Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Daily Inspiration 6-5-12

"As a rider, you must slowly and methodically show
your horse what is appropriate. You also have to discourage
what's inappropriate, not by making the inappropriate
impossible, but by making it difficult so that
the horse himself chooses appropriate behavior.
You can't choose it for him; you can only make
it difficult for him to make the wrong choices.
If, however, you make it impossible for him
to make the wrong choices, you're making war."

-- Buck Brannaman, The Faraway Horses:
The Adventures and Wisdom of One of
America's Most Renowned Horsemen

Many people know that I am a movie person. I love movies and always have. I've watched thousands I'm sure. When you watch that many, Netflix.com is a grand friend. I rarely go to the theater, and prefer watching them on my computer or on my little 19" flatscreen TV.

I love the Netlix 5-star rating system so they suggest movies for me and more and I especially love the instant movies that are available with no waiting for a DVD. I've rated a good number of movies with 5-stars but I saw a movie tonight that I wanted to rate at 10 stars if I could. It is called Buck and it is a documentary about Buck Brannaman, who was made famous in The Horse Whisperer, starring Robert Redford.

Having seen The Horse Whisperer sometime back, I thought I might not care for Buck, but I found out different. It is a special movie and so well done that it kept my entire attention all the way to the end. What's interesting is what you might learn about people, and even yourself in the movie.

Buck dedicated his entire life to teaching learning about and teaching others about horses and more often than not, teaching them about themselves and how to work with people. He has quite a demanding traveling schedule all over the world. You can see his website at http://brannaman.com and see his schedule for 2012.

What's interesting is that I am not the least bit a horse person, have little interest in horses. I was kicked by a horse as a teenager and still have a scar. Another time I was coaxed into riding I was thrown from a horse and landed unconscious. And, there were at least one or two similar incidents that convinced me to avoid being a horseman, yet this movie was fascinating to me. I think I saw more about people than horses and that fit with me. In fact, there was so much that I could relate to in the film along with things that I learned from it.

For you Netflix fans, this movie is available to watch online. You can see more about the film at http://www.buckthefilm.com. I highly recommend it.
"Whether You Have Horses, Dogs, Or Kids, With That Comes A Great Responsibility. You Have To BE Able To Teach Them To Get Along In The World."
-- Buck Brannaman
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