Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Daily Inspiration 7-10-12

"Problems are illusions of the mind."

-- Eckhart Tolle

Of all of the things that I have read so far of Tolle's writing, this one grand point is one that resonates with me more than others. At first, it was hard for me to grasp that all problems we have are illusions of our mind. Or, better said, that all MY problems are illusions of MY mind. I need to make sure and take ownership.

Another way to say it so that it makes more sense to me is to say that all of my problems are created by my mind, as this is the only place that problems even exist.

Think about it. To turn something into a problem requires time, the ego, and a list of endless possibilities. The more endless the possibilities, the bigger the problem. In other words, they are projections, and most often based in fear of some consequence. If there wasn't some level of fear, there wouldn't be a problem. In fact, just stating the the idea that something is a problem is stating fear.

As I begin to consider and attempt to understand this new concept more, I am finding that I am laughing at my "problems." I'm standing outside looking in at them, or above looking down on them and seeing them for what they are: fear. Then, I see that I make all of that up in my mind and I laugh at my minds ability to create chaos and drama.

I may find that I want to make some choices and I can choose as I will for a variety of stimuli or reasons, and each and every one of those choices will have some kind of outcome, yet to call any of that at any point a problem is to inject something that is not really there. If I removed my mind from it, it would just be whatever it is with no drama or fear.

Now that I can see how this works and how it has created so many problems in my life, it is so much fun now to see how much more power I have than I ever considered.
How Cool. I Get It.
Spread Some Joy Today--by counting your blessings. One, Two, Three, Four . . .

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