Saturday, May 12, 2012

Daily Inspiration 5-12-12

"As I grow older,
I pay less attention
to what men say.
I just watch what they do."

-- Andrew Carnegie

I love a good story. I've heard plenty of them. Some of the worst employees gave me the best interview I ever had, encouraging me to believe they were the ideal person. It was always a disappointment when that didn't pan out. I hear what people are gonna do. They're gonna do this; they're gonna do that; they're committed to the project, and all that stuff.

Like one of my favorite men in history, Andrew Carnegie, builder of men and steel empires, I pay much more attention to what people do, rather than what they say they're going to do.

To keep myself on track, I take that sentiment to heart myself. I don't want to be the all talk and no show person, so I try to keep this in mind.

My other mentor, Jim Rohn. told me on a tape that he would expect "reasonable results in a reasonable time." He said, "that's why the box is so small that it only fits a number and not an excuse." I've heard hundreds of the excuses and a few are even compelling, but they aren't doing, they're telling, aren't they?

So these two ideas make a lot of sense and can help us stay real with ourselves. 1. Paying attention to what we do, rather than what we say we will do. and 2. There must be reasonable results in reasonable time.
Do Or Do Not Do. There Is No Try.
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