Friday, June 29, 2012

Daily Inspiration 6-29-12

"Realize deeply that the present moment is all you have.
Make the NOW the primary focus of your life."

-- Eckhart Tolle

Many of you are probably further along in this understanding of now and being present as Tolle talks about. I'm a late comer to his teachings, and so glad that I decided to finally open the book and begin.

I had the book for a long time and didn't open it because I already thought I knew what it was going to say. I was wrong. I thought I knew what being in the now meant and I thought I understood it. I was wrong. Intellectually, I sort of got it, but that's like so much learning where you can know it enough to repeat it, yet have so little understanding of it and its depth of meaning, and finally how to use it so that the learning of it matters.

I am in the beginning; however, here's what I've learned about living in the moment, paying attention to now so far. It is not the complete quieting of the mind as is attempted in meditation, it is stopping the egoic mind, or the constant scenarios, as I call it, of the mental ramblings and predictions that we often go through, more often than not without even paying attention to it. My mind is wondering what someone will say about this, do about that, how they will feel about what I'm doing, and on and on it goes almost without end--at least that's the constant scenarios thought process.

Lately, I decide to take control and just tell my mind to stop! Then I look around and pay attention to what is around me. I might think, 'that's an interesting tree! or look at that bird, or what fascinating clouds,' or if I were with a person, I would just pay attention to them and avoid any internal conversations so I can focus on them. This is so foreign to me and requires that I be in charge of my mind so that I can be in the now, and recognize the moments.

A couple of days ago, I went for a walk. It was spring-like conditions and the cloud formations in the sky were spectacular. There was a breeze, but it looked like the winds aloft were much greater because the clouds were moving as I watched them, and they were constantly changing. I saw a big white bird catching a thermal and circling upward. I never saw a bird go so high. He completely went up and out of my sight. Then two hawk-like birds came in and used the same thermal and they went out of sight as well. I've seen lots of birds doing that, but never to those heights. I was fascinated about everything that was all around me and I was present without my constant scenario mind worrying about what I should be doing, wasn't doing, could be doing, and well. . . you know--meaningless junk.

It was from Tolle that I learned to make use of this technique about just noticing what was going on around me and maybe being silent, or commenting to myself like, 'oh, that's interesting. . .' and such. I am using it every day many times during the day to bring myself back to the present. And I'm loving the calming effect of it on my mind and body.

You Can Teach An Old Dog New Tricks. . .
Spread Some Joy Today--I don't know about you, but learning new things, new ways, gaining a deeper understanding is joy to me. I hope I'm spreading just a tiny bit of that passion to you.

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