Sunday, June 10, 2012

Daily Inspiration 6-10-12

"You get whatever accomplishment
you are willing to declare."

-- Georgia O'Keeffe

Whatever accomplishment I am willing to declare. . . hummm. . . that is a very interesting way to say you get what you focus on, and all those similar things about getting what you want or going after what you desire. I like it. It has a more profound ring to it. I can have whatever accomplishment I am willing to declare. It just feels right.

It's funny that I sat down tonight and found this quote after thinking within the last couple hours about my business partner and how he is good at golf. I'm not, but it isn't because I'm not athletic enough, smart enough or any other reason except that I haven't declared being good at golf, or frankly, even all that interested in golf. I certainly could be good at golf assuming I declared it and allowed it in.

That got me thinking about so many other things that I might have saw others doing and me not doing. In the long gone past I might have thought they were fortunate and I was unfortunate, and today, I realize that we all make choices and those choices have some kind of result or reality and it has everything to do with declaring it.

So, really it comes all the way down to what we each want, what our inner desires are and what attention we give those things. Sometimes we might have a desire and let it go without any more energy being expended. Of course, that isn't going anywhere, is it? As well our declarations can take years to formulate into commitment. We certainly need to get there for the accomplishment.

I think the best thing is to celebrate what others have interest in without any reasoning that we should be or do anything other that what drives us. Each of us is unique and we will find much more peace and joy by celebrating others and what they are good at or have declared as we celebrate our own. Anything else is purely judgemental.
Loving Others As We Love Ourselves. . . I Heard That Somewhere. . .
Spread Some Joy Today--Such a great place to begin. Loving ourselves for who we are. Celebrate that today!

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