Thursday, May 17, 2012

Daily Inspiration 5-17-12

"In the final analysis, the questions of why
bad things happen to good people transmutes
itself into some very different questions,
no longer asking why something happened,
but asking how we will respond,
what we intend to do now that it has happened."

-- Harold S Kushner

In my twenties, I became enlightened enough to say, "shit happens," as a way of explaining how or why things happened. It was part resignation and part acceptance of the reality, yet there was still, even with that enlightened attitude, too much attention given to the event.

Since then, with thousands of hours of study, hundreds of books from a wide variety of teachers, I've come to a far more enlightened position when things happen. I accept full responsibility even as if I created them on purpose. This is something I never would have done in the past, but I have crossed that line into new territory.

I'll tell you why. By accepting responsibility for whatever happens in my life, and even looking at it as if I created it that way on purpose, it takes all of the excitement of focusing on the problem away. Yes, excitement.

I used to get so jacked up about the problems and look at them from every angle and figure out who I could blame and seek justice and feel victimized, share it with whomever may choose to listen, and hash theirs over with them as well. And, yes, there was a certain excitement in that because it wasn't me that created it, but I was an innocent victim of some bad luck.

Then I read things such as the quote above and much more that got me trying to see things differently. I began practicing accepting whatever happened as my own responsibility, rather than that of others. I tell you, this was so empowering! You might think the opposite would be true, but that isn't the case. By accepting responsibility I found it a total waste of time to look at the problem, and instead began seeing solutions, or making better decisions in my NOW so that these things would stop reoccurring in my life.

It is working and it is working so well that I am thrilled by it. When I stop focusing on what's wrong, I can then focus on what is right, how I can improve, what I can do about it right now and so on. It's a whole different feeling entirely. I highly recommend trying it and practicing it. I predict you would have the same result: a new found joy!
On My Wall Is A Sign That Says: "I Am Responsible For My Life, For My Feelings, And For Every Result I Get." I Got That Courtesy Of Bob Proctor Several Years Ago, And Now I See It Every Day.
Spread Some Joy Today--Joy comes from choosing it, and it also comes from making choices that feel good.

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