Sunday, July 1, 2012

Daily Inspiration 7-1-12

"The deepest principle in human nature
is the craving to be appreciated."
-- William James
"There is more hunger
for love and appreciation
in this world
than for bread."

-- Mother Teresa of Calcutta

The past few posts, I've been hitting all around the idea of appreciation. It is something that we all love from others. It doesn't matter if we are a 2-year old child, a rock star, a lawyer with a great summation, a spelling bee contestant, tap dancer, nurse, mother, gardner, crane operator, we all love it and respond to it and do better as a result of it. Praise is vocalized appreciation, a smile is silent appreciation, a tear of joy is internal appreciation, and it is all so desired and so good.

In fact, I've come to know that appreciation is just a form of love. We all want love. I've always wanted it and wanted to be appreciated and have even sought it out. I didn't always get it and such is the story of life. . . or so it is written.

Here's a more interesting thing I've learned of late. It is that when we appreciate other things, other people, other creations, we are loving them and it increases the love we receive just by virtue of giving it out. It's illogical to give something away and have more as a result, but it's true.

Of course, and maybe even, more importantly, if we will put that focus of appreciation on ourselves, we will gain far greater ground. In loving ourselves we instantly have more capacity and a greater storehouse to give from.

I have a Yelp account and I refuse to give a negative comment. I've adopted the adage of if I can't say something positive, I won't say anything at all. So, it becomes all appreciation.

How many ways can we appreciate others? They are endless. Let us try some each day and put our focus on giving rather than hoping to receive. I believe there are many things to appreciate about anyone and any thing, and that if we are not finding them, we need to spend a little more time with them.

Since we all crave appreciation, what could be better than being in charge of giving it out?

What A Wonderful Job. . . VP of Appreciation. . .
Spread Some Joy Today--of course! By appreciation!

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