Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Daily Inspiration 10-23-12

"You can't get a right-brain answer
to a left-brain question.
Ask your heart,
not your mind."

-- Alan Cohen
How many times have you heard that you should 'do the right thing.' Yet, in all the times I've heard that said, there was nothing about the judgement of how to make that decision that made any sense. Sometimes it might be said to be a 'moral' decision as in doing what is 'morally right,' whatever that is.
The real problem comes when we think there is one right answer and all the rest are the wrong answers. That's a bit of craziness. What do people seriously expect us to be? God?
Another problem comes by trying to think it into being, by logic, or deduction, reasoning, or even random choice. The trouble I've found with this is the constant, never-ending second guessing that comes after the decision, let alone the what if I make a mistake preliminary dance.
No. I've found only one thing that I can count on every time. I ask my heart what feels best and then that is the decision. Sometimes it even seems that might not be the best choice, and then it somehow is. It's kind of funny how that works.
Another way to say that is to do what feels good to you. This applies equally in business and our private affairs. Only you will know how your heart feels, what feels good or right to you, and I think we all have that same exact guidance.
The only other unsolicited advice to add to this is that I've found is not to be the least bit concerned how someone else judges your decision. Rest easy. I know that you will find as I have that it is always the best and most satisfying choice.
We Are Our Only Best Judge Of Our Own Judgements.
Spread Some Joy Today--Hug someone. There is nothing quite so special as a hug.

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