Sunday, March 31, 2013

Daily Inspiration 3-31-13

"Nothing is predestined.
The obstacles of your past
can become the gateways
that lead to new beginnings."
-- Ralph Blum

Today is a day of wonderful new beginnings. Or not.

Today is a day of new clarity of vision. Or not.

Today is a new day and you and I get to choose again. And in each moment, choose again.

We also get to choose to cut our ties with the past--the hurts, mistakes, missed opportunities, shoulda's, coulda's, regrets, blame. Or not.

We get to crucify ourselves, or experience the freedom of rebirth, hearing with new ears, seeing with new eyes, paying attention to that which is worthy of your attention.

I've always loved how Paul says in Philippians 4:8, "Finally, brethren, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good repute, if there is any excellence and if anything worthy of praise, let your mind dwell on these things."

Choose that!

Happy Easter!

Our Thoughts, Words, And Deeds Reflect Accurately Our Attention.

Spread Some Joy Today--Choose joy. It is purely a choice.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Daily Inspiration 3-30-13

"In everyone's life, at some time
our inner fire goes out.
It is then burst into flame
by an encounter
with another human being.
We should be thankful for those people
who rekindle the inner spirit."
-- Albert Schweitzer

Remember the book and movie, Paying It Forward? I love the idea of paying it forward by taking what has been given you, perhaps even when it seemed out of the blue, and giving what benefit you have derived to another for the sake of your own gratitude and the active act of gratitude called giving.

My own inner fire has flamed and cooled so many times in my life, and I can look back and see a trail of people who inspired me, caused me to think differently, just gave pure love, and more to reignite that flame and spur me on again. I am grateful for each and every one. Some gave me a job at just the right time, others, refused to help at just the right time, some spoke powerful words of encouragement and belief, and all so perfectly timed.

There have been authors that I have grown with from book to book, adventure to adventure like Wayne Dyer, with whom I began at the beginning with Your Erroneous Zones. There was Jim Rohn and so many cassette tapes over and over again. There was The Bible and getting to know the pure love of Jesus. In fact, most of my personal mentors are in the form of written and spoken material, and many of them were no longer physically here, and some for a long, long time gone. Still, their humanness, compassion, enthusiasm, heart, and wisdom came through and spoke perfectly to my ready mind and ear.

Sometimes my direction was changed dramatically and others was more of a shift in perspective. It is hard to judge which is more important, and I prefer to accept them all as important.

Some that have and may still be inspiring me are students on mine and students of life. I share with them, and they teach me. In fact, I would have to say that as I think about this now, the list is so very long of interactions with others that has helped me. I don't think there is anything worthwhile that we can do alone except being present with the moment. Interaction is what moves life forward however that may come to pass.

I thank the readers of my paying it forward messages written here. Some respond periodically with comments and I always enjoy that interaction. Some have been reading these since I began them and I am amazed at that. I speak through my heart and mind and sometimes even a collective mind where they take on a life I could not give them alone. I am grateful for all of it.

My Inner Flame Is Continually Rekindled As I Am Open To New Growth.

Spread Some Joy Today--Pay it forward.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Daily Inspiration 3-29-13

"There is a natural flow
of what wants to happen.
Let it."
-- Alan Cohen

I had a meeting with two clients today. They own a restaurant in the area. One of them was delayed and I sat on a comfy leather couch for about 40 minutes practicing my patience, doing some purposeful breathing and watching people at work.

There was a blond-haired woman who was in training and I heard her say to one customer that it was her first day. The general manager was doing some training with her and she was doing everything in stride. She is very beautiful. It was a classic beauty that reminded me of European Royalty. The other thing I noticed was that she seemed to have an aura of self-confidence about her. We all know how first days on the job can be, but she didn't show any nervousness about that.

I thought as the meeting was ending that I should go up and tell her my observations. But, she went in the back and I went ahead and left. After getting home, I thought to myself, wouldn't I like to hear something like that from a stranger or anyone for that matter? As it came back to me several times, I got on the phone and called the restaurant, asked for the new blond girl and here's what I said:

"Hi, I'm Terry and I was the guy waiting on the couch for some time. I have no agenda for this call except to tell you something that I thought you might want to hear. As I sat there looking in your general direction, I was appreciating your classic beauty. In fact, it reminded me of European Royalty. I know this was your first day on this new job, and I wanted to add that my other impression of observing you was that you seemed to exude personal confidence or self-confidence. I thought you might enjoy hearing that. I hope you have a wonderful afternoon."

She was elated as I was hanging up. I can just imagine how I would have felt having someone say something like that about me. In recent years, I've become bold enough to do this kind of thing often. I see someone and have this positive impression and I tell them. Maybe their hair looks great or it shines or the color they are wearing makes their eyes pop, and a myriad of other compliments. Many are small and short, others a bit longer, and every single one of them has been received with gratitude and joy. It has not failed me yet to say something sincere, positive and heartfelt. And, the real bonus is how it makes me feel to do it.

There Are So Many Very Simple Ways To Spread Joy Every Single Day.

Spread Some Joy Today--Don't hold it in anymore. Uplift someone you know, or a stranger as well with a simple compliment. People crave compliments when they are sincere. It is a gift that keeps on giving.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Daily Inspiration 3-28-13

"If you see problems that threaten to derail
the organization, harm employees, or cheat customers,
you have a responsibility to try to resolve them;
no matter how messy, costly, or difficult it is.
Leaders at the front don't have the freedom to
neglect what their position allows them to see."
-- John C Maxwell

I was thinking about John C Maxwell's wonderful and insightful book, The 360 Degree Leader, Developing Your Influence From Anywhere In The Organization. The main theme of the book is that you can choose to lead regardless of your position in the organization.

What happens within an organization if you as a leader within it, see something that is a real problem. Maybe something unethical, illegal, down-right stupid, hurting the organization, something happening to cause issues with personnel, or any number of other things like that? Do you ignore it and think that it isn't your place? Isn't your job or position to be able to address that? Or, do you do something about it?

What if by doing something about it, you put your position at risk? Do you still do it, or wait for someone else, or find infinite ways to justify that it really isn't any of your business?

I've been in circumstances similar to this and I know of others who have as well. What you would do is going to be completely up to you, and all I know is that for me, I took the risk and brought it to the attention of those who could do something about it. In one case, it seemed pretty obvious that this person was not really interested in what I had to say, so I found myself moving along and it worked out perfectly for me. I did my part. I was the leader I wanted to be and the kind of leader that I could be comfortable with. Being able to sleep at night is a blessing.

Of course, that is the darker side of being a leader and doing what you think is right and good for the whole. On the brighter side, taking the risk of being a leader wherever you find yourself in an organization can only benefit you and those around you. There is no such thing as one leader in an organization. There are a multitude of leaders that make a valuable company work. This is true right down to the person who answers the phone. In fact, I think that this first contact is more important that any communication with the president of the company. Don't you agree?

Choose To Lead. Take The Risk. It Will Be Worth It.

Spread Some Joy Today--Leading by example is spreading joy.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Daily Inspiration 3-27-13

"If you have knowledge,
let others light their candles in it."
-- Margaret Fuller

I've heard it said that this is the information age, and there is an implied meaning that those who have the information or control the information are the most powerful. Early last century it was the industrial age, and he who controlled the manufacturing was the most powerful. And then, and then, and then, all of them based on lack and control over others and such--or at least, that is implied often.

I just don't plug into the darker thoughts about the world and whateverthehellage we are now living in. This is the greatest time to be alive and I see nothing but a future so bright that it burns my eyes to look at it, so I turn my eyes to the present and find joy in it.

Information. That's how I started this train of thought. Never before in all of human history over thousands of years has the "common" person had so much power and control. Not control over others. That is a sad game to play. But, control over their own lives, how they live, how they learn, how they grow, how they can interact with others, and so much more. I rejoice in this time. When I think about it I get so enthusiastic about all of our individual and collective potential.

The tools we all have available to be more creative are astounding. Computers have enabled us to do so much in such a short time in history. Think about it. Computers for the masses began in the 1970s. That is only the last 40 odd years of history. The Internet is less than 20 years old and for most people, less than 14 years old. It is flat amazing.

I buy most of my books in about 45 seconds on my Kindle through I now own two Kindles. I go on a trip and I have almost a hundred titles at my beckon call. I love audiobooks and at I can listen to them on my Kindle or my computer or make a CD. I love regular traditional books too, but the new technology has given me so much more. In fact, as predicted by Jeff Bezos at Amazon, I read more now than I did before I owned the Kindle. Being able to get a book so quickly means I don't lose the inspiration. I hear about a book and don't even have to go to the store.

Cloud computing has expanded services so much further. My company, Upward Trend, uses cloud computing almost exclusively and has since before we called it cloud computing.

I absolutely love the fact that ideas are widely shared around the world via the Internet, YouTube, Blogs, and Social Media. In early 2008 I didn't know what a blog was, and now I have published tens of thousands of posts on over 120 blogs. To be able to find information and equally to share information, ideas, thoughts is so satisfying and empowering. is a superstar site as far as I'm concerned.

As we hear the doom and gloom or implied darkness surrounding what is going on the in world, how technology is invading our lives, and more, we get to choose what exactly we want to look at, and how we want to think about that. This is yet another thing I rejoice in. The power of choice has never been better!

"There Are Only Two Ways To Live Your Life. One Is As Though Nothing Is A Miracle. The Other Is As Though Everything Is A Miracle." -- Albert Einstein

Spread Some Joy Today--Get out a sheet of paper and start making a list of the miracles that are in and all around your life. Today is a day of celebration!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Daily Inspiration 3-26-13

"The only man I know who behaves sensibly is my tailor;
he takes my measurements anew
each time he sees me.
The rest go on with their old measurements
and expect me to fit them."
-- George Bernard Shaw

Sometimes we grow up. We may grow out. It could be that we are growing into. I've also experienced growing away from. I like growing toward. As we age, we may even grow down. But whether it is up, down, in, out, away or toward, we are constantly growing. Another word for that is changing. That might even be a more descript word.

We are constantly changing. In some cases people don't keep up with us, or we don't keep up with them; we're in the club, out of the club, in favor, out of favor, or even out of favors. We are nonetheless changing ever. The tailor knows this and does not rely on the past, and rejoices anew with a new order from an old friend. The tailor knows and loves you anyway. The tailor cares enough to measure, but not with a stich of condemnation. Visiting the tailor is a peaceful reunion and retreat.

As Ye Are Blessed, Bless Ye Others.

Spread Some Joy Today--Maybe it's time for a new suit.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Daily Inspiration 3-25-13

"It's not about the coffee."
-- Starbuck's Coffee

If you're in business, what is it that you do? If you work for someone else, what is it that you do?

About 30 years ago or so, I used to get a little booklet subscription called Bits and Pieces. I loved it. I'll never forget one short piece about what workers were doing. The interviewer came across a construction site and there were three guys laying brick. He asked the first what he was doing and he said that he was laying one brick on top of the other over and over again in a specified sequence. He asked the second one the same question, and he said, "I'm helping to build a wall that will be so many feet long and so many feet tall." The third bricklayer was asked the same question, and he replied, "I'm building a school where kids will learn and play." Each were doing the same thing but had dramatically different views of what they were doing. Which ones do you suppose were happy?

In the last few years, I've seen many businesses close their doors. The recession was blamed far more than it had capacity to accept, I'm sure. And, there were many reasons that may have contributed. This week a restaurant is closing after 23 years. I've been there recently and it was my first time. They claim it is the economy and in particular that there are too many restaurants in their area to compete with. There's always more to the story, of course, but this is a perfect example of how it's something outside that is out of their control that is to blame. That's rarely the truth, but it sounds so good.

In this case, they probably thought they served food. After all, it is a restaurant, right? But, this I know about myself: I love to eat out and I never go for the food. I go for other things. In fact, I can cook better, fresher, healthier food at home. I go for the experience, the feeling, the atmosphere, the comfort, the convenience, the service, the cleanliness, the consistency of quality. The actual food is down the list. If this restaurant would have considered the question above and really thought about it, they might have approached it as the third bricklayer rather than the first and second.

This idea can be applied to any retail business and probably every business on the planet. Many car dealer probably think they sell cars. Many auto body shops probably think they fix dents, hair salons cut hair, bicycle shops sell bicycles, mortgage companies sell mortgages, booksellers sell books and so on. All that is first bricklayer stuff. Maybe you think you work for such and such and do a certain duty for them. That's all first bricklayer stuff.

What do you really do?

I Am Building A School Where Children Will Learn And Play . . .

Spread Some Joy Today--Today is love yourself day. Just do it.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Daily Inspiration 3-24-13

"If you're not willing to risk the unusual,
you will have to settle for the ordinary."
-- Jim Rohn

As I lay down and thought I was going to go to sleep, a well-used phrase popped into my head and it refused to leave. It was this: "what are you willing to do to have what you want?" Who knows who said it first, but it has been said by many. It is a great question.

Several blocks away there is a house that has very little paint left, and the wood is in bad shape. Having been built in 1965, it appears that it is the original paint. The bushes, yard are in similar shape and there is a really old single guy who lives there. He is probably the original owner. You would think that he refuses change, but the reality is that his house is changing whether he likes it or not. It is more true that he has no interest, and certainly doesn't value keeping his house up. I wouldn't be surprised that the inside is in similar shape.

Some people don't want much I suppose, but most people do. The great thing about we humans is that we are always wanting something. We often tire of things being the same after a short time and we want something more, better, cooler, more satisfying, with more features, time-saving, labor-saving, satisfaction-giving things. Though we say we don't like change, the real truth is that we crave change.

So, what are you willing to do to have what you want? Maybe a lot. It could be everything, or it could be very little. We all seem to have a comfort zone that we stay close to, and the closer we stay to this the smaller our changes can be. If we desire a major change, it is likely to require a major change, perhaps even a large risk. That scares the hell out of many.

We all draw the line somewhere. Where is yours? What do you want? What are you willing to do to achieve what you want? Some say they want big change but are only willing to risk a little. I know from experience that this generally means the big change is only a dream and will probably never be a reality. Hanging on to security is like being tied to a post in the ground. You can only go so far and you are held back.

Just as the question, what are you willing to do in order to have what you want is important to consider, how about taking it a step further. What are you willing to change in order to live your life more fully? As a born creator, have you learned to be conforming with others which stifles your creative agenda?

You Can Do Amazing Things If You Are Willing To Be Amazing.

Spread Some Joy Today--Be amazing!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Daily Inspiration 3-23-13

"The past has passed. It is no longer,
except as the stories that we tell today.
Pay attention to the stories as you say them.
You cannot change the past; however,
you can change the story you tell."
-- Albert K Strong

  Gerald Jampolsky, in Love Is Letting Go Of Fear, said, "We seem to consider it "natural" to use our experiences of the past as reference points from which to judge the present. This results in our seeing the present with distorted dark-colored glasses."

He goes on to say, "To let each second be a new birth experience is to look without condemnation on the present. It results in totally releasing others and ourselves from all the errors of the past. It allows us to breathe in freedom and experience the miracle of Love by sharing this mutual release. It allows for an instant of healing where Love is ever present, here and now."

Some have said that those who cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it. There are many variations on that idea. 12-step programs are built on the past, remembering the past, using it as something to avoid in the future. I don't agree with their philosophy because they are repeating the past again and again. It's as if you can never get away from it. They constantly reinforce the past. It is more fear-based than anything.

Again, from Gerald Jampolsky: "Fear and Love, guilt and Love, cannot co-exist. Only if I keep reliving the past in the future am I a slave to time. By forgiving and letting go of the past, I free myself of the painful burdens I have carried into the present. Now I can claim the opportunities for freedom in the present without my past distortions."

This is what I have learned to do. It took me only about 50 years, but I've learned it. I cannot do anything to change the past because it has passed. Even my memories cannot be completely trusted as accurate. I told those stories so many times in many ways and I am sure there is plenty of embellishment along the way. So it is a waste of time to try to relive it in order to overcome it. There is a better way.

The better way is to accept it. It was. I cannot change the fact that it was. But, what I can do is to tell a different story now. I can tell a story of how perfect it has been to lead me to where I am today. This means that I have to learn to accept today and to love this moment as a gift that I may do anything I like with. By accepting, I am forgiving anything that I previously would have found fault with. By accepting, I am learning to love myself, including myself that was my past moments. I chose what I chose and it was perfect. Each led me to another to another to another and now I am here.

If you learn to value the present, to love yourself now, to forgive all parties in the past, the miracles are endless. Allow that to be in your life.

Hello. I Am Terry And I AM LOVE. I've Been Loving Since I Decided To Love And I Am Loving Still. Now, I Spread Love Wherever I Go. Today Is The Best Day Of My Life Because It Is Only In Today That I Am Alive. . .

Spread Some Joy Today--Tell a new story today. Start a new life.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Daily Inspiration 3-22-13

"Good receivers bless the world
as much as good givers."
-- Alan Cohen

It is generous to receive as much as it is generous to give. Practicing graciousness in receiving is as important to learn as a willingness and generosity in giving.

A good part of my life, I had trouble receiving from others. I might argue with someone about paying the lunch ticket and such. I have always been a generous person and happy and willing to give, but I always seemed to feel guilty about getting or receiving, especially when I knew people of lesser means were trying to pay the bill or give something to me.

I'm not really sure where I learned to change my thinking of receiving, but I did and now receive with joy. The interesting thing about that is not just that it caused me to feel better in that situation, but that it caused the giver to feel better too. I just decided that if they want to give it, then it is the only generous and gracious thing to do to accept it with joy and gratitude for their generosity. Consider it a blessing.

Many people, as I was, like to be generous, but when someone is not as open to receiving, it is distasteful and awkward. That ruins the whole thing. If you have experienced a struggle to receive as I did, I highly recommend considering the benefits of being a good receiver.

Let Go Of The Ego And Allow Your Heart To Lead.

Spread Some Joy Today--Bless others today with your generosity in giving and receiving.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Daily Inspiration 3-21-13

"Ninety-nine percent of business opportunities
are actually jobs for the people who buy them.
They may be better jobs (most actually aren't!)
than the ones the buyers had before, but they are
still jobs, not true business opportunities.
A true business opportunity is the one that an
entrepreneur invents to grow him or herself.
Not to work in, but to work on.
That's the work of an entrepreneur."
-- Michael Gerber

Around the time I started my business in the beginning of 2008, I heard of a book called The E-Myth and ended up buying the updated version titled, The E-Myth Revisited. Many things in that book have stuck with me. It was the first time I heard the phrase, "working on your business rather than working in your business." That immediately made sense to me having started a closed a business some 30 years prior.

One of the lessons that I learned from that first endeavor was how I was working in the business and not on it, to the point that I was unable to let go of the reins enough to hire someone to replace me. That would have been the smart thing to do then, but we often learn our lessons by not doing the smart thing.

Another thing from the book I took to heart and is also tied to my previous attempt is the idea that "if your business requires you, you don't have a business, you have a job." I have been focused on creating a business that doesn't now and won't require me in the future.

Michael Gerber's later book is accumulated knowledge worth studying. It is Awakening the Entrepreneur Within, and I recommend it. On page 11 and 12, he says, "To an entrepreneur, the success of the invention--the business--is measured by growth. The faster a business grows, the more successful the invention. The slower the business grows, the less successful the invention. To an entrepreneur, slow growth or no growth is death. To be caught up in a slow or no-growth business is to be doomed to show up every day to perform in a show nobody enjoys."

It's interesting, but I find many ways to apply these ideas to people who have jobs working for others and wanting to perform better, have better results, be more fulfilled in the process and much more.

Some thoughts to ponder. . .

The Idea Of Working On Your Business, Is The Same As Working On Yourself, Don't You Think?

Spread Some Joy Today--Being kind to others is a great method of spreading joy.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Daily Inspiration 3-20-13

"It's so hard to help people
who don't want help."
-- Albert K Strong

You're a self-professed helper and you like to help people. In fact, you love to help people. It's just who you are. You're even good at it. And, as you look around, you see no foreseeable shortage of people who need help. They are all around you. It's a bonanza.

You seize the moment and get your fair share of people to help, but you're frustrated. It's those people who really seem to need help and you know that your help would make a dramatic difference in their lives. But, the problem is, they don't want help. You try anyway, and get even more frustrated. Why aren't they listening? Can't they see how much you could help them? All they do is complain. Their desire to change is insincere and empty. They argue for their limitations as they complain about having them.

The world is full of problems and there are some people who complain about circumstances, events, the world. They seem to want help, but do not. Your time is best spent with those who do want help rather than those who don't.

Stay On The Path. When You See There Is No Real Interest, Bless Them And Move Along.

Spread Some Joy Today--Make sure you help yourself first. Put your mask on before helping anyone else. By the way. . . how are YOU doing?

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Daily Inspiration 3-19-13

"You clap.
The Censor wakes up.
We all get into trouble."
-- Craig Ferguson

Deborah Hayward receives and reads the CTS Daily Inspirations. I had never met her until night before last. A few weeks ago she wrote me that she stopped getting the inspirations and so I fixed that for her, and she offered me tickets to hear the Solano Community Symphony in March or later for the last concert in the series. She happens to be the President of the Symphony organization, and I graciously accepted, though classical music is not my normal cup of tea.

I went and it was in the Vacaville Performing Arts Theatre and is a great venue for an acoustic orchestra. I had a great seat and enjoyed the evening very much. In fact, I plan to attend the next concert and will have to be a supporter of the organization too. I was moved. She said that happened to her 15 years ago.

All of these musicians are volunteers and they come from all walks of life and the range of ages is dramatic. They all played brilliantly and skillfully. I was impressed.

The audience however, was another matter. After the first piece, I was ready to stand, clapping, yelling bravo! and such. It was marvelous. But, the entire room was hushed. I could feel it. It was stifling. Immediately, I thought this must be some kind of etiquette rule, and as I looked that up, it says so in Wikipedia, although, there are exceptions, such as this: "The convention of silence during performances developed late in the 19th century. Mozart expected that people would eat and talk over his music, particularly at dinner, and was delighted when his audience would clap during his symphonies."

As a musician myself, I find this depressing--no, strike that. I find it boring and sleepy, old and stale. Indeed, I watched the faces of some of the musicians and the conductor too and it appeared to me that they would have LOVED to have heard applause after a 10 minute movement.

I guess it's not for me to say. I felt like I should have stood for myself and been alone if need be, but to show my sincerely and even enthusiastic appreciation for all these wonderful musicians, many even in their obvious 70's! Bravo! Yeah Man! You ROCK! and all that. As it was, I went along unwillingly. But, not next time!

Thanks Debbie!

Applause, If Given With Sincerity, Is LOVE! Silence Is Absolutely Inappropriate. Just Sayin' . . .

Spread Some Joy Today--Who can you applaud today? Someone made you breakfast? Bravo! Love and kisses! Your server at the restaurant served you well? Bravo! Nice tip! There must be a few hundred more, don't you think?

Monday, March 18, 2013

Daily Inspiration 3-18-13

"Why is your economy more today than in the past?
Because human desire has summoned and created.
Where is this Well-being coming from?
What is the economy?
The economy is the exchange of human Energy,
it expands proportionate to the ideas
and desires that you create."
-- Abraham, Esther Hicks

I love this quote from Abraham-Hicks. What I love about it is the more appropriate view of that mystical thing called the economy.

We so often think of the economy as that thing outside of ourselves. We hear about the economy on TV, in newsprint and on the Internet. We think that we are not connected to the economy. In fact, many often feel they are victims of the economy, or puppets of the economy. Businesses rise and fall as the tide ebbs and flows based on the economy. Or so it seems. It is certainly easy to blame that mystical thing called the economy.

Yet, let us consider the quote above again and the answer to the question, what is the economy? The economy, it says, is the exchange of human Energy, and it expands proportionate to the ideas or desires that we create. That, then, gives us so much more power than we ever thought we had. As energy is exchanged and more of it is exchanged, the economy grows. As it is withheld, or the exchange slows, the economy resists growth. A good question to ask might be, what are we doing to exchange energy to create a more robust economy? Are we waiting for someone to do it for us, or deal with it on our behalf? Are we giving up our own power to create?

The more I know and study about life, living, and business, the more I see that we have so much power and that we often give it away. We then find ourselves complaining about circumstance, blaming the outside, or that which is outside of us, giving up even more power. We all have the power to create. We are born creators. It is more a matter of what we choose to focus on than anything outside of us.

Let Us Remind Ourselves That We ARE Creators. We Have The Power To Create Energy.

Spread Some Joy Today--Allow yourself to feel powerful today. Feel the creative energy within you. Find ways to make use of that energy, and to share that with others.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Daily Inspiration 3-17-13

"Givers get given to."
-- Russell Simmons

All the more reason to become more of a giver. There are so many ways to give. Expand your horizons.

What Can We Do This Day To Give Value To Others?

Spread Some Joy Today--Maybe it's money, or time, or gifts, or teaching, or sharing, or physical assistance, or emotional support, and always encouragement, love, and kindness.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Daily Inspiration 3-16-13

"So if we're going to kick our time diets,
then everything that gets on our calendar
needs to be assessed for its nutritional value.
The guiding question becomes,
Does this sustain me or exhaust me?"
-- Danielle LaPorte

What a great and powerful question in deciding how we spend our time. Will this sustain me, or will it exhaust me? Is this something that will help fulfill my goals, desires or objectives? Or will it mess with me and confuse me and take me off course?

I think that the answer to these questions is always easily answered within ourselves and if it feels good when we answer it, it must be good, but often we take the answer that doesn't feel so good because of outside influences and egocentric reasons. In other words, we think we should, or we think something might be in our best interests and such. The reality is that our heart always knows which way the wind blows.

All We Need Do Is Pay Close Attention To Our Heart.

Spread Some Joy Today--Leave your cold prickly bag at home today, and give nothing except warm fuzzies from a bottomless bag.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Daily Inspiration 3-15-13

"I give you this to take with you:
Nothing remains as it was.
If you know this, you can begin again,
with pure joy in the uprooting."
-- Judith Minty, Letters to My Daughters

I was thinking about change and how many of us somehow think that things should remain the same, as if that were something that we could count on. Though we certainly should know by now that everything around us is constantly changing, we resist that idea. But what if we didn't resist it? What if we accepted the idea that change is constant as they say in science that nothing is at rest? What if we took that even so much further as to embrace it?

What Would That Life Be Like?

Spread Some Joy Today--Consider how you might do that today.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Daily Inspiration 3-14-13

"Judging yourself for what
you haven't yet accomplished,
is like finding fault with
a lion because it can't fly,
a bird because it can't swim,
or a tree because it can't leave. . .
well, you know what I mean."
-- Mike Dooley as The Universe

I've been receiving Notes From The Universe by Mike Dooley ( for many years and I love getting these perfectly appropriate and often funny, while always thoughtful daily messages. This is one of those "stand-out" ones for me, so I thought I would share it and some thoughts about it.

Stress. There's a lot of ways to adopt stress. It's not like we ever really purposefully attract it, and yet, we do. One of the ways that we attract stress that is high on the list is judging ourselves for what we have not yet accomplished. Let me repeat that: One of the ways that we attract stress that is high on the list is judging ourselves for what we have NOT YET ACCOMPLISHED. If you repeat that two or three or ten or fifteen more times, I'll bet that you all of a sudden break out in hilarious laughter because it sound so dang funny just to say that line with a straight face. Judging ourselves for what we have not yet accomplished. It's really silly.

A better path may be to be a real judge and judge ourselves on what we have already accomplished. That would even make sense to Simon Cowell, but to judge ourselves on what we have yet to accomplish or admonish ourselves for not yet having accomplished is ridiculous. And yet, we do this, don't we?

Well. Let's take a pact to stop it this minute, right now, today. No more judging ourselves on what we haven't yet done, or what we do not yet have, or any of that nonsense. Let us instead rejoice in what we do have, what we have done, and how we are, in fact, alive.

Living. Breathing. Moving. Loving. Learning. Enjoying. Sharing. Celebrate The Act Of Becoming. I Am Becoming. I Am A Work In A Constant Process Of Becoming--Ever Expanding. This Is A Joyous State.

Spread Some Joy Today--How can you express your inherent generosity today?

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Daily Inspiration 3-13-13

"The difference between
what you were yesterday
and what you will be tomorrow
is what you do today."
-- Stephen Pierce

They used to be called motivational books, and that morphed into self-help books and now they call them self-improvement books. I do like the transition of those names because it becomes more what they are intended to do. Motivation doesn't help much and is often empty, and self-help seems like being your own contractor or doctor and not wanting to pay the real people. But, self-improvement is perfect. It is just right. Who doesn't want to improve? Of course, the only way anyone improves comes from within the self and in reality, the book can only be an inspirational tool toward the decision to change.

I've needed a lot of improvement, so I've read them since I found the first one around 1972, but somehow I always thought I would teach that kind of stuff and so I wanted to know more and more and to sample widely for a wise perspective, sort of like being a liberal arts major.

Today I went to buy a book for a friend and a memory of how I was teased and harassed about reading this genre of educational material and how they thought it was all about them making money from me buying the books. I ignored that because I didn't agree. And, you know the reason I didn't agree? Because I read the books and the people criticizing me did not. I don't know how they could have a valuable opinion when they didn't even have any knowledge of what the author had to say.

You may find as I have that there are plenty who are ready to be critical without any legitimate basis for it. Some people are threatened by your change. So be it. You can watch them guarding their ground as a fence post anchored to the earth as they fade away in the distance of your forward travel.

"Never Stop Investing. Never Stop Improving. Never Stop Doing Something New. Make It Your Goal To Be Better Each And Every Day, In Some Small Way." -- Bob Parsons

Spread Some Joy Today--Go and buy yourself a self-improvement book. If you need recommendations, let me know. It'll do you well.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Daily Inspiration 3-12-13

"Never underestimate the power of "casual"
conversations or your ability to serve as a link
in a chain of greater good. Also consider the power
of those who can support you when you ask for help.
Great things often happen in simple and unexpected ways."
-- Alan Cohen

As I grow in wisdom, I find that I go with the flow without complaint. It is amazing to find out who you will meet, how that meeting will spark something in the people in the meeting, or even beyond the meeting through others that they may influence. And, I find that it is often in the unexpected changes and circumstances that I find these meetings are more interesting and unique.

You also may never know how something that you will say or do or publish will affect another and inspire them to a positive change, to a renewed feeling and much more. I remember numerous instances of this kind of thing as I followed my heart at church when I was a worship leader and a series I wrote for men, as well as many songs that I wrote and sang.

It also happens now many years later in business dealings, being involved in the community, helping many non-profits, and much more. Sometimes you will know it and other times someone may tell you about it years into the future, but make no mistake, we all have some kind of effect on each other.

I have learned to actually look forward to changes that seem like they are out of my control. It is always interesting to see how things seem to work out anyway and the interesting people I meet as a result of the changes.

You Just Never Know. . .

Spread Some Joy Today--When things change, get excited! There is joy in change.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Daily Inspiration 3-11-13

"Our lives will only
ever always be
a balancing act
that has less to do with pain
and more to do with beauty ."
-- Shane Koyczan

After viewing this, I felt the need to share it today. This is so well done. Having participated in bullying and being bullied, and more the latter, along with the current emotional climate surrounding this school-aged behavior, it seemed appropriate to share. I will also point out that this doesn't stop with school, as I've encountered it in the workplace as much as anywhere. What a great presentation. Share it.

See more:

This Is Not About Being A Victim Or Needing More Rules Or Legislation. It Is About Self-Respect And Love For One Another, And Also Love For Ourselves.

Spread Some Joy Today--No more victim-mentality. Choose joy.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Daily Inspiration 3-10-13

"Give up trying to be good at stuff
that makes you feel bad."
-- Danielle LaPorte

We all know when we're trying to be good at something that causes us to feel bad. It might be something we just don't like to do and yet we feel that it is necessary that we do it personally. You might even be the son or grandson coming in to run the company that has been in the family for generations and you've always disliked it. I've seen that first hand, and the multi-generational business goes away.

How about doing your own marketing? Especially when you don't like marketing much, but you think you should be good at it because it's your business. In our business, we've seen a lot of that, and I bless all of them who let us help because it frees them to do what they do well, and us the same.

Sometimes we think we need to hold on to the "control" and be able to direct things like no other can do. Really? No other? Heck, I've found in my own business that even though I know how to do almost everything in our business, that there are those who are superior at it in comparison. My job is to learn to see that and let it go. I am always relieved when I get there and the funny thing about that is that this is when the growth spurt kicks in. By letting go and turning it over there is energy released.

I've heard some say, "well, I've been burned before and I'm not going to let that happen again, so I do it myself." That's a perfect strategy for status quo, and decline. We need to all do what we are good at and especially those things that we are really good at, and the only way we can spend more of our precious time there, we must let go of the things that make us feel bad because we aren't good at them and will never be good at them. I call it a jumping off point.

Let It Go And Find The Joy!

Spread Some Joy Today--Pull some favorite books from your library and give them to someone who you think might enjoy them.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Daily Inspiration 3-9-13

"Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow,
creeps in this petty pace from day to day."
-- William Shakespeare

When there is struggle, there is resistance and where there is resistance, there is lack, and that is such a poor foundation to build upon. This last week seemed as if I couldn't do much right, let alone well. I had long lists of things and intentions, and yet, I chose otherwise and I struggled with myself, created resistance and lack and feeling down about my self, my lack of accomplishment, lack of organization, lack of motivation, lack of success, well. . . you get the lack part now? Where there is lack, there is distress. It was a distressful week.

Yet, I also know full well that I'm being way too hard on myself. I can be my own worst critic, and often am, and I know this scenario, where it goes and how it ends. I shouldn't be in this space and I am. It was all my choice.

Now, my choice is to wallow in it, or get up and get out of it. I choose the latter. I have found only one successful way that is sure and true: Choose a slightly better thought, then another, then another, and another, until, pretty soon, I'm feeling pretty good.

Another sure way is gratitude. What can I be grateful about right now, this instant. What is going well? What is going right? What is working? It can't ever be all bad, so there must be something that I can be grateful for. And, the truth is here that this list is much longer than I anticipated. As I begin to tick them off one at a time, I find new spirit, joy, optimism, and acceptance of myself and where I am right now.

What it comes down to is this: take your eye off of what is not right, or not right yet, and focus it on what IS right, or WILL be right soon. Focus on how good you have it right now and if you need help, compare it to someone living in a hut in Africa or some other country far away. Being poor in America is being rich in much of the world.

Give Praise! Be Thankful! Share Your Joy!

Spread Some Joy Today--As you take a minute or two out of your busy day to thank someone, or give them an uplifting message, you are lifted far higher. Focus on the bounty.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Daily Inspiration 3-8-13

"I alone cannot change the world, 
but I can cast a stone across the waters 
to create many ripples." 

-- Mother Teresa 

Each of us has a ripple effect on the world around us. Each of us has more power than we think. Each of us has the power of influence in a host of ways. Some may be known and others unknown, yet the effects still exist. As an effect, you may not even be recognized as the source, but that isn't very important. We all have an effect.

When I first got into the auto business at age 22, within just a couple of years I thought that I wanted to do everything I could to change the business image by not following what then seemed like the typical path. I might as well had decided to move Guatemala to South Africa. What was I thinking?

Yet, I had an effect. It may have been a very small circle, but over time, I saw changes being made nearby. I had more of an effect in the commercial truck world and still have some effect and even a growing effect in some ways. As I look back, I see many changes that I authored and they became industry standards, but no one knows that, nor do they care. It doesn't matter. We each have an effect in whatever we do and the grander our vision of having an effect, the more ripples we may create.

Hopefully, we are doing something that is of benefit to others and that we can be proud of or happy about. Because we will have an effect anyway, positive or negative. We get to choose. We cannot change the world alone, it is a group effort, but we can create ripples that help move it along.

1 + 1 = 3. This Is The Formula For Synergy. 

Spread Some Joy Today--Know that you will always affect those around you. Now choose in what way that might be.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Daily Inspiration 3-7-13

"To improve is to change;
to be perfect is to change often."
-- Winston Churchill

One of my favorite quotes by Jim Rohn, speaks to the issue of change extremely well. He says, "how long do you want your child to be in the fourth grade?" He goes on to say that about a year is probably the right length of time, but two years, four years, six years, that doesn't make much sense.

Yet, this is how I see many people in business. They get to the fourth grade and then they just stay there. They grow to a point and then they just stay there. Now, don't get me wrong, getting to a place and being happy there and hanging around is okay if you are really happy there, but I often hear the complaints of still being in the fourth grade, demonstrating their unhappiness with the place, but they don't want to change more than the complaints would indicate.

One business is on my mind the last few days where he is good at what he does and he is so busy. People want him to do more work and he frowns and sort or reluctantly takes on the work, but he never expands to compensate him or his expertise. Consequently, he loses customers, and over time, he will lose his business.

In this kind of case, I think that they would have been far better off to have an employer who values their skills, who brings them in and helps them help their clients and helps the business grow and expand, but he doesn't have to deal with any of that. This scenario is of course, a challenge to find. So, not finding smart, astute employers who see that picture, they go off and start their own operation. Skilled at what they do, except the "business" part. But, that is a critical part.

I feel for them, but there is nothing I can do for them. They have to want to change.

"When People Are Ready To, They Change. They Never Do It Before Then, And Sometimes They Die Before They Get Around To It. You Can't Make Them Change If They Don't Want To, Just Like When They Do Want To, You Can't Stop Them." -- Andy Warhol

Spread Some Joy Today--Maybe there is something you are ready to change. If so, make that decision and watch the joy that comes flowing in. As you move with that, it spreads about the area.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Daily Inspiration 3-6-13

"You must learn a new way to think
before you can master a new way to be."
-- Marianne Williamson

Ooooooh. . . this is a quote to savor, taste over and over again, drink it, pour it over yourself, and live. Consider how perfectly it answers questions about almost everything in your life. And mine.

It is so beautiful. It's a marvelous truth.

The Reason I Adore Quotes Is This Simplicity And Yet Incredible Depth In One Sentence.

Spread Some Joy Today--Choose your new thoughts, get a new result.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Daily Inspiration 3-5-13

"Keeping your commitment to your purpose
does not depend on other people keeping theirs."
-- Alan Cohen

Don't you think it is so much better and easier to be like the little kid who says, "well Johnny didn't do it, so why should I have to?" or some such nonsense. Wow. That line brought back memories. . . How many times I've either said such stuff or heard it from others who don't accept personal responsibility any better than I did. Go with the flow and all that rubbish.

In some ways we all live utterly alone in that we all have the same and equal power to make choices. Some may call it free will, but it has nothing to do with will and is more simply a decision of choice. We do have that freedom of choice, so let's call it free choice.

It's a good thing that we have that choice and that we can stand alone if need be in our choices, and our choices are our purpose. The commitment to follow through is where the will comes in. Once we go down that path, we may prefer company, but in the end, only our own determination will see us through.

I Get To Choose And I Accept The Responsibility Of That. At Least, That's How I Feel Right Now. . .

Spread Some Joy Today--Choose to be more loving today. Choose to smile more often. Choose to be kind.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Daily Inspiration 3-4-13

"The common eye sees only
the outside of things, and judges by that,
but the seeing eye pierces through
and reads the heart and the soul."
-- Mark Twain

I heard someone say through another that they would never buy anything from any company who misspelled a word on their website. I said, are they serious? They said that they were serious. I say, get a life!

Spelling is important. I endeavor to spell correctly and use the proper grammar rules, as I make up some of my own. I don't worry about it, but do intend for whatever I write or our company puts on the web to be excellent. Sometimes we miss that intention.

Indeed, I was just told that the word subscribe at the bottom of this email newsletter has been misspelled, missing the 's' in the middle. It has now been corrected and I am grateful for the person who informed me. This, after tens of thousands were sent out over a period of several years. Interesting.

If you see an error like that, it is a kind and generous thing to point it out, without any ridicule, of course. I've done it for others from time to time. I know that in doing these Daily Inspirations usually late in the evening just before bed, I have found in reading them in the morning that I missed a word or some other error. It's funny how it glares at me in the morning and evaded me only hours before. There's nothing to be done to correct that. It is sort of like cutting open the pillow at the top of the mountain on a windy day. It's out there.

So be it. I say, do the best you can at the time you're doing it and move on. If you have time and money for an editor, great. If you don't, just go with it. It is the intent and the feeling, or as the quote says, the heart and the soul that is important. I know this and so if I do my best there, I am satisfied with the result in it's written perfection or imperfection.

Do Your Best And Keep Your Sense Of Humor. Don't Worry, Be Happy!

Spread Some Joy Today--Go encourage someone today. Anyone will do. It is the best gift you can give. It is love.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Daily Inspiration 3-3-13

"One's real life
is often the life
that one does not lead."
-- Oscar Wilde

Yesterday, one of my thousands of thoughts and scenarios going through my head was me picturing someone who knows a little about me talking to my business partner and he was asking him, "is he for real?" And, my partner said, "Yep. He's the real deal."

As I watched that little movie in my mind, I felt so good about it that I was amazed. To me, that statement about being the real deal is the epitome of my desire. It would be a fitting epitaph. I just can't think of anything better or more appropriate of who and what I want to be.

e. e. cummings said, "It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are." I know that some times that is very true. At the same time, what I truly am is a moving target. I am constantly changing in many ways, even having long held beliefs change overnight. This causing me to remember that a belief is just a thought we keep thinking until we decide not to anymore. Yet, there is still, regardless of the morphing changes, the real me that I refuse to let go of.

I like how the late Jim Morrison said it: "The most important kind of freedom is to be what you really are." It is freedom. It feels free. It seems that the world around us is trying so hard to make us into someone else using standards, rules, and social etiquette, and we can often become a watered-down version of ourselves, or even worse, a clone.

One thing that I have lately found so true was said well by Terri Guillemets. She said, When you dance to your own rhythm, life taps its toes to your beat." It does as we allow ourselves the permission to be real, or true to ourselves.

Be that unique, one-of-a-kind you. Change as you desire to allow change, but this should never change the unique, one-of-a-kind you. It just means your growing and becoming. There is nothing as wonderful as being the real deal.

"All my life I had been looking for something, and everywhere I turned someone tried to tell me what it was. I accepted their answers too, though they were often in contradiction and even self-contradictory. I was naïve. I was looking for myself and asking everyone except myself questions which I, and only I, could answer. It took me a long time and much painful boomeranging of my expectations to achieve a realization everyone else appears to have been born with: that I am nobody but myself." -- Ralph Ellison

Spread Some Joy Today--Be the real deal.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Daily Inspiration 3-2-13

"To get love
you have to start with love."
-- Robert Holden

If I am paying attention, I am learning something every single day and many times several things. Today I was paying attention and trying to be of service without upsetting the egos of others. I think I was successful. It is often a challenge.

I dealt with two clients today teaching them to do things differently than they had planned for a better result. Both had to do with communication via the Internet and via two different mediums.

It became clear to me in our conversation that they were trying to tell people their story. It was the story that they wanted to tell. It was information that they wanted to communicate. What I was doing my best to teach was to send a message that others would like to hear rather than a message that you want to send. In other words, to think more of the receiver and what would be interesting to them. Talking about our own business is less important.

It also means to leave out the lingo that means nothing to others because they don't understand. Speak simply, as a person talking to another person as if you are a friend. That strategy is effective and meaningful.

In both cases, it seemed to go well and they were grateful to learn. To get love, you have to start with love. There are so many ways to apply that statement.

What Was That Golden Rule Thing Again?

Spread Some Joy Today--If you're in business, how are you communicating with your clients and potential clients?

Friday, March 1, 2013

Daily Inspiration 3-1-13

"Is thankfulness a survival skill?
Most of us have probably already
solved the necessary problems of survival.
But, let me give you this key phrase,
"Learn to be thankful for what you already have,
while you pursue all that you want."
I believe one of the greatest and perhaps
one of the simplest lessons in life
we can learn is to be thankful for what
we have already received and accomplished."
-- Jim Rohn

This is a powerful lesson that took me the majority of my life to agree with and participate in. Wanting, I understood. Grateful when things went well? It's a no-brainer. The rest was so much more of a challenge.

I've adopted Jim Rohn's philosophy about thankfulness so much that I can look back and not want to change anything because everything was perfect and I accept it all with gratitude as if it were the best creation I could have imagined.

Instead of looking back with any kind of regret, or wishing anything were different, the power is allowing all of it to be as it was with gratitude for being allowed to experience it. At the same time, if I decide to do things differently now, which I've done many times, I make the new choice and focus on it, celebrating it as what is now without any real reference from the past or what was.

I don't want to go back. I bless what was and live now. I find myself almost obsequious in my thankfulness as it is happening. I am vocal about it. I am grateful. It's interesting that a lot of people aren't used to hearing it, but it is absolutely real regardless. And, I find my gratitude is increasing the more I get hold of this simple idea of being thankful for what I have now, what I have had, and where I have found myself consciously or unconsciously.

It Is Pure Joy.

Spread Some Joy Today--Do that. See what happens to you. It won't necessarily change anyone else, but it will change you.