Sunday, May 20, 2012

Daily Inspiration 5-20-12

"We can gradually grow into any conditions
we desire, provided we first make ourselves
in habitual mental attitude the person
who corresponds to those conditions. . . ."

-- Thomas Troward

I'm beginning to see change differently and it is related to considering the now versus the future. This means that any change we want in the future, which is really only an illusion, the change must take place right now this second, this minute, this hour, this day and not another time.

This also means that it is not about thinking it into being, but being it into being. One way to look at it would be to act as if, but the acting must be with belief.

If you've been around young children, you can see them pretend to be someone else so easily. They can change their circumstances by changing the way they act, see themselves, see others in an instant. We adults, gave that up a long time ago, and yet, it is in this childlike state that a certain power lies that we may retake at will.

I don't mean dress up in costume and thereby be an attention-getter, distracting others and such. Yet, to become that person inside as if you already are that person; to feel those feelings and to enjoy the experience. To be in that place that you intend to be.

The mind is a powerful tool to focus when we choose to use it in this way and the power of Intention is a tool as well.

A key to this is also being fully appreciative of where you are now, what you have, and what you are currently doing.
Childlike Desire AND Belief Is Powerful Stuff.
Spread Some Joy Today--When was the last time you enjoyed yourself like a child at play? Maybe it's time to have recess. . .

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