Saturday, October 13, 2012

Daily Inspiration 10-13-12

"Generosity is more than an attitude.
It is an activity!"

-- Albert K Strong
Tonight I was reading a quote by Mercedes McCambridge which said, "A rich man can afford to be generous to many." There are many quotes about money related to generosity, and that is nice, but it isn't very encouraging. Generosity is something that any one of us can practice every minute of every day. It is an activity, and though it can be related to things, it is more often no-things that is the driving force around the planet.
I like to relate to something that anyone from any station in life can do and being generous is something that fits that bill. It requires no money. It is more an attitude that leads to the activity.
It doesn't need to be altruistic. It often isn't even recognized at the time it happens. And, it can be done is millions of different ways. A smile is generosity in action. A wave, a hug, a loving glance, a bit of admiration, a mental wish of good will, a handshake, a shared experience, a helpful hand, a listening ear, a comforting voice, being a mentor, giving encouragement, sharing love. All of these are generosity in action and all can be done by any one, any time, for any one.
Thank You For Your Generosity To Me!
Spread Some Joy Today--Think loving thoughts all day. Just for the fun of it.

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