Sunday, September 30, 2012

Daily Inspiration 9-30-12

"Problems are just exaggerated situations,
most of which do not yet exist."

-- Albert K Strong  

Life has a way of giving you what you need, not necessarily what you want, or at least it may appear that way. Sometimes these needed things come in the form of lessons, enlightenment, maybe even pushing me off the edge into some sort of decision and action.

Ever have enough to fit in a 9"x12" envelope, but all you have to put it in is a number 10 envelope? Or, as it is often said, you have 20 lbs of stuff and only a 5 lb bag. Well, you get the idea. What is the most common response or reaction to this situation? It's called being overwhelmed. It's more than you can deal with even though God said (or at least someone said that about God) He wouldn't give you more than you can handle.

Well, I was thinking about that today. I certainly have enough for a 9"x12" envelope and I can so relate to the number 10 part not being enough, yet what can one do with that situation? Being overwhelmed is the same as being paralyzed, so that won't work. Thinking happy thoughts doesn't seem to do it either.

Then I thought that it is just the way I am viewing it that causes that whole problem scenario to develop. If I view these issues as problems, I am creating a scenario, or a short mental movie of the possible ramifications, which in this movie are assured to be unpleasant.  

This led me to consider why these things are problems to begin with. They are just things, or situations, or circumstances. If I wasn't attached to them emotionally, they wouldn't have any power. It would just be what is, even as obvious as that seems. Sort of like the air is and the ground is and they clouds are and the wind blows and such. It is only the energy I assign to it that causes what is to be a problem. And, it is only my calculating how many problems I don't have immediate solutions for that creates that thing called being overwhelmed.   
Problem Solved. There Isn't A Problem. 
Spread Some Joy Today--Never say, 'how are you?' again. Try, 'are you rocking your world today?' Way better!

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