Saturday, July 7, 2012

Daily Inspiration 7-7-12

"Success is the study of the obvious.
Everyone should take Obvious 1
and Obvious 2 in school."

-- Jim Rohn

I attended a meeting a week or so ago of a group of business men, most of them owners of their own enterprise. We came to talk about Internet marketing and I had searched for each business online prior to the meeting to know what their presence was on the web.

As they went around the room introducing themselves, they said something short about how business was. It was highly insightful to me how their comments reflected their Internet presence. Those who had an Internet presence, such as a website, or other Internet sites, said business was good and it appeared that the future was brighter than it had been in the past. Those who had no Internet presence had serious complaints about the lack of business and it appeared to them that the past was brighter than the present and the future looked bleak though they claimed to be hopeful that it was going to improve. There was only one who didn't have an Internet presence who seemed more hopeful than the others and this I attribute to a considerably more easy going attitude, or enjoyment of life that was obvious to me in his face.

Don't you think that is interesting? I sure did. What I didn't say is that 75% of the people at this table did not have an Internet presence. 75%. Wow, I was very surprised at this number.

Obvious number one would be how people search for contractors and businesses. They still let their fingers do the walking, but where their fingers are walking has changed completely. It is no longer pages that are turning, but Google and Yahoo and Bing. With no Internet presence, how could anyone find them? Even if what they had was not so good, at least they could be found.

Obvious number two is to be part of what is going on now rather than living in the past. What was is gone and there is nothing that can be done about it anymore. The only place we can act from is the present. Pay attention to what is going on around us, ask questions. What percentage turn pages now? Before the Internet it was 100%. Two and a half years ago, it was less than 40% and now far less than this. I haven't touched one for years and don't know anyone who does.

They can have more hope immediately by getting up to speed. I love how Jim Rohn says, "you cannot change your destination overnight, but you can change your direction overnight." Changing direction is a good thing in these cases.

Jim Rohn also says that "success leaves clues." There were numerous clues in the room that day, but not so many ears to hear I think.

I Know Success Leaves Clues. I Try To Pay Attention.

Spread Some Joy Today--It's Flora Day. Look for it wherever you find yourself today and send it your loving thoughts. Such wonderful things we get from them, yet often just ignore them.

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