Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Daily Inspiration 9-18-12

"Movivation: the impetus to achieve more.
Inspiration: the knowledge that you are more."

-- Alan Cohen

Isn't this quote beautifully written, and it makes that difference so clear. It's an inspiration in its own right.
Motivation, whether self-inflicted or accepted from another is typically short-lived. I was taught as a young sales manager to motivate my team, and I also learned at a young age that I don't have so much control over that, and even if I did, I'm not sure of the outcome.
Then, there are different kinds of motivation. One is "the carrot." I think it would be better as a piece of chocolate than a carrot, but that's how I learned it. Hang something that someone wants out in front of them and encourage them to go for it. It is much like the rabbit in a greyhound race. They might even catch it, and then we need a new carrot.
Of course, there is "the stick." The actual stick is only used in hidden places, but the stick just means coercion. Make them do it or else. What a strategy. Talk about short term. . . Who knows how long they even stay around?
This all comes down to the "something to gain, or something to lose" mentality, or often expressed as the pleasure or pain motivation. Which works better? It depends.
But the best is inspiration. It is also the least available to manipulate. It isn't something we can give out, but only create the opportunity for perhaps. Inspiration is from within and I love how Alan states how it is "the knowledge that you are more."
It is beyond motivation, which is external, and means to be imbued with the spirit to do something. It is the spirit that makes all the difference. That is also sustainable. It is how art is created and songs are written, businesses are built and entrepreneurs excited. It is the stuff of achievement, but even more than this, it is the stuff of life.
Motivation Is Trying To Force Something. Inspiration Is Allowing The Energy To Flow Through From Within.
Spread Some Joy Today--Get excited about your ability to do. What is up to you.

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