Sunday, July 15, 2012

Daily Inspiration 7-15-12

"Take advantage of every opportunity to
practice your communications skills so that
when important occasions arise, you will have
the gift, the style, the sharpness, the clarity,
and the emotions to affect other people."

-- Jim Rohn

It is a common sight to see two young men in black trousers, white shirt and tie and often riding bicycles moving around town. The Mormon Church is tenacious in sending these young men out to spread the word of their beliefs and to create converts whenever possible. I've seen them all my life out and about and many, many times knocking on my door or others in the neighborhood. It's so common, that I sort of take it for granted.

Yet, it occurred to me today when I saw them that proselytizing is perhaps not the main objective, but practice instead. It seems logical and creative to me that these young men are sent not so much to convert, but to practice their own beliefs by talking about their beliefs with others--even some that may be hostile to their message. It's really good practice for their walk in their religion and for being able to get very good at explaining their beliefs and understanding them for themselves and for others.

In the secular world, we say that people need a good elevator pitch. This is a similar arrangement; albeit with short bursts, of practicing being able to say what one does and how it might be done and what sets us apart and so on.

As a sales manager most of my life, I relate the same thing to salespeople and I understand how valuable the actual practice and the opportunity to make mistakes is to the eventual growth of a good salesperson.

I know also that in our own company, we are constantly practicing how to say what we do and how we do it to improve the potential client's understanding. And, Jim Rohn backs all that up, so I'll end with another of his great quotes on the subject:
"Practice Is Just As Valuable As A Sale. The Sale Will Make You A Living; The Skill Will Make You A Fortune." -- Jim Rohn
Spread Some Joy Today--Practice loving yourself. Most of us need the practice and that's for sure and for certain.

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