Friday, April 27, 2012

Daily Inspiration 4-27-12

"Start where you are.
Distant fields always look greener,
but opportunity lies right where you are.
Take advantage of every opportunity of service."

-- Robert Collier

When you are open to opportunities, I find that I don't need to seek them out. Instead, they seem to seek me. Pretty much, I just pay attention as much as I can.

Many of those opportunities come from being of service to others. One never knows how helping someone with what they are working on, or want will come back to you in some way down the road. It may not come back from them, but someone else; however, it will come back. It must.

It is the same with kindness, especially this that is spur of the moment. Smiles are that way too and those generally come back immediately!
Being Of Service Also Comes Back Multiplied. Just In Case It Means Anything. . .
Spread Some Joy Today--When you give, you are giving from your abundance!

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