Sunday, March 11, 2012

Daily Inspiration 3-11-12

"Life is to blame for everything."

-- Robert Musil

Well, we've finally gotten to the bottom of it! It's all life's fault! Life is to blame! All that stuff wouldn't have happened had it not been for life.

I love this quote and it is an instant hit on my wall. Of course. If we want to blame, it may as well be the whole enchilada.

Of course, we could look at that quote on the wall, see the humor in it and realize that it is indeed life that has given me all these blessings that are so many I cannot possibly count them, along with massive amounts of love and joy.

It's All Life's Fault And I Stand In Appreciation!

Spread Some Joy Today--Let's see. . . JOY!, pain, JOY!, pain. . .tough choice. . .

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