Saturday, June 16, 2012

Daily Inspiration 6-16-12

"Not he who has much is rich,
but he who gives much."

-- Erich Fromm

I'll tell you one thing that I have learned very well in the past year especially is how giving more seems to release more abundance in my life and in our business. It is a very valuable lesson.

I've always felt that I was a generous person and yet, I wasn't nearly the generous person I could have been. I am still not where I could be on that; however, I am so much further down the road than before. And, it is so much more than giving money away.

I grew up with Uncle Scrooge, how he hoarded his money, cherished it, kept it in a big treasure room and loved to count it and roll around in it. I saw that in so many ways when I was young, so I never really understood the better side of being wealthy.

I even understand my favorite business person more now than even just a year or so ago. His name was Andrew Carnegie and at one point was the richest man in the world. He spent half his life amassing a fortune and the other half giving it away. That's easy to get because we can think, well, he's old now and he might as well make amends for being so wealthy.

What is closer to the truth is that he built an empire of related businesses, creating many millionaires, employing thousands, and supporting countless thousands more with the products he made, resources he purchased, taxes paid and so much more. It was only when he sold the whole thing that he had the money to give away and help others in a different way. One way was by creating Carnegie Libraries in towns all across the United States to help countless thousands more to learn, find ideas, to prosper.

In all of this he was of service to tens of thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands or more. He was this throughout his career, and as he gave, he grew more and prospered more. There were so many ways he gave that many would not have thought of as giving, but I am clear now about that and I see how it came back to him tenfold and more.

A good question to ponder when you meet someone, or another business person is to ask, 'what can I do to help you achieve your goals?' It's not that you would focus only on that kind of thing and forget your own business, but by helping someone achieve their goals, you may find as we have that our own goals somehow seem to get met. It may be completely indirect, and not seem traceable to this act, but it comes from somewhere and besides that, does that really matter? It's not the return we're really looking for when we give, or it isn't really giving.
"Give, And It Shall Be Given Unto You: Good Measure, Pressed Down, And Shaken Together, And Running Over. . ." -- Luke 6:38, The Bible
Spread Some Joy Today--Next time, give it all away rather than selling it at a garage sale. Save the hassle, feel the blessing, enjoy your abundance.

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