moving target. This is why it is called living. We may not even reach the desire before we have a stronger desire to replace it and that is perfection. It is, after all, the desire itself that is life.

"Everything In The Universe Is Within You. Ask All From Yourself." -- Rumi

Spread Some Joy Today--Seek and you shall find.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Daily Inspiration 7-25-14

"The components of anxiety, stress, fear, and anger 
 do not exist independently of you in the world. 
They simply do not exist in the physical world, 
even though we talk about them as if they do." 

-- Wayne Dyer 

When people say such things as, 'I'm having an anxiety attack!', or 'you make me angry!', or 'this job gives me so much stress,' or 'I'm afraid it's going to get worse before it gets better,' they all mean it I'm sure, and yet they are all victims at the same time.

Anxiety doesn't attack, others cannot make us angry, jobs cannot create stress, and all fear is generally a fantasy taking place in the future.

When we take control of ourselves and realize that, as Dr. Wayne Dyer states so nicely, these things do not exist in the world independent of us, or in other words, they are fully our own creation for our own purposes, we may find more peaceful and self-fulfilling lives. 

Choose Relief Instead. Choose A Better Feeling Thought. Baby Steps If Necessary. 

Spread Some Joy Today--be yourself--the real you.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Daily Inspiration 7-24-14

"In business for yourself, 
not by yourself." 

-- William James 

This is an idea that I've tried to impart to a lot of people in sales, and especially auto salespeople, and that is that they would be best served and have the best possible results if they would realize that they don't have a job working for a company, but that they are in business for themselves, but not by themselves.

Of course, when you do it by yourself, you have capital outlays, and all kinds of logistics and a long list of expenses just to get to the point of beginning, but as a commissioned salesperson working for any company, even when treated as a business, there is very little of that in comparison. However, there would need to be some legitimate business expenses, yet they would be small.

The advantage of being in business for ourselves is tied to the idea of freedom. We get to control our own destiny as it were. The bigger advantage to the salesperson is that the company puts up most of the capital, supplies, buildings and furnishings, phones, often even computers, and so much more. In reality, it is often a far better business to go into business as than if one were to go open their own business because of these things.

The other thing is that there are people who support us in many different ways from accounting to filing to personal assistants. Not so much in business by ourselves, but with a team already in place. How cool is that?

Need more? More can be arranged. When we start out with this attitude and design of our own sales career, convincing others to help us do even better is relatively easy from this perspective.

When I first started in sales in 1972, I thought of this and treated it as if I were in business by investing in myself and my own growth, and by adding some small amounts of capital to give rewards to clients who referred people, and follow up systems. I didn't have much money, so I got a library card and read every book I could on sales, then borrowed others, many from my so-called boss. In 1975, when I became a sales manager, I still invested in my own learning path, and to an even greater degree, which has never stopped all these years. In fact, it has increased dramatically.

If I were advising any salesperson starting out, it would be to treat it as if you are in business for yourself, but not by yourself. What a difference it will make. 

A Tall Building Requires A Deeper, Stronger Foundation. 

Spread Some Joy Today--Your gratitude will light the path for yourself and others at the same time even if all you are thinking about is yourself.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Daily Inspiration 7-23-14

"The only limitation 
placed on our abilities 
is our inability 
to easily recognize 
our unlimited nature." 

 -- Jim Rohn 

Continuing with another post from Jim Rohn's wonderful book, The Seasons of Life, I think that I relate so well to the quote above. I do believe that we are unlimited beings and so often we see our limitations instead. It's part of the time and space thing, I'm sure.

He goes on to make it even more interesting: "It takes effort to become aware of our staggering and limitless abilities. It takes effort to become enthusiastic over a cause, or an occupation. It takes effort to continue when our results--as well as our friends--tell us to give up trying. It takes effort to feel right about everything that happens--the joy as well as the sorrows of life. And it also takes effort to learn to love ourselves above all others, especially when we are so consciously aware of our failures, doubts, and tragedies."

Jim continues, "It does not, however, take effort to fail. It requires little else than a slowly deteriorating attitude about our present, our future, and about ourselves. It is ironic that one of the few things in this life over which we have total control is our own attitudes, and yet most of us live our entire life behaving as though we had no control whatsoever."

Finally, he fills in the rest with, "By our attitude, we decide to read, or not to read. By our attitude, we decide to try or give up. By our attitude, we blame ourselves for our failure, or we foolishly blame others. Our attitude determines whether we love or hate, tell the truth or lie, act or procrastinate, advance or recede, and by our own attitude we and we alone actually decide whether to succeed or fail."

I have always loved how graphically attitude can be seen in an airplane, even if all you could see were the instruments. The picture above is called an artificial horizon and it graphically shows your airplane's attitude relative to the horizon. The yellow in the middle is the plane, the blue is the sky, the brown is the earth. Push the nose down, you see mostly earth, pull it up, mostly sky, turn right or left and it shows that visually. Level flight is just like the picture shows now.

Our own internal compass, or rather, artificial horizon, demonstrates our own attitude relative to other things. It may not be earth and sky, but you get the idea. Straight and narrow is good. Feeling good is good. How we feel is our true artificial horizon. By knowing how we feel, we know where our attitude is and what to do to correct or improve it. All we need to do essentially is pay attention and be interested in feeling better.

They Say, 'Attitude Is Everything.' I Think That Is A Fair Statement. A Better One Is, How We Feel Is The Best Indicator Of Our Current Attitude. 

Spread Some Joy Today--Choose to feel good today. Make a conscious choice.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Daily Inspiration 7-22-14

"What we have been
is an established and unchangeable fact. 
What we can yet become 
is an unlimited, boundless opportunity." 

-- Jim Rohn 

Continuing the quote by Jim Rohn above, he says, "Therefore, do not allow your awareness of past difficulty or failures to adversely affect your current and future possibilities." This is a quote from Jim's great book, The Seasons of Life. This little gem of a book is only 125 pages and almost all of them have art on them, so it is short, yet is full of sparkles of wisdom from a so-called and self-professed failure who found a mentor who led him in a completely different and far more productive direction.

The chapter these quotes came from is The Effect of Environment on Circumstance. At the beginning he says, "All of us, whether rich or poor, young or old, educated or not so educated, is the sum total of all those people and events that have touched us since first entering this world." He says that every thought we've had, movies we've watched, TV shows, and books we've read have had their effect. "Every disappointment, triumph, doubt, dream, and love for someone each had their effect. What we are and what we have, we have slowly brought upon ourselves. It is the human tendency to blame someone or something else for our lack of progress--we blame government, competitors, managers, inflation, pay schedules and even the traffic and weather for our circumstances."

But, he says, "Those people and events which have left their mark--whether favorable or unfavorable--are now behind us. What happened even as recently as yesterday is no longer of any consequence unless we choose to allow it to be. What is of great importance is who and what it is that leaves its mark today, and each day thereafter."

You know, I think it is so important to understand that every second of every day, we are beginning anew. We have certainly gathered a lot of experience and influences along our path, and yet, we get to choose what we do with that mass of information. If we are to use that information gathered all of our lives to our best advantage today, it would be to love it all, not feel that anything should have been different, and accept it as it was and how it was would have been full of value and benefit.

The only time we have that we can do anything with is this second, so often called the NOW. What was has been. It all had value. It all had benefits. If you didn't see that, it may be worth another look. Then, we can make choices here and now for whatever we want today. We do get to choose all of that. There is nothing and no one to blame. However, there may be plenty of people, events and circumstances to thank once we see the value and benefit, and I can absolutely state as fact in my life that being thankful for all that has been is the best and most sure footing for moving forward today.

Wherever You Are Now Is A Perfect Place To Begin. 

Spread Some Joy Today--by blessing the path you have been traveling while learning to enjoy the view.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Daily Inspiration 7-21-14

"A great many people 
think they are thinking 
when they are merely 
rearranging their prejudices." 

-- William James 

What a wonderful and insightful quote. You can tell someone is rearranging their prejudices whenever you hear them say, "yes, but. . ."

"The Greatest Weapon Against Stress Is Our Ability To Choose One Thought Over Another." -- William James 

Spread Some Joy Today--by letting go of your prejudices, it becomes second nature.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Daily Inspiration 7-20-14

"The only man I know 
who behaves sensibly is my tailor; 
he takes my measurements anew
each time he sees me. 
The rest go on with their old measurements 
and expect me to fit them." 

-- George Bernard Shaw 

Often we may not realize how much people change unless we periodically see a child at two and then four and then six and ten. How easy it is to see how they change physically from that perspective. Yet, we are all constantly changing, rearranging, becoming, modifying beliefs, maturing or not, and of course, adults change physically plenty though it may not show nearly so easily as in the child.

It's good to catch up and see how things are now. We know that we are changing, and we may assume others are not because we may not be around them much. They are.

Time to measure anew.

Also, Time To Accept, Love And Appreciate Anew. . . 

Spread Some Joy Today--by putting down the rope every time you feel that you have picked it back up. Joy is always letting go.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Daily Inspiration 7-19-14

"The single biggest problem in communication
is the illusion that it has taken place."

-- George Bernard Shaw

I smiled when I saw this quote because its truth has been shown in some recent so-called communications. How many times have we told someone something and later they have no recollection of it. My late wife, Nancy used to say so often how she told me about this or that and I thought for sure I was hearing it for the first time.

It might remind us that communication is not only something we sometimes take for granted, and also that it requires more than one participant. Like the radio or television signal, there is a transmitter and a receiver that makes the whole thing work. So too then, is paying attention when transmitting and receiving.

Memory Can Be A Tricky Thing. . .

Spread Some Joy Today--Pay attention to how joy is all around you today. Let it be yours!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Daily Inspiration 7-18-14

"What we profess,
what we think,
and what we do
may all be in different camps"

-- Albert K Strong

Have you ever seen, or been in a loving family where brothers, sisters, parents, children get angry with another and then hold on to their own righteousness as if it is the correct response? Obviously, one is making choices that are upsetting the other, but the real question is why? And an even better question is where is the love?

I can totally understand that someone else's choice is not one that I might make, but to disagree and call it wrong, and then to hold on to it at the expense of the relationship is absurd. They might even say that we are selfish in our choice, but the true selfishness is not in making the choice but trying to get others to live according to our own opinion.

What is the downside to loving people where they are and for who they are and celebrating their choices, whatever they may be? The only downside is our own bruised ego. But, how can we love and not actually love? How do we define love? Would that be how we would want to be loved? Obviously, much of what we call love is conditional love. If you do what I think you should do then I will love you and if you do not, and I cannot change your mind, then I don't want to have anything to do with you.

The best answer I have ever found is loving unconditionally. As Wayne Dyer taught me so well with this quote, it is a choice. It is not automatic. We get to choose each and every time. "Love is the ability and willingness to allow those that you care for to be what they choose for themselves without any insistence that they satisfy you." Love is the ability and willingness. . . Some are not so willing it seems. Allowing others the respect, dignity, and authority to make their own choices, and then let me love them no matter their choices, no matter their agreement with or disagreement with my own. It is the only way that makes any sense if we want to call it love.

Yet, as important as this is to learn a better definition of love and how to love people, it is the willingness to actually practice it that will have it become part of our lives. We will always have things in other people we will disagree with no matter whether it is family, or outside of the family, but we can learn to let them be as they choose without any insistence that they satisfy us. Insisting they satisfy us is the height of selfishness so we can practice letting go of our resistance to what the other thinks and does by remembering that it isn't really them at all. It is us. We are creating the resistance in ourselves. It is our own thinking that creates the divide or learns to love.

How Important Would Your Disagreement Be If The One You Disagreed With Were To Die This Afternoon?

Spread Some Joy Today--Just let it go. Joy is downstream.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Daily Inspiration 7-17-14

"Habit is habit, and not to be
flung out of the window by any man,
but coaxed down-stairs one step at a time."

-- Mark Twain

Yesterday, I heard myself saying something about a business and its leader that after it fell out of my mouth, a few minutes later upon reflection of what I said, I wrote down on my notepad this remark: Stop that!

Knowing how I want to be can help me to become that and yet as Margaret Atwood said so well, "Every habit he's ever had is still there in his body, lying dormant like flowers in the desert. Given the right conditions, all his old addictions would burst into full and luxuriant bloom."

The big advantage for me now is that I am paying attention to what comes out of my mouth and how I feel about that, and this helps me to make choices from my thoughts of what actually comes out of my mouth. There is a substantial improvement over years past, yet the habits remain and from time to time become vocalized.

What to do? Realize the progress, feel good about the awareness, bless it and let it go, and live to enjoy another day.

Sometimes The More I Think I Know Something, The Less I Really Know.

Spread Some Joy Today--Bless it and move on.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Daily Inspiration 7-16-14

"You be the sun, 
I'll be the shining. 
You be the clock, 
I'll be the timing." 

 -- Excerpt from the song, That's What's Up 
by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros 

I just had to share this wonderful video and song with you. It is precious. I love the lyrics, and I've never heard of Lennon and Maisy, or the authors Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. Having since listened to the original, the version by Lennon and Maisy is infinitely better. This video also went viral with over 5 million views and it's only been up less than a year.

But, who cares so much about all of that. . . let's watch and listen. I guarantee it will brighten your day, even if you have seen it. Enjoy!

"Love Is All There Is. . ." - Paul McCartney & John Lennon

Spread Some Joy Today--Help someone you know feel good. Then, try it on someone you don't know.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Daily Inspiration 7-15-14

"I wanted to change the world. 
But I have found that the only thing 
one can be sure of is changing is oneself." 

-- Aldous Huxley 

It's really kind of interesting how we can see how things can be so much better if only the other person would make the changes we think will make all the difference. Why in the world can't they see it? Even when I try to show them with facts and figures, along with plenty of dialogs, they proceed to do things the way they've been doing, or if they change, so often they are listening to the wrong people and all of it is a big mistake. Are they blind? Can't they see the reality of the situation? Surely, they should be open to the wisdom of how to do things right or better. Why won't they listen? I don't get it.

Well. . . I cannot tell you how many times I have said that exact dialog or some more expressive version of it. It seems that everywhere I have worked in my life, I could see things that needed to be changed that would make a big difference and the owner or manager just didn't seem to agree or even be much interested.

Heck, I call it swimming upstream now, and I did a serious amount of swimming upstream most of my life. Yet, everything that all of us wants is downstream. Changing the world, changing the company culture, changing others is serious work and all upstream. And, it only leads to unhappiness and loads of frustration. In some cases, it leads to quitting and leaving the company, only to begin the process somewhere else again.

Then I learned the answer to all that stress. Let it go. Let go of the tug-o-war rope. Leo Tolstoy said it well when he said, "everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself."

We cannot change anyone. Not a company, nor the boss, the workers, our spouse, sons and daughters, no one. We can only change ourselves. If others are open to influence, or open to opportunities to change, we might influence them or guide them in some way, but it will always be they who change themselves. So, it is a total waste of time and energy to even try. Just let it go. Drop the rope.

The best thing is to accept the situation as it is without any more judgment about it. Then, get to work on doing what we do best and changing ourselves to be the best that we can be within the accepted situation where we find ourselves. If we are working for a company, then be the best employee you can be, and do all you can do within the parameters allowed. Leave the rest alone. That is not our work. Our work is ourselves alone.

Doing This, Life Will Take On A Whole New Feeling Of Confidence And Joy. 

Spread Some Joy Today--Who needs the stress of any kind? It serves only to wake one up and that is all. Let everything go. Be not concerned. That will spread some joy.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Daily Inspiration 7-14-14

"Conflict cannot survive 
without your participation." 

-- Wayne Dyer 

Though this is the first time I've seen this quote, I've always known it to be true. It is the old tug-o-war game again and when the rope is dropped, the game is over and the one who released it is freed. Though the other may continue to rant and rave and try to make trouble, there can be no trouble without our participation. 

When there is nothing to fight over, there is no fight. If someone wants something and you give it to them without a fight, what power do they have? None.

When someone is bent on harassment, even though you let go, this is the time to allow people like Marshall B Rosenberg to help make sense with, but these are extreme cases in comparison with the daily issues we face. With most of our issues, it is just a matter of not participating in the fight, or struggle, or pity party.

Releasing Resistance Is Our Own Freedom. 

Spread Some Joy Today--by feeling your way through your day. The better you feel, the better your day.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Daily Inspiration 7-13-14

"Be careful how you interpret the world. 
It is like that." 

-- Erich Helle

There is a movie in my collection that I haven't seen in a while, so I watched it again. Isn't it interesting how you may have seen something several times and each time see something different or differently? That fascinates me.

The movie is New In Town with Harry Connick, Jr. and Renee Zellweger, and it was filmed in one of the coldest places on earth, Winnipeg, Canada. What I saw differently this time began at the start of the movie when Renee's character, Lucy, was in a meeting with her boss and coworkers (all men), and the boss was talking about a manufacturing plant in remote Minnesota that they needed someone to go in and cut the workforce by 50% and turn the plant into a mechanized, robotic plant. Lucy said that she saw the numbers and she thought that the plant should just be shut down and that it was a lost cause. But, the boss wanted her on site to get the work done, so she went.

Then it happened. Lucy met the people who run and work at the plant. She learned about their goals and dreams and how they lived and played and soon she began caring about them. This change brought her to the point that she staked her entire career on making the plant successful and eventually when the company wanted to sell the plant, she arranged to buy it with the employees.

Wars and hate are like this scenario. We are not in touch with actual people and merely see ideologies, strangely different modes of living, different beliefs, maybe different color skin, different climates, dress, languages. The further away we are, the easier it is to not only not care about them but to not even see them as people. We dehumanize them just as Lucy did in the boardroom at the beginning of the film.

I remember that I was told by my manager as I became a manager under him, to not get close to people because it will make it hard, later on, to let them go. The further away we get, the easier that is. That reminds me of another movie I love called Up In The Air, where the lead character goes all over the country firing people at large companies. It is easier to pay someone to come in from the outside than to do it in-house.

I've seen this in jobs that I've had, I see it in the government, the newspaper, TV. If you don't know them, it is easy to not care. I remember when I was a young boy and my grandfather took me up in a Piper Cub airplane over southern California when most of that was farms. The people were so small you couldn't even recognize them as people and the cars were even like dinky little toys.

Yet, the good news is that we don't have to view the world this way, though so many around us may choose to. We get to see it however we want. We can see love. We can care about people, pray for them, lift them up, send loving thoughts whether it is across the street or the other side of the planet.

This All Begins By Loving Ourselves. In That Space, We Automatically Love Others. 

Spread Some Joy Today--Lift two or three people up today. In person, or in Spirit.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Daily Inspiration 7-12-14

"Set your life on fire. 
Seek those who fan your flames." 

-- Rumi 

It is so easy to allow others around you, regardless of their position or relationship with you to hold you in place with them. No one really has any power over us, but we often give it away without being consciously aware of doing this.

I was thinking just the other day how temporary almost everything is. Circumstances change all the time, people come in and out of our lives, what we do in the way of work changes, and all temporary. Each leader in a company leads the company differently, and sometimes not even in a forward direction. Companies get sold, close their doors for good, and more. It is the same on the more positive side where successes are abounding and profits high, morale is perfect, the stars are all aligned. It is still all temporary.

This isn't meant to be a downer, it is just a bit of perspective in how sometimes we expect things to remain the same when nothing ever remains the same even for a few seconds. All that we see is in constant motion, though we may not see that with our eyes.

I'm going the long way around on purpose, but because it is all temporary, there need be no worry about it. Besides, there isn't anything we can do to change another unless they are seeking change and open to suggestion. Hence, worrying about what our parents think, our brothers and sisters, our boss, our spouse, the neighbors, the government, or any others are more than pointless, it is taking our own power away--or rather, we give it away, as it is never taken.

The best thing that we can do for ourselves and for all of those around us near and far is to focus on what we want and to build the energy of that into the life we could dream of. As Rumi said so well, "Set your life on fire." Be selfish in that. Since we cannot change others, being selfish is all you can do to change.

The second part of Rumi's quote will often happen naturally after the decision to set our own lives on fire, and that is to, "Seek those who fan your flames." I made this decision a very long time ago and in the last five years have multiplied that a hundredfold. I am constantly seeking those who fan my flames, help me to see more, understand more, and be more. I have many sources and learn from them all. If we will take the time and attention to reach out, the help will always be there. That old saying, 'when the student is ready, the teacher appears,' is absolutely true and is an amazing blessing.

Everything we need is really already inside of us. We have all the power of choice, decision, and action.

Set Your Life On Fire, And Surround Yourself With Flame Fanners! 

Spread Some Joy Today--There is no greater joy than coming alive!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Daily Inspiration 7-11-14

"I'm having the time of my life!" 

-- Terry Minion 

I went to a dual chamber of commerce mixer tonight and said this quote above to several people who had not seen me in some time and asked how I was doing. Some said, 'you look so happy.' I am. Another mentioned how positive I am and it implied that they were not, but you know, there comes a time when if being upbeat, positive, happy, excited is a desire, one needs to move toward it.

Some don't seem to know how. I understand this totally. I used to be one of them.

Here's a quote that may help put things in a better perspective: "There's no point in burying a hatchet if you're going to put up a marker on the site." -- Sydney Harris.

Some want to forgive, and may even talk about it, but they hold on in so many ways when the only real answer is to let go of it. I alluded to this in yesterday's post.

Having been for many, many years one of those who claimed they wanted to be happy and free, and yet could not let go, I have learned what works for me and continues to work for me to be happy, excited, upbeat, joyous. I think it is the easiest way out of the doldrums and unhappiness. It is far too simple, and many want a much more complicated answer with lots of bullet points. Sorry. It is appreciation.

Yes, appreciation.

I was doing some videos with two clients a couple of days ago. I said that all they need do is to allow themselves to practice so they can get better at it. Each time they get more comfortable with the process and each video then improves over time. It is the same exact thing here. Who would expect someone who just picked up a musical instrument to play Carnegie Hall? After a good deal of practice, that might happen if they also have some talent for the task.

Everyone has a talent for appreciation, so it isn't a matter of talent; however, it is a matter of practice. Begin to purposely find things to appreciate and speak them. At first, they may be spoken in your mind, but they also need to be spoken aloud. Find things to compliment others about. Not insincere compliments, but real ones. If you don't see something worthy of appreciation, move to another subject.

Start with nature. Start with the blue sky, the land, the stars at night, the moon, you name it. Then, things around you. Find things to be thankful for around you. Your comfortable bed, how wonderful the covers feel in the morning, your special pillow, the smell of bacon cooking, the sun coming up in the morning. Then expand on that, by finding things to compliment yourself about. Stand naked in the mirror and thank God or the Universe for such a wonderful and useful appliance as this great body. Be thankful for your capacity, your wisdom, your voice, your skills, your vision.

After a time, perhaps months, or even years, you will find yourself constantly finding things to appreciate. I think that this is what the apostle Paul meant when he said to pray without ceasing.

At each level, your joy will increase in quantity and quality. I find now that I am in joy almost all the time. This is how I can say that I am having the time of my life. It is because I am and the joy is the manifestation of that.

If you want to have this, it is simple. Just practice it and expand it and keep on with it and you will improve every single day. Never fear--there is no end to the potential for more joy.

There Is A Payoff To Feeling Bad, And That Is Why There Is A Lot Of It, But The Payoff For Feeling Good Is Off The Chart In Comparison. 

Spread Some Joy Today--It is not up to God or anyone else. It is solely up to you. Choose joy.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Daily Inspiration 7-10-14

"To forgive is to set a prisoner free 
and discover that the prisoner was you." 

-- Lewis B Smedes 

I was talking briefly with someone today about forgiveness. Through much trial and error, I have learned to forgive and think that I have learned what forgiveness really is. So, here is what I learned that it is: our own thinking and judgment about past events that can never be changed, although we often want them to change, yet we also know that we can never change the past in the present, so the contrast of that creates the emotion of resentment, whereby we hold the other in judgment for their perceived wrongdoings to us.

Most people think that to forgive means to reconcile our feelings about that person and accumulated events associated with them. It can't be done. Usually, those who say they've done this are blowing smoke and acting as if they have forgiven the other when that isn't possible either.

First of all, it isn't about them. It is always about us. It is we who are thinking the thoughts that are causing us to not feel good. It is not them creating the thoughts. It is ourselves alone. No one can make us feel anything. Our own feelings are always a contrast between our real selves and our own ego.

The best description of what it is like to forgive I've ever come up with is to pretend that we are having a tug-o-war with ourselves, equally matched, and impossible to win. This leaves only one solution: to let go of the rope completely, and after letting go of the rope, to find the love that is always there. The way to find the love is to create a list of appreciation. Through appreciation, you can become grateful for the whole event, and then it is forever changed.

No one can do anything to us. Whenever we believe that our feelings are created from the outside, we will experience unhappiness. Our feelings are created from our own thoughts and never from the outside. Since no one can make us feel anything except ourselves, the other thing to grab hold of is that we are always in charge of how we feel and not anyone else regardless of the relationship.

When we let go of the rope and find things to appreciate, we have nothing but love and when there is love for the other, there is nothing to forgive. When we withhold love from the other, we build a wall between us.

Whatever you might be holding onto, feeling resentment about, feeling unhappy about, or even angry about is only ourselves in a tug-o-war with ourselves. By letting go of that rope, all of that goes away immediately.

Today, Right Here, And Right Now Is The Best Time To Let Go And Turn It To Love Through Appreciation. 

Spread Some Joy Today--Make a list today of everything you appreciate. Feel your love grow as you make your list.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Daily Inspiration 7-9-14

"Why do bad things 
happen to good people?"

-- Age old question 

Just for fun, we might want to flip this question around a bit: Why do good things happen to bad people? When put that way, it helps put things into at least a little perspective.

The bigger question is, 'who says bad?' At the same time, 'who says good?' Frankly, it is someone making that up anyway.

I think there are only actions and results and all of that is neutral. It is only when we label things, such as good or bad, that we add a moral code to the actions and create all sorts of emotions about it. It simply comes down to how we choose to think about something, or what we believe or have come to believe, and even a belief is just a thought we keep thinking over and over again.

There are plenty of benefits that come from events--even those that we might construe as bad. Who knows how it happens, or why it happens? A lot of people want to know why, but it really isn't their affair to know.

I have many examples in my own life of things that seemed bad that were really good. But, of course, I am still judging it, and it is better to say there were benefits. For years I lay down at night in my bedroom and seeing the ceiling, hated the sprayed popcorn treatment throughout the house. Every time I looked at it, I wanted it gone. Then came the fire. The fire was in one room but blackened the whole house. As a result of the repairs, I got rid of the popcorn ceiling.

There were several times I might have been killed or injured in a vehicle and split seconds, perhaps even thousandths of a second changed the outcome. There were times when I lost my job and suddenly there were many open doors I had not seen before.

It really comes down to, rather than the event, it is how we choose to think about it that makes all the difference. Some people may get a diagnosis that brings them to life rather than death. Some may have an event that in certain circumstances would be devastating that becomes their greatest blessing. Some have a business fail to lead them to a better choice, others lose a long time job and find their entrepreneurial spirit reborn. Some find divorce was the best thing that ever happened to them.

It isn't the event, but how we choose to think of it, label it, create beliefs around it that speaks to us of what kind of event it is. One might choose depression, despair, and others may choose joy or gratitude. We each have full control of the choice.

Let Us Be Conscious Of Our Own Power To Choose. 

Spread Some Joy Today--You're on a delightful journey. Enjoy the ride.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Daily Inspiration 7-8-14

"Yesterday I was clever, 
so I wanted to change the world. 
Today I am wise, 
so I am changing myself." 

-- Rumi 

Yesterday, I got to see a wonderful friend who lives far away for a few hours. We have both been associated with the car business for a lot of years, and I mentioned that when I first got into the business and saw what it was like and the reputation that it had, I made it my personal goal to do what I could to change that.

Everything that I did to change it for the better went unnoticed by the car business. Though it may have been what some call a worthy cause, I found it to be an impossible dream.

It was only after I dropped my clever ideals of changing the world and focused on changing myself that I decided that I could have what I originally wanted, except on a much smaller scale. I could change me and affect those near me, and that is what I did the best job I could at, and feel in looking back over 40 years as having achieved success in this.

Now, I don't try to change anyone. That isn't my job. My job is to change me when that is needed. I can succeed at that. This doesn't mean that I don't have an influence on others. I do. I have. I will. That influence comes from my own changes and my own growth. I teach what I know and what I want to learn. The rest is up to them.

Regardless Of The Size Of The Audience, Our Real Power Is Leading By Example. 

Spread Some Joy Today--by letting your heart lead your brain.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Daily Inspiration 7-7-14

"'Tis not the meat, 
but 'tis the appetite 
makes eating a delight." 

-- John Suckling, Sonnet, c1638 

In January of this year, I had the distinct privilege to see The Eagles, who next to The Beatles was my favorite musical group when I was young, and now that I am not so young. The tour they were on was called The History of The Eagles, matching a DVD set they published, which I own. I don't know why I waited to watch it until this weekend, but I was in joy all the way through it. Great music, and a great story of how they came to be and all the adventures they had.

Joe Walsh of The Eagles was talking on the DVD and I had to write down what he said because it spoke to me. Here is what he said reflecting on the travels of his life, participation in and travels of the band over time:

"There's a philosopher who says, 'As you live your life, it appears to be anarchy and chaos and random events--non-related events smashing into each other and causing this situation, and then this happens, and it's overwhelming, and it just looks like...what in the world is going on? And later when you look back at it, it looks like a finely crafted novel, but at the time it don't, and a lot of The Eagles story is like that."

I thought he was referring to many of us, if not most of us. As we are going through situations, especially challenging or tough ones, it is hard if not downright impossible to see the whole picture, but down the road, we can look back and see how all those pieces fit into a mosaic that was perfectly filled, looking like that finely crafted novel.

Then, I thought that much of my life was that way. Most in fact. I didn't have a clue a good deal of the time and now looking back, I have such a different view and things I might have done that I might typically regret, I find joy in instead.

What I would add to that wonderful philosophical view of a life traveled, is that with the awareness that I have now, I would not find the pain that I went through then. Wouldn't it be interesting to know for certain that everything will work out perfectly all the time throughout our lives? Would that change anything about how you might live your life? I know that this awareness has certainly changed mine and how I see what is going on here and now and with confidence believing it is all working out just as I planned it. What a difference in the travel!

It Is Perfect. 

Spread Some Joy Today--Find joy in your own perfection today.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Daily Inspiration 7-6-14

"Anyone who is 
at peace with himself 
is at peace with others." 

-- Georges Devereux, the character 
from the movie, Jimmy P. 

Lately, I am finding inspired messages that jump out at me when I hear them or see them, and many have come from movies that I have seen in the last few days. They've given me enough for many inspirational messages.

The one above was spoken softly in the movie, but he may have well been screaming it considering how it immediately got my attention. I thought, 'Wow! That is so powerful, simple and so true.

Think about it. Conflict with others is an indication of conflict within ourselves. Anger with others is an indication of anger within and of ourselves. In fact, it is our own thinking that creates these emotions, to begin with, not stimuli from somewhere else.

That means that when we are at peace with ourselves, happy with ourselves, respecting and loving ourselves, it is not really possible to be otherwise to others.

It All Begins And Ends With Ourselves. 

Spread Some Joy Today--with joy in your heart, it cannot be helped.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Daily Inspiration 7-5-14

"This is a glorious time 
for me to be on this earth!" 

-- Quote from a Well Being Card Deck 
by Esther & Jerry Hicks 

Here I am today nearing my 65th birthday and I am more inspired than I think I have ever been in my entire life. How can that be? It isn't what I thought I was taught about getting older. In fact, it is the opposite.

When I say inspired, I don't mean that I have a new goal to do something, or to achieve something. I am inspired in the sheer joy and gratitude I feel for virtually everything in and around me.

A reader for a few years sent me a very kind note that had this line in it: "I want to thank you for the time you take and the thoughts and quotes you share that help everyone who read them be better people and enjoy life more. Your messages are clear: it is all about attitude, gratitude and choices (all of which are in our control.)" Since that is what I have learned that has led me to where I am now, that was as accurate an assessment as I could imagine.

I get so grateful now for such common things, and I'm continually amazed at how I can find even more to be grateful for. For example, I put a short note on my facebook page about how grateful I am for the Internet. The things I have had access to that I never had before the Internet, and the millions of things that people share and I sample the tiniest bit of and still find crazy amounts of information, guidance, inspiration and the list goes on. The video I shared yesterday is a perfect example and then I went and watched more from the person I had only learned of yesterday in that first video, which by the way, was suggested to me by an email from a website I subscribe to that I found on someones facebook post a year or two ago.

In addition to those things about the Internet, I make a living on the Internet and employ others in that as well. So, that's a big deal, but even if it weren't for that, I've learned how to cook certain things, fix things, learned not to try to fix things, seen very helpful product comparisons by actual users to help me buy a great video camera, learned how important audio is in the hundreds of videos we do for our clients, and I could easily go on for ten or fifteen pages or more of all the ways in which the Internet, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and a hundred other services has given me great benefit, joy, inspiration, and help.

As I am more grateful every day, and seeing no end to the depth of it, I find ever more things to be grateful for. This changes my attitude to be more positive every single hour of every day. It leads me to make joyous choices. If there were only one single thing that I would recommend to put into practice to change everything else in your life, it would be to begin a practice of thankfulness and gratitude for every situation, every circumstance, every relationship, every moment of your life.

There Is Zero Doubt That It Has Changed Me Forever. 

Spread Some Joy Today--Exactly. You do that with your joy. Simple.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Daily Inspiration 7-4-14

"At the core of all anger 
is a need that is not being fulfilled." 

 -- Marshall B Rosenberg 

Yesterday I watched one of the most powerful videos I've ever seen. It is powerful to me because it speaks of how to find peace in the world, in our relationships, in our work environments and more. It is not the least bit typical. I would have to call it 'outside the box.' Below is the video for your own viewing. It has been around for a while, but it is timeless. Then, I'll leave you with a couple more great quotes from this wonderful man.

"Every criticism, judgment, diagnosis, and expression of anger is the tragic expression of an unmet need." -- Marshall B Rosenberg "

All violence is the result of people tricking themselves into believing that their pain derives from other people and that consequently, those people deserve to be punished." -- Marshall B Rosenberg

"Analyses Of Others Are Actually Expressions Of Our Own Needs And Values." -- Marshall B Rosenberg 

Spread Some Joy Today--Celebrate what you want to see more of.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Daily Inspiration 7-3-14

"You see, what I think it is, is, 
that I think I'm more comfortable
with being disappointed. 
I think I'm angry with you 
for trying to take that away." 

-- Kate Walker character in the movie, 
Last Chance Harvey

Is that a telling statement or what? Have any of you ever felt that way, even though you may have never had the courage to actually say it? We do have a tendency to develop and then stay within our own comfort zones when it comes to relationships, work, you name it.

I love movies that move me and speak to me and those are the ones I buy so I can watch them many times. Last Chance Harvey is one of those so-called sleeper films that I found that I just had to own.

Every time I watch it, I learn something new and it is a delightful piece of not so uncommon human interaction involving divorce, children, a declining interest in work, and if all of that weren't enough, Harvey loses his job while he's in London, yet at the same time, he finds inspiration in a woman he meets in the airport and makes a conscious decision to go with the flow until his life has not only broken out of his comfort zone but is taken to new and unknown places.

I can so relate to where his head must have been. The best part of the movie is how he finds his life that he somehow stepped out of some time ago. Now, he is renewed and real. Before it was all fake, creating images, being someone he isn't and much more.

The other thing that really stands out for me in this movie is that he makes a conscious decision to go with the flow. He feels a spark and he follows that feeling. He drops his routine or common response to situations and decides to just follow his feelings rather than his head. What great advice that can be for all of us from time to time.

If you haven't seen it, I invite you to rent it and see what you will. If not for the movie itself, for the awesome dialog and life messages it contains.

Letting go of the oars and allowing yourself to go with the flow is very powerful.

Who Knows Where You'll End Up? 

Spread Some Joy Today--It's never too late. There are no last chances. It is now. Then now again, then now again.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Daily Inspiration 7-2-14

"When you judge another, 
you do not define them, 
you define yourself." 

-- Wayne Dyer 

I was thinking about self-esteem, and when I saw this quote from my long-time mentor, Wayne Dyer, it seemed so appropriate for that topic. For example, if we are judging someone else--and the word judging generally is construed as finding fault and then punishing by judgment rule--then what does that say about our self-esteem? I think that it says we have very little.

Seth Godin recently wrote, "It's called self-esteem. What other people think of you is called "other-people esteem." That's a different thing altogether." He goes on to say, "If it's better to think well of yourself, then by all means, go ahead. No need to wait for us to do it for you. Without a doubt, uncaring people can tear you down and make this more difficult, but at some point, you can make a choice."

I think that either way we make a choice. We either make a choice to like, appreciate, love ourselves for who and what we are, appreciating our path and decisions, or we make a choice to beat ourselves up, lament about all the wrongs we ever did, all the people who did things to us, of which we cannot possibly be held responsible, and so on.

You can probably see that in other people very easily and which choices they are making. It always seems easier to see it in others, yet it is good to examine it personally too.

I love that phrase, "other-people esteem." So often we may be looking for others to give us our esteem when that is clearly not their job. Other people can appreciate us, like us, love us, but what value would that really be if we didn't already have our own appreciation and love for ourselves?

Here's A Better Question: What Is Right With Me? How Have I Provided Value And Benefit To Others? 

Spread Some Joy Today--Lighten up! Have some fun!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Daily Inspiration 7-1-14

"Change is not a destination, 
just as hope is not a strategy." 

-- Rudy Giuliani 

Wow. What a great quote. It seems to me that this describes the political process, or at least what seems like the majority's idea of a new life and moving away from the reality of what is.

But, I was thinking of this in a different way as I was thinking about people in new jobs that they are wanting to do well in, people looking for a job, and generally moving through life. I guess I have plenty of experience in all of that and know others going through it too.

Let's start with the first part of the quote: "Change is not a destination." Although we might think many times that change is the destination, it is more often than not, something that refuses to be managed. I think the best we could say about change is that it is a given. Physical things in us and around us are in a constant flux of change. Our thoughts too are constantly in motion and thereby constantly in a state of change.

Change may be the sea we sail on, but it is neither the port we left or the potential port we eventually arrive in. How we set our sail on this sea of change, meaning our 'attitude' toward it and in response to it, has everything to do with the destination.

The second part: "hope is not a strategy." I know a lot of people who use hope as a strategy, and the sea of change buffets them about as if they were crossing the Pacific ocean in a dingy during a storm. We might think of hope as wishing, which is not a strategy either. For results to come on purpose with purpose, we need a strategy, decisions, plans, goals, design, activity, seeking, learning.

In the commercial truck world which I play around with some, I see a lot of dealers without a strategy for everything from inventory to managing the department. That's okay. They can do it as they desire, and they will get the results they get, but what if they had a strategy? What could they do then?

The same is true for all of us in everything that we do. We can hope to have a better relationship, or we can have a strategy. We can hope to do better financially, or we can develop or borrow a strategy. We can hope to grow our business or we can employ a strategy and make better decisions. We can hope our body was thinner, or we can adopt a strategy that has proven results.

Whatever we want, and whatever we want to be good at, better at, excel in, we need to remember that there are two ways: hope or strategy, and knowing the difference is critical. Then with that strategy, sailing on the sea of change will be with a gentle breeze.

Live On Purpose With Purpose. 

Spread Some Joy Today--This is a glorious time to be on this earth! Loving every day of it makes it even more glorious.