Sunday, May 27, 2012

Daily Inspiration 5-27-12

"For everything you want to sell,
there is someone out there
who wants to buy it.
For everything you want to buy,
there is someone
who needs to sell it.
The universe functions
in perfect balance and timing."

-- Alan Cohen

I've seen many things that I thought might just be unsalable. And, I was wrong. Everything is saleable, and you may not know where the buyer will come from, but there is a buyer out there who will pay the price and be happy with the purchase.

Battleships are really pricey, but you couldn't sell me one for ten cents. I could care less, and even though the scrap would be worth major dollars, I would have no interest in even dealing with it. Yet, put a battleship up for sale and there will be plenty of buyers.

I have an eBay store and had a very rare item--so rare in fact that I couldn't find anything quite like it online anywhere in the world. It was two small binders with individual data sheets on tanks around the world. I paid $2 for it, had it listed for about two and a half years and it finally sold to someone in Spain for $750 plus shipping which was my asking price. I had several offers, but I knew someone was out there somewhere who would understand that $750 was a bargain deal.

Having been in the auto business for a long time, I heard all kinds of people, including many in the auto business tell me that certain things were sale proof. There is no such thing. I even challenged a dealer one time on a dealer trade where they wanted something I had to give me the morphodite vehicle on their lot--that unit that was sale proof and that they couldn't get rid of. He took me up on it. He was right, it was odd; however, I challenged my staff and it was sold in two weeks at a nice profit. And, I had a lot of fun doing that.

I've also seen things that I thought would never sell and I found myself very wrong. Now, I try to remember that beauty, value and worth are all in the eyes, mind and heart of each individual, and for every thing there is someone who wants to sell and someone who wants to buy.
Just Realize How Many Hundreds Of Millions Of Things Are Bought And Sold Daily In This World.
Spread Some Joy Today--When you support another's cause, you support them.

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