Thursday, November 3, 2011

Daily Inspiration 11-3-11

"Stressing output is the key to improving productivity,
while looking to increase activity can result in just the opposite."

-- Paul Gauguin

Confusing activity with results again. Sometimes I feel as if I'm so busy that I become curious what I am actually accomplishing, and more important than this is whether or not what I am accomplishing or trying to accomplish is worth doing.

The problem I have is that even though I love 'To Do' lists, I have a tendency to fill them up with things to do and they don't all need to get done--especially by me! Or, they are not so important as other things on the list and I end up doing more of the unimportant ones than the important ones because they are easy, or more interesting, or I'm ready to do that, and so on.

But, what I need to do is to release so much activity and focus on a few key things to accomplish or at the very least move forward, and do them, allowing the other things to languish if needed.

How often I have said aloud and privately that I wish there were more hours in the day and more energy to make use of them. That's not very realistic, so I'm left with making the time and energy I have to be used more effectively.

And, here's something interesting. . . many times, taking a break, doing something physical, working out, going for a walk, playing with the dogs, calling a friend, or some other very interesting and invigorating activity that isn't normally thought of in the word productivity is actually very productive because it is like a quick renewal. At the same time, and this is more important, those make the day worthwhile, and do not need to consume a whole day, but can be very fruitful as a pleasant distraction from work.

Less Is Very Often More.

Spread Some Joy Today--Forgiveness is releasing and letting go. It is also very selfishly joyous. I love that forgiveness benefits me more than anyone, don't you?

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