Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Daily Inspiration 10-16-12

"Usually the customer's always right.
At the parking lot the customer's only sometimes right
and even then it's still a judgment call."

Scott Meiggs
Parking Lot Attendant

-- from the movie, The Parking Lot Movie
What I love about Netflix is that it suggests movies to me that I would never, ever have seen. Some are not so good, but others are just wonderful. I love it when the latter happens. It's like some sort of secret match--maybe a bit like winning the lottery.
Tonight I was prompted to try The Parking Lot Movie. I know that doesn't sound so interesting, but it was marvelous and funny, and even inspiring. Enjoy!
Laugher Is The Best Medicine--Even When You're Well.
Spread Some Joy Today--Have some fun today doing whatever you choose to do.

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