Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Daily Inspiration 7-11-12

"Love is not a feeling of happiness.
Love is a willingness to sacrifice."

-- Michael Novak

To say that I am learning by leaps and bounds of late is an understatement. Much of this that I am learning I have heard and read before, but the difference is that now I am letting go of any resistance and allowing it into my understanding and even into my actual day to day practice.

The idea of sacrifice has always been a sticking point with me in a variety of areas. And, I used to think of it in such a different way before. Now, it is much more practical to me. I'll give some examples.

By my willingness to sacrifice being right, I allow others to be or act differently and yet somehow know them as kin. Most of us were brought up with the idea of the angel and the devil, the right and the wrong, that right is right and wrong is wrong. We expect repentance of those wrong doers and make heroes out of the right doers. Right shall prevail. And, in all of this the myth is perpetuated. Right and wrong, good and bad are strictly personal and societal labels, often moral or legal or both. Yet, on a higher plane, there is no judgement at all.

It is in my willingness to sacrifice my rightness or my judgement that allows love to expand from the source within me. It seems so simple now. I see how holding on to those judgements, justifications, weights and measures, and moral codes, I am in resistance as if I'm rowing upstream against the true flow.

Another sacrifice is that of reaction. How dare they! Who do they think they are? As we protect our position or our view and our beliefs, we hold tightly to the resistance of the flow of life. This is a defensive position that closes off communication and a willingness to see another point of view while trying so hard to hold our own and promote our own agenda.
I saw several instances of where I would have normally reacted and instead now sacrificed it for peace and a willingness to see the other's view. It was really interesting and as I am now consciously paying attention and practicing, it is becoming fun and stress free!

Sacrifice is not laying down in resignation, it is a letting go of resistance, pride and allowing the love I've always carried with me to engage others.
Resistance And Love Are Both Feelings. Now It Is An Easy Choice.
Spread Some Joy Today--by letting go of some of your own resistance. See how good that feels.

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