Monday, July 16, 2012

Daily Inspiration 7-16-12

"You have to find the peace and patience
within yourself to be the model and
an example to others and not judge."

-- Judith Light

Yesterday I noticed how much more of a capacity for patience that I've developed in recent months, and it was demonstrating a peace that I was enjoying very much. It was interesting to see people around me experiencing impatience, frustration, and more, while I was having a great time and totally calm, cool and collected. It wasn't always that way. In fact, it probably wasn't very often that way in the past.

I owe a lot of it to my recent study of focusing on the present or right now. It's interesting to me how much this is meaning in my life. It has come at just the right time to be an example and a stable force for others around me and particularly my wife. I know that it is making a big difference to her and probably even more so to my own peace.

Worry, frustration, anger, disappointment, and many other similar emotions are all based on the past and the future. At the present and in this moment, they have zero power, and frankly, are insignificant. This is a powerful lesson to focus here and now and enjoy this moment.

I was watching a trailer for a movie I am going to rent and it had this father who died and the kids struggling and they remembered on of their father's favorite sayings. It was essentially this: "What is the greatest day in all of humanity?" The answer is "today." What is past is no more. It will only be repeated should we decided to allow or encourage that by our focus there. The future is non existent. At best it can be hope and at worst it can be fear, but no matter what it is not yet and is always an "if, come, maybe." What is real, and what is powerful is right now, this moment, and in this time, there sort of is no time and everything is okay. It just is.

Worry cannot be in the now. It requires the future and the past for worry to exist. It is only a fantasy and it is all fear.

So in today, this moment, if we can just allow ourselves to release any immediate judgement, we can experience patience and peace.

Have you ever been around someone who is at peace and confident and experiencing the joy of the moment? Don't you just look at them in awe of the power they seem to have over circumstance and anxiety? To be that kind of example is worth everything to me. And, I feel as if I am just beginning to understand it and it is wonderful.
Patience Is Not Anything To Work At As Many Suggest. It Is Something To Allow By Releasing Judgement. As It Is Allowed, Peace Is The Result.
Spread Some Joy Today--When you enjoy the moments, you inspire others around you. They will want what you have.

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