Monday, February 28, 2011

Daily Inspiration 2-28-11

"While we stop to think,
we often miss our opportunity."

-- Publilius Syrus

"The thoughts we choose to think are the tools
we use to paint the canvas of our lives."

-- Louise Hay

If there is something going on in my life that causes me to think, I've always found myself (when I am paying attention) mulling it over. . . and over. . . and over again in my mind, often justifying my position, my point of view, and generally rationalizing and lamenting. This is especially true when there was a disagreement about something or other with someone or another.

In the last few years I have learned that this is seriously counter-productive, and I've known it for these few years and yet didn't take charge of changing it very well. Yet, there is always hope.

Just in the last few months I have began to truly practice the art of taking charge of my thoughts and continually coaxing them to a better feeling thought, even if it is a baby step, then another and so on. The goal is to find what I like about the situation, encounter, etc. Sometimes, that is just too hard at first, so I still need a better feeling thought, so I just look at the scenery, the room, the tree outside or some other object that I can focus on and appreciate. That usually gets it started, so then I can find another thing, and another and then maybe I can come back to the subject and find some better feeling thoughts about it, now that I'm on a roll.

I found myself doing this today and I was very much conscious of the thoughts and my working out better feeling thoughts about the subject. And, you know, it felt so darn good because I've known this for a while and have not thought too much of practicing it, but it works so well, that I think I will just have to make it a habitual process.

Learning New Tricks Is So Cool.

Spread Some Joy Today--It's all about feeling better until you're feeling really good. Joy is the destination and the journey.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Daily Inspiration 2-27-11

"I never really had the classic struggle.
I had faith."

-- Denzel Washington

In looking at some quotes about struggle that I might relate to, this one jumped off the page. I made note of it and have finally come back to it again. It sounds sort of flippant, and in your face on one hand, and potentially so full of simplistic wisdom on the other. I have come to think it is the latter.

This quote causes me to ask questions. First, if there is sufficient faith, is struggle even still a possibility? If one is absolutely and unshakeable in their confidence in the outcome, is failure even a possibility? It seems to me that struggle indicates insufficient faith, otherwise, it wouldn't be struggle because struggle indicates fighting against, or overcoming something that is hindering us. And, it seems to me that failure is not an option, or rather not even a possibility when there is unshakeable confidence. Unshakeable confidence is success.

It reminds me of a famous bible verse from Mark 11:24, "therefore I say unto you, all things whatsoever ye pray and ask for, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them." The key is not asking, it is believing you already have them. If you already have them, that would be success. Therefore, there is no struggle or failure either.

And, don't you know it, just as I do, that the believing part is the part we struggle with if there is to be any struggle. It is not the struggle of the task, the project, growing the business, or doing any thing mentally or physically. It is the struggle of our willingness or our strong desire to believe that what we ask for, or desire is truly ours for the asking. We then stick all kinds of rationalizations, reasons why and all sorts of explanations that keep us from the simplicity of just choosing to believe.

It's a funny and interesting dilemma. . .

Maybe We'll Call It The Stuggle To Believe . . .

Spread Some Joy Today--think of every time you struggle or stress over anything. Liken that to swimming upstream against the current. Now, stop swimming, and just let the river carry you downstream. Everything you want is downstream.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Daily Inspiration 2-26-11

"You will not be punished for your anger,
you will be punished by your anger."

"Those who are free of resentful
thoughts surely find peace."

-- Buddha

Anger is a selfish reaction. Something is not going the way we want and so we react, thinking that somehow by expressing our unhappiness about it that it will go away. It will not. The angrier we get, the more of that same pattern we receive. In other words, we find more to get angry about. Surely, they need not even be important things.

When I was a young child less than 5 years old, I remember instances when my father flew into fits of anger. Much of the time it was at my mother or at we kids for not doing something or another. My parents were divorced when I was five and we started with a step-father, who also had anger issues, just not nearly as volatile.

As I lived in these situations as a youngster, I found more of this all around me, and it always irked me, yet I found myself practicing it from habit. It was easy to get angry, and the more I practiced it, the more I found anger available to me. But, I also realized this was not what I wanted. I wanted to be in control rather than out of control, so I began to practice not reacting that way with some success.

Something has happened most recently that has allowed me to not participate when someone might be expressing anger at me or around me in addition to avoiding those reactions at events and with other people. This new found calmness in the face of fear and anger is so powerful for me that I am very pleased to have come this far.

I have never, ever seen anger solve any thing at all. Indeed, I have seen that it only adds to the problem. I love the first quote above as it referenced being punished by our own anger, and I believe that is very true.

Ever try to push a rope? That's what anger has to try to do in the face of calmness.

Here's the really good news. We can all make the decision to change from anger to calmness. I am confident that all will find it to be an incredible blessing.

Calm, Cool, and Collected, Even In Chaos.

Spread Some Joy Today--I think the real secret of calmness is loving ourselves and not allowing any thing or any person to change that thought.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Daily Inspiration 2-25-11

"It is not the straining for great things that is
most effective; it is the doing the little things,
the common duties, a little better and better. . ."

-- Orison Swett Marden

"The success combination in business is:
Do what you do better. . . and
do more of what you do. . ."

-- David Joseph Schwartz

There's an old saying that the way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time, or the way to walk a thousand miles is one step in front of another. I find it interesting that as I get older, I find that it always seems to be the little things that make a major difference, or at least a number of those little things then sets you or your company apart.

There's all kinds of ways of doing a thing and that is good. I've learned that there is no right and wrong way, but there are a lot of ways and each way will have a result. I'll just cite an example to express the point: Starbuck's. It is a serious pile of little things that sets Starbuck's apart. I've drank coffee all my life since I was about 8 years old, and I'm a late bloomer to Starbuck's, just in the last four years or so, but I am amazed to watch for all those little things and how it makes the whole so much larger. I've tried some of their competition (so-called), like Peet's and others and though there are similarities in drink menu's and shop styles, that's where it ends. In my mind, Starbuck's has it hands down.

I think this applies to every business. When we pay attention to the small things that matter, what we do matters more to our customers. I have dealt a lot with truck body companies and I can see dramatic differences in the little things and how they are treated at each. It is those little things that make a big difference in what I used to purchase. I've also had a great deal of experience at auto dealerships and service departments. It is always the little things that makes the difference in which company is more or less successful. I can point so many of them out having been on both sides as an employee, manager, customer. The same thing applies to any business I deal with, or rather, continue to deal with or not.

It is the same in my own business. I want each of our team members to pay attention to the little things that will make a difference in how people respond to and relate to our products and services. We are constantly seeing something we need to do better or more of, or differently to make it better overall. I cannot imagine stopping that process, nor would I have any desire to.

I Sweat The Small Stuff. It's All Small Stuff.

Spread Some Joy Today--look for some little thing you can do for someone else today. It may turn out to be a big deal for both of you.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Daily Inspiration 2-24-11

"I am more important than my problems."

-- Jose Ferrer

"I am bigger than anything that can happen to me."

-- Charles F Lummis

If you're in a situation where you have a lot of problems, or have been in one in the past, you'll probably agree that it is so easy to begin thinking that you and your problems are inseparable, especially if the problems were around for any length of time. Some might even start thinking of themselves as having failed, beating themselves up about the existence of the problems and so on.

We are all bigger than any problems that we may ever have. We are of value and worthy and we need to value ourselves in that light. If you ever start feeling overwhelmed, unworthy, and such, try this:

1. Lighten up. Start laughing at your problems instead of looking at them seriously. Change the mood by changing your attitude about your problems.

2. Take a break. Focus on something else and let go of thinking about or looking at your problems.

3. When you're feeling good again, and while you're feeling good, seek inspiration of ways to deal with them. When an inspiration comes, act on it.

4. Develop a thankful heart. Start looking for things to praise about the situation instead of going over and over the problem.

5. Repeat.

No where in that are we focusing on the problem. Heck, if we did that long enough, they may evaporate on their own. . .

We Make Such BIG Deals About Every LITTLE Thing.

Spread Some Joy Today--be joyous. It will spread like wildfire.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Daily Inspiration 2-23-11

"For, he that expects nothing shall not be disappointed,
but he that expects much--if he lives and uses that
in hand day by day--shall be full to running over."

-- Edgar Cayce

"We usually get what we anticipate. . ."

-- Claude M Bristol

Now in dealing with a lot of different businesses and business owners and managers, I find some interesting things happening. It's like the quotes above. We see them, we acknowledge them, it even makes perfect sense, but they don't live in the real world, do they? They are for someone else, because in the real world we got a recession going on and people out of work and, you know, lots of problems to deal with. I want it to go away and I want prosperity, but there is all this stuff.

I totally get it. Totally. Heck, I play that tune myself sometimes. Then, my partner catches me saying some crap, or I catch him (maybe more him catching me. . .). You know, even the most positive wells can leak from time to time.

But, here's the deal. Reality is just an idea. When we focus on an idea, that thought multiplies and begins attracting what we think about. If I'm okay with the reality I'm focused on, no problem. If I'm wanting something else, that is a serious problem.

There's no way around it that I have found other than focusing on what we want and to expect good things while we do everything in our power to IGNORE a current reality that is not what we want. That means that if I want prosperity, I have to ignore the news about, people talking about, friends facebooking about what is wrong about the economy.

Here's another way: Drive over to your local Wal Mart store, park where you can watch the traffic of people coming in and parking and going in and coming out. That is prosperity in full view in the real world in today's real time. So, then any time you might get bummed that the economy is sucking, business is not booming, etc., just drive back over to Wal Mart and watch for a while. Think Cha-Ching!

Prosperity exists. Get excited about where you are in pursuit of what you want and expect that things are getting better regardless of the size of your current bank account. Completely ignore that aspect and focus on your success. Believe me, it works. Upward Trend, our website marketing business grew by 25% last month. In one month, the whole business grew by 25%! The biggest thing about that is our excitement about it and expectations of success.

Turn off the news including the talk radio in the car. It will be there when you come back. Now, change your habits and start talking, dreaming, sharing your success. Start planning your new corporate headquarters ahead of the need. Watch what happens.

Who Cares What It Is? I Got More Important Things To Pay Attention To. See Ya!

Spread Some Joy Today--find the best in everyone you see today. Forget the flaws. Totally ignore them. Think about what is right, is good, is cool. Don't miss yourself.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Daily Inspiration 2-22-11

"Love. . . . force it and it disappears. You cannot will love,
nor even control it. You can only guide its expression.
It comes or it goes according to those qualities in life
that invite it or deny its presence."

-- David Seabury

"There is no way to peace. Peace is the way."

-- A. J. Muste

I have recently learned one of the most valuable lessons of my life. Here it is in a sentence: I must make peace with where I am in pursuit of what I want. That is another way of saying that there is no way to peace, peace is the way. I have to find things that I love about where I am even and especially when I want to be somewhere else. Before I used to complain and go over and over what was not right, not fair, not cool. It was not loving and definitely not peace.

Oh, I was justified. Man, was I justified sometimes. I even had those around me and those that worked with me agreeing and justifying as well. Maybe we would go out back and have a smoke and chew on it aloud with vim and vigor and self-righteous indignation.

And guess what? As I looked at the grass is greener on the other side of the fence replacement, it was a short spell before what I didn't like showed up there too. Isn't that amazing! The trouble was that when I left where I was to go somewhere else I took myself with me.

The more I focused on what I didn't want, didn't like, or thought was wrong, the more of that I seemed to get. At some point, as I was pointing my finger at the culprit, I realized that three fingers were pointing back at me. Hello! Wisdom knocking.

It was after some study that I learned that the way through was to make peace with where I was, to make peace with me, to find the love I had been denying, in other words, to seek and count the blessings, look for the benefits, see the value (which I have learned is always there), feel the love that could be there if I just looked for it. Then, things changed dramatically.

This quote by David Seabury is one of the best I have ever read so I will repeat part of it again: "Love. . . It comes or it goes according to those qualities in life that invite it or deny its presence." Look for the best aspects you can find and peace will be the way.

If We're Feeling Negative Emotion, It's Time For Some Internal Medicine. Love Is The Prescription.

Spread Some Joy Today--It is much more a matter of letting go than reaching out.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Daily Inspiration 2-21-11

"Any person who contributes to
prosperity must prosper in turn."

-- Earl Nightingale

I do believe that this is true. By contributing to prosperity, we must prosper. So, I find that I am continually looking at what more value I can be, how I can give more service for the money, how I can enhance someone else's day, or life, or career. There are millions of ways to contribute to prosperity.

We find ourselves thinking the word prosperity is all about financial well-being, but that is just one definition for prosperity. To be prosperous is to feel good, to be fortunate, and there are many ways to offer that to others and thereby prosper ourselves in kind.

It is the smallest things that seem to touch us greatly. A gentle touch, a loving look, a word of encouragement, a prospect that may help them with a sale, promoting them with no direct benefit to us, introducing them to friends, calling out of the blue with kind words, sending a note of caring, giving love, being kind, being thoughtful, and millions of other ways. All of these contribute to prosperity and in all of them we in turn prosper.

Of course, there are many ways to add to prosperity that relate directly to money, and if we think about it, they are oh so familiar as the ones that don't relate directly to money. Hmmm. . . .

"Getters Don't Get--Givers Get." -- Eugene Benge

Spread Some Joy Today--Start counting the ways you can spread joy today, then pick at least one and go spread some.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Daily Inspiration 2-20-11

"Dream lofty dreams, and as you dream, so shall you become.
Your vision is the promise of what you shall one day be;
your ideal is the prophecy of what you shall at last unveil."

-- James Allen

"If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams,
and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined,
he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours."

-- Henry David Thoreau

"A man's reach should exceed his grasp. . ."

-- Robert Browning

If we were to do only what we already know how to do, have the capital to complete, and all the details in place, there would be nothing to achieve. It would be sort of like the salesman who had twenty years experience; one year repeated twenty times. There is plenty of that going around. I've even done it for a time here and there and always finding it incredibly boring, I move off the edge into some adventure, some big and some not so big, but always interesting.

The first quote says to dream lofty dreams. If we're dreaming, we might as well go for it. In our dreams size matters not. In our dreams we can fly; we can move mountains; we can do anything we want to. Then, when we open our eyes and see the "real world," we sometimes begin to think more "realistically," which is another word for small.

Consider this: Do you imagine that if God were building a mountain that He would have to spend much more energy creating it than stalk of corn? I mean, can you see God grunting and groaning at the sheer magnitude of the size of the mountain compared to the cool, calm, no big deal effort for the corn stalk? Seems ridiculous to me to think that the God who created billions of galaxies breaks a sweat on any of His creations. Yet, we who were a creation of God, think big things are tough and small things are easy, and little dreams are doable and big dreams are fantasies. How equally ridiculous this is, don't you think?

So, we may as well dream lofty dreams. Heck, dream that they are lofty and super easy while we're at it!

In God We Trust. Might As Well Dream Big!

Spread Some Joy Today--Give yourself permission to think bigger and easier. It's all what we believe and a belief is just a thought we keep thinking. . .

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Daily Inspiration 2-19-11

"This is the law of prosperity. When apparent adversity comes,
be not cast down by it, but make the best of it, and always
look forward for better things, for conditions more prosperous."

-- Ralph Waldo Trine

You've probably heard the positive phrases at some time in your life, such as, "keep a stiff upper lip," when the going gets tough, the tough get going," it's not what happens to you but how you react to it," and others along that same philosophy. Sure, we sort of believe them to be true, or at least we find them to be true for other people, especially famous people who have told us in book, on TV, or other way all about how they overcame adversity and made it through to become the success they are today. We believe it to be true from history class of those who faced the odds and won. We get it, or so we say, until. . . it happens to us!

Then, as adversity is upon us, it is so easy to forget all those history classes, movie stars, business tycoons, and positive thinking coaches, as we are in the throws of dealing with issues we don't want to deal with, never thought we would ever deal with, or swore it would never happen again. And, yet, here it is in all its glory.

As a result, we easily and with encouragement from our friends, relatives, co-workers, begin focusing on our misfortune and speaking of it often, thinking of almost nothing else and feeling the pain, regret and other self-damaging emotions. Yep, we are facing reality in the face and finding more and more reality of a similar nature on the news, in the papers, on the radio, on billboards, on facebook, that we are now sharing and receiving as a method of attempting to sooth, rationalize and find justification. We look for scapegoats and just know that it has to be something outside of ourselves that has created this injustice. We seek blame for it seems to give us some relief. It does no such thing.

This is a common scenario throughout the world in the face of adversity.

Now, here's the good news. It IS true that this scenario is reality. Yes, it is there; however, the positive phrases we heard are also true and real. Which one really gives us relief? It is the fact that it is not what happens to us, but how we choose to react to it. In fact, I don't think there is any more truthful statement than this. What we think about what is going on whether it is adversity or prosperity is everything.

And here's the best thing I've learned: Which one feels better to focus on? Which one has the power to change things to the way we want it? It would be the prosperity; the joy; the feeling good rather than that endless circle of sharing complaint. That choice is 100% ours and we all have 100% of the power.

. . . Just In Case You Need Some Hope. . .

Spread Some Joy Today--focus on what feels good to think about and forget about everything else. We get to choose joy anytime we want to.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Daily Inspiration 2-18-11

"Man's mind stretched to a new idea
never goes back to its original dimensions."

-- Oliver Wendell Holmes

Okay, let's all go back to pay phones--the pre-pager days; the pre-cell phone days. It is only about 30 years ago. We can't, can we? Once stretched, we cannot go back. Each new idea, once distributed, changes what we call status quo.

This same concept applies in the same way to our personal and business growth. Once we have gone to the new place or level, we cannot go back. We must go forward from that point, and that is a good thing.

Even knowledge of the past is unnecessary in this growth expansion. A kid using a cell phone today and making extreme use of its features has no need and probably no desire to understand how young the concept of cell phones is, or even when they started working well, which is even younger. They just use it.

In this, it matters much less where we've been, what baggage we may carry with us, or any other external issue. What matters is what we do with it right now, this moment and where we take it from here.

Life Is Expansion.

Spread Some Joy Today--Be determined to find things to be happy about today. They can be very small things and the joy can be just as satisfying.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Daily Inspiration 2-17-11

"The wisest. . . keeps something of the vision of a child.
Though he may think a thousand things that a child
could not understand, he is always a beginner,
close to the original meaning of life."

-- John Macy

I'm sure that anyone who has had a young child, or even babysat a young child, you would surely remember the child saying, "why?" or "why not?" We might say they can't do something and the first response is, "why not?" We might say that this is the way it is and they immediately say, "Why?" It's not just that they want to know, but they want to know why. It's not that they don't believe us when we say we can't do that, it's just that they don't see it quite that way and want to understand why not. Even after we explain why not, it would not be uncommon to hear several more why's and why not's.

It seems to me that little kids are genius creators and that we dumb them down via our idea of schooling and associations, along with our own agendas. As they go through life, they may end up accumulating a good deal of facts, and other knowledge that may filter out as a bit of wisdom, just in time to re-enter the why and why not quest. If we're lucky and open, that is.

It is the imagineering and the questioning ability that is so intriguing to me that children will display at so young an age. It is the same that intrigues me of someone at any age. Being able and willing to be child-like is a great quality to carry throughout life.

What We Know Can Hurt Us If We Aren't Willing To Question It.

Spread Some Joy Today--maybe it's time to check on some of those things that we just take for granted and instead as why? or why not? A bit of challenging the status quo can be a joyful experience.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Daily Inspiration 2-16-11

"Once all struggle is grasped,
miracles are possible."

-- Mao Tse-Tung

"Life is a struggle,
but not a warfare."

-- John Burroughs

After so many years of life and study, it is only within the last year that I have realized something profound to me. In fact, it is so profound, that it is life-changing.

It is a common belief and is quoted in so many ways in such phrases as, "there is no gain without pain," and "you must struggle through in order to achieve success," that struggle is an undesirable thing to experience and that it always includes some kind of negative feeling, such as pain or otherwise unpleasantness. Heck, I was taught that crap early on and throughout my studies by many experts, until just recently.

What happened recently is that I began to see struggle as desirable and pleasant. Yes, that is correct--desirable and pleasant. It would even be so much better to get rid of the word struggle completely because of its negative connotation, and just use the word contrast instead.

It is in the contrast that we learn and grow the most because the contrast shows us what we don't want so we can then know what we do want which then when focused on, produces an improved result.

So, if it were not for the struggle or contrast, the improved result would never be. Whether it is in business our in our personal lives, sports, or whatever, it is all the same. The struggle or contrast is a critical step in the solution, not a problem. When viewed this way, we can then choose to look on it as a joyous event! We can get excited about it and even look forward to it.

No more fear of having to deal with the struggle, now I see it with joy and understanding. It has revolutionized the way I look at growth in business and my personal life as well. I am flat excited about this new learning experience. It helps so many things fall into place that before didn't make too much sense. It now makes perfect sense.

I share this that you may find such a joy in your struggles.


Spread Some Joy Today--by focusing on opportunities instead of problems. What you call them makes a great deal of difference.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Daily Inspiration 2-15-11

"Selfishness is not living as one wishes to live;
it is asking others to live as one wishes to live.
And unselfishness is letting other people's lives alone,
not interfering with them. Selfishness always aims
at uniformity of type. Unselfishness recognizes
infinite variety of type as a delightful thing,
accepts it, acquiesces in it, enjoys it."

-- Oscar Wilde

Ah, the unselfish life. . . Have you ever been told that you were being selfish? Has anyone ever said to you, "you are so selfish!"? Or maybe something like, "do you think the world revolves around you? You are so self-centered."? If you have, I am certain that whomever said it was wanting you to act in accordance with their idea or belief of how you should act or be, and it wasn't actually based on your behavior or activity.

Isn't this just the way it is done? We are accused of being selfish when we are thinking of ourselves. Interesting. What I love about this quote by Oscar Wilde is that it indicates that selfishness is not a bad thing and it is not our problem, but the accusers'.

Now what would really be selfish would be to demand that someone else operate under your standards instead of allowing them to operate under their own. Indeed, when you think about it, it is ridiculous to even consider being selfish in this way.

What they really mean is that we aren't playing by their rules. I can hear the voices in my head from childhood. . . "no fair! no fair! They're not playing by the rules!"


Have Confidence In Your SELF! You Are Naturally and Designed To Be Selfish. That's Right! You Choose.

Spread Some Joy Today--look much more within than without and the joy of the choice will be upon you.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Daily Inspiration 2-14-11 - Happy Valentine's Day

"Love is all you need."

-- John Lennon and Paul McCartney

"Love is the only bow on life's dark cloud. It is the
Morning and Evening Star. It shines upon the cradle
of the babe, and sheds its radiance upon the quiet tomb.
It is the Mother of Art, inspirer of poet, patriot, and
philosopher. It is the air and light of every heart, builder of
every home, kindler of every fire on every hearth. It was
the first dream of immortality. It fills the world with
melody. . . Love is the magician, the enchanter, that
changes worthless things to joy, and makes right
royal kings of common clay."

-- Robert G Ingersoll

"To love abundantly is to live abundantly,
and to love forever is to live forever."

"On the last analysis, then, love is life. Love never
faileth and life never faileth so long as there is love."

-- Henry Drummond

"Do All Things With Love" -- Og Mandino

Spread Some Joy Today--give the only real thing worth giving: your love. Joy is the immediate and long-lasting result.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Daily Inspiration 2-13-11

"The high destiny of the individual
is to serve rather than to rule. . ."

-- Albert Einstein

In Mark 10:44, the Bible says, "And whosoever of you will be chiefest, shall be servant of all." Paul D Moody said that "The measure of a man is . . . in the number of people whom he serves." I used to say I got that, but I didn't really. I even used to repeat such things from time to time. It didn't change the fact that I didn't really get it.

I think I get it now. In fact, it seems to me to be an apt definition of success. I've always disliked the idea that success has money attached to it, for if that were true then Mother Teresa would have to be classified as a failure, and that makes no sense whatsoever. It is exactly the opposite and when you consider the sheer volume served in one way or another, she is a success superstar.

At the same time, serving others can also earn a great deal of money. An easy example is the iPhone, serving untold millions as we speak, and waiting in lines to get the latest model. It can be done out in the open under the spotlight as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, or off the public radar as the best school teacher you ever had.

There is so many ways (millions at least) to serve, and serving is ultimately among the most rewarding things we can possibly do. It is indeed the high destiny of the individual.

"Everybody Has To Be Somebody To Somebody To Be Anybody." -- Malcolm S Forbes

Spread Some Joy Today--focus on the service and the joy follows very closely.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Daily Inspiration 2-12-11

"Affirmation without discipline
is the beginning of delusion."

-- Jim Rohn

I learned about affirmations in the early 1970's and have tried using them off an on most of my life--mostly off. I also remember in the early 1980's hearing the above quote on a tape set by Jim Rohn. At the time he was talking about people thinking positive thoughts but never doing anything, but lately, I've a different take on this wonderful quote of Jim's.

The way I learned affirmations was to state a goal as if it is already achieved, write them down on cards and go over them several times a day while trying to visualize the end result completed. I have used them with success, but without much discipline. It is also hard to believe some goals as being achieved when you haven't got a clue how it will happen. So, it is easy to give up on this kind of plan because if it hasn't happened in a few weeks, discouragement sets in.

I've recently found a far better and easier way to achieve great results and it is something that all of us can do. I didn't say all of us will do it, but all of us certainly can.

It starts with this most important premise: a belief is just a thought that we keep thinking. We think about it long enough and it is a belief.

Now that realization changed everything in my mind. All of a sudden when this thought sunk in to my brain, I had a whole new understanding of the usefulness of affirmations. It is this: Before, I used to have these affirmations of grand results of achievement. Now I focus on something very easy to achieve and take the unbelieveability out of the picture.

I'll give you a perfect example. We talk to ourselves and we talk aloud to others and if we pay attention to what we are saying, the likelihood of much of that talk being about what is currently happening, especially negative things is very high. As an example, it is easy and common to talk about the economy being down. As we do this simple acknowledgement, we attract more of that in our lives. We hear about it more, more people refer to it in our presence, etc. So the challenge is to change that talk to something that makes more sense for where we want to go.

Here's a perfect phrase: Everything always works out for me. It's a simple phrase and oh, so powerful. Everything always works out for me. Everything always works out for me. Everything always works out for me.

Change those old, worn-out self-talk affirmations to some fresh, lively, and inspiring ones that are easier to believe than getting a million dollars by Friday. It will open a whole new world for you and me.

Everything always works out for me. Maybe it didn't used to, but, no matter, now everything always works out for me. . .

There Are So Many Opporunities That I Get To Choose The Best Ones. Isn't That Wonderful?

Spread Some Joy Today--Begin to see how everything always works out for you. . .

Friday, February 11, 2011

Daily Inspiration 2-11-11

"Destiny is not a matter of chance;
it is a matter of choice.
It is not something to be waited for;
but, rather something to be achieved."

-- William Jennings Bryan

I love this quote because it holds awesome power. I used to live in a world where I wondered what I was supposed to do; what my destiny was. I was waiting for a sign, holding out for an external deity to direct me toward this that I was meant to do, and the person I was destined to be. It was the world of someone or something else's choosing and I the hoping, wishing, wanting and not knowing receiver.

Then, I learned that the power is not without, but completely and totally within. Before, zero power, and now, ultimate power.

I suppose the other side of that new power is that I no longer have any excuses that make any sense. . .

Once You Get Into The Drivers Seat And Practice Driving, It Is Amazing The Freedom It Brings. . .

Spread Some Joy Today--There is such joy just in the simple thing called choice.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Daily Inspiration 2-10-11

"Any person who recognizes this greatest power. . . the
power to choose. . . Begins to realize that he is the one
that is doing the choosing and that friends, although they
mean well, cannot do his choosing for him, nor can his
relatives. Consequently, he develops real self-confidence
based upon his own ability, upon his own action,
and upon his own initiative."

-- J Martin Kohe

"You will live your life secure in that you are no longer
manipulated by what other people want you to do
and be, but are directed by your own inner desires."

-- H Stanley Judd

Once making this choice to choose for yourself, to seek the wisdom within and to have confidence in your own choices, it is a wonderful feeling of freedom and peace, with joy. The key will be to hang on to that feeling, for it may seem, at least in the near term, that the rest of the world is conspiring against your success. They may even bring it up from time to time how self-centered you are and other such demeaning labels. It may very well be those closest to you.

But, one cannot un-grow, un-become, un-expand. Once expanded, there is no return. This I know and I rejoice in it. Fear not! Remain confident! You may have to ignore outcries, and smile off harassment. Success is yours for the accepting.


Spread Some Joy Today--the joy of the thought is ours each moment we decide.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Daily Inspiration 2-9-11

"People who say that life is not worthwhile are really
saying that they themselves have no personal goals
which are worthwhile. . . Get yourself a goal worth working
for. Better still, get yourself a project. . . Always have
something ahead of you to look forward to--
to work for and hope for."

-- Maxwell Maltz

I love being busy and there are a number of reasons for this and one of them is so that I won't be bored. To me, being bored is so bad, so tiring, and so insulting to the Creator of life! I hope when the time comes that I die mid-stride, for I surely don't want to be watching TV.

Another reason for expanding my activities is to grow. I feel that when we are not growing, we are surely dying. I think that expansion is a main component of our lives and when we are expanding, we are being rewarded by becoming more than we were, if no other reason.

Yet another reason is that I like trying new things, old things with a twist, I even like doing some repetitive things, and the more I am moving, the more alive I feel.

Another is that I love the joy of discovery, and of sharing with someone, especially sharing of ideas and thoughts. I do this every day of my life.

I have a lot of projects and so many more I want to get to as I move through. It is exciting to have projects to look forward to while I enjoy the ones I am focused on right now.

Every time I think I am very busy and maybe even doing too much, I think of John Adams, the second president of the United States. Surely, if you read the book about him by David McCullough, you would know what I am referring to. He was a busy man.

Life Is Expansion. Live It To The Fullest.

Spread Some Joy Today--start a new project, a new goal. You will be amazed at how it creates more in you.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Daily Inspiration 2-8-11

"One reason so few of us achieve what we truly want
is that we never direct our focus; we never concentrate
our power. Most people dabble their way through life,
never deciding to master anything in particular."

-- Tony Robbins

When you haven't yet found your focus, or your particular niche, it is so easy to be swayed off track--this looks good, that looks cool, they do it in an interesting way, they make a lot of money doing it their way, and so on. Even when you've recently found your focus, or your niche, we might be easily bumped off course, but stay focused and it will serve.

There are so many ways of doing a thing, and I am always interested in how to do things better, yet when I've found my focus or niche, focusing on that and building that stronger and stronger is like taking the sunlight through a magnifying glass to a point. It is amazing how well that serves and helps one improve and expand within the boundaries of the niche.

What it really comes down to is how sold on your own niche you are. If one is easily swayed, one isn't a strong believer. It is the difference between hoping and knowing, wanting and having, trying and doing.

If I'm Not Totally 100% Sold, How Could I Expect Anyone Else To Be?

Spread Some Joy Today--Concentrate on being the best you UNLIKE anyone else. Uniqueness is way cool.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Daily Inspiration 2-7-11

"Seek not to understand that you may believe,
but believe that you may understand."

"Faith is to believe what we do not see;
and the reward of this faith is to see what we believe."

-- Saint Augustine

I was thinking about goals and a conversation recently about having goals and the gist of the conversation was, did I know exactly how I was to achieve this goal that was stated? What was intimated and expected was an accounting forecast with complete business plan written out and any and all potential roadblocks to be accounted for and a plan developed ahead of time to deal with them as they arise. It was stated that if I couldn't have that, then I didn't have a goal that was realistic. Well, there's that reality thing popping up again. . .

In other words, it had nothing to do with faith because faith is empty without firm reason, which is opposite of the quotes above. The other point I need to make to give any one else who's ever set a goal some hope and courage is that a goal is a what, it is not a how. So, the goal is extremely valuable and important. I encourage everyone to set goals: this is what I want, where I want to go, what I want to do, achieve, etc.. A vision of something to arrive at and keep our eyes and mind looking toward as if it is much closer than it may now appear.

Another thing to offer some hope and courage is that we live on a planet that we did not make, in a galaxy we did not make, in a universe we can't even comprehend, let alone make. The point is that there is much more than we. Now, whatever name we want to give that, God, the Infinite Intelligence, the Universe, or whatever, this power is available to all of us equally, and it creates circumstances, events and situations to help make those goals come true--when--we have made a decision about what we want; the goal.

It's all well and good for us to play with our little plans about how we might make something happen. Heck, we might even come close to being of service in this arena, but more often than not, we are being guided and encouraged and inspired in numerous ways that helps us find ways to achievement that we never could have come up with. We have infinite capacity when we rely on and trust in that God force. And, there is the faith that moves the needle and the mountains.

We get to choose what and it is fully expected, but how is only a toy for us and when we go ahead and play with the toy for the fun of it, but trust in the toy maker, therein lies successful achievement of every and any what we may choose.

How cool is that?

Faith Is One Awesome Benevolent Power.

Spread Some Joy Today--your sincere faith exudes a radiant glow of joy. Everyone around you can see it and feel it with you.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Daily Inspirations 2-6-11

"If you believe that feeling bad or worrying long enough
will change a past or future event, then you are residing
on another planet with a different reality system."

-- William James

"The one thing over which you have absolute control
is your thoughts. It is this that puts you in a
position to control your own destiny."

-- Paul G Thomas

I've learned well and I know that my thinking controls my life and that I am the only one in control of my thinking. That is, of course, when I am paying attention to what I am thinking, and especially paying attention to what is coming out of my mouth. Often, although less often all the time, I will hear something come out of my mouth in conversation that is counterproductive to what I am wanting. You know, it's that pugnacious reality. . . always ready for a fight to keep us in its control.

Here's the other thing that I've learned that is equally important: you can't fight reality and win on a regular basis. All fighting with it does is create more reality to deal with. But there is a way. I must adopt the reality that I want by imagining it, while finding the best aspects of the current reality.

Okay, it might sound like gibberish (like that word. . .), so the best way to say it is to say, BE HAPPY. Find a way to be happy. Don't like my job? Find what I do like about it. Make a list all the while knowing that I may not be experiencing it much longer. We have the power to think differently and as we do so, we change our attitude about what we are doing. This doesn't mean we let go of our goals, or dreams, but is more like enjoying the journey. As we give attention to what we don't like, we get more of that and it will continually hold us back day after day after week after month.

Even if it is something that you acknowledge that you hate, you can change your thinking if you are willing. I borrowed one method from Anthony Robbins. It goes like this: ask yourself the question, "I was saying that I couldn't find anything to like about what I am doing, but if I could think of something, what might some of those things be? Then start writing.

If I was broke, I would find things to like about that. If I was out of a job, I would find the positive aspects of that. Or, any change we may go through can be turned positive by changing our thoughts about it by turning away from the negative thoughts that keep us tied so closely to the problems, and focusing on what is good, positive, right, feels good and so on which releases us from those problems.

Accept reality or create the one we want. It's totally our own choice.

Reality Isn't All It's Made Up To Be . . .

Spread Some Joy Today--don't worry, be happy. Literally.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Daily Inspiration 2-5-11

"Here is a basic rule for winning success.
Let's mark it in the mind and remember it.
The rule is: Success depends on the support of
other people. The only hurdle between you and
what you want to be is the support of others."

-- David Joseph Schwartz

We all need each other. In business, it is impossible to be good enough at everything that you don't need the help of anyone else. There are so many things that need to be done and finding good people to help you is critical.

When I relax in the idea that I will be greater with the addition of someone's help, it always works that way. It is amazing how that works to help me grow. I am always looking for the right people to become involved in our business. As I relax in that idea, many times, they find me and that is very interesting and helpful.

Help Wanted. . .

Spread Some Joy Today--relax and let someone help you!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Daily Inspiration 2-4-11

"It is literally true that you can succeed best
and quickest by helping others to succeed."

-- Napoleon Hill

Almost 37 years ago, I can remember hearing Zig Ziglar say, "you can have everything that you want, if you will help enough other people get what they want." Helping others to be more successful is an excellent strategy that provides far greater rewards than money as well as your own success.

In the last 20 years, I have worked with a lot of truck dealers, truck body companies, truck manufacturers, and in every instance I have done my best to instill an atmosphere of cooperation rather than that of competition; of sharing of information and resources, rather than hiding them. I do admit to a good amount of progress and that is very rewarding because I see how it helps them all be more successful as a result of that attitude or philosophy.

When that "information or inventory is my value" attitude is released, it is amazing how many ways one can partner with previously acknowledged and feared competitors. Watching some of these companies readily trade inventory with each other helps each of them to have more because it increases their inventory while not their costs. What a great deal.

In addition, sending prospects to one another can be of equal benefit. For example, when working for a Chevy truck dealer, I've sent prospects to Ford dealer that I know because there was no way I could be of service to the prospect, but I know who could and trusted them, and so the prospect gets taken care of and my friend makes a sale and I feel good taking care of the client--just like Miracle on 34th Street when the Macy's people sent clients they couldn't help to Gimble's. It worked well then and works well now too.

I've also seen how that philosophy rubs off on those who are paying a little attention. There is so much more to come from partnering with others than competing with them. We do it now in our Internet business. We have no competition, but there is no way that we do everything and we refer people to others all the time who can help the prospect.

One last thing about this is to never put the other guy down. This may take some practice if you're really into the competitive thing, but if you can't say something good, it is best to say nothing at all. Everyone deserves success and the more people I can help be more successful, is a guarantee that I will be as well. It works.

We Are All Can Help Each Other And Ourselves Too.

Spread Some Joy Today--See what you can do for someone else today to help them. You may get hooked on the good feelings that come from doing it.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Daily Inspiration 2-3-11

"Give me beauty in the inward soul;
may the outward and the inward man be at one."

-- Socrates

The inner and the outer person is a very good way to describe what goes on inside each of us. There are many times where those two seem to oppose one another, which I used to see visualized in cartoons when I was a kid of a devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other, many times the devil winning out--at least temporarily.

Since that visualization of the devil and the angel was my upbringing, for the better part of my life, I accepted that "struggle" mentality. I was reading a large number of quotes about conflict and most of them talked about controlling the devil, overcoming the devil and such.

I have come to know it differently. If you believe in the struggle, you will struggle. However, it need not be a struggle. Vernon Howard says it well: "A clear understanding of negative emotions dismisses them." He takes it further here: "We must become acquainted with our emotional household; we must see our feelings as they actually are, not as we assume they are. This breaks their hypnotic and damaging hold on us."

If we think of our inner self as a guide, whenever we are wanting to do something or think something that is not that of the inner self, a negative emotion will be the result, and the opposite is also true, that if we are in alignment with that inner self, positive emotion will be the result. In this light, we are being guided by our own internal compass rather than anything external to us and this gives us so much more understanding and power to change and grow. It gets rid of the devil and the angel, the good and bad. That, to me, is a very good thing. The devil angel thing never worked for me, and this better way works wonderfully.

Not Having To Ask Permission Is So Empowering.

Spread Some Joy Today--by realizing your own power to do as you see fit. Literally.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Daily Inspiration 2-2-11

"You have a little bit of talent, a certain amount of
good fortune and a lot of hard work in pursuit of
whatever truth you can find in it, and if you are
really lucky, a terrific partner, and I have that
and those four things worked out for me."

-- Donald Sutherland

Today is my business partner, Ryan Stone's birthday. I thought about what I might do to help celebrate this day in a meaningful way that isn't about going and buying something, but so much cooler than that. Then, it came to me: I should write one of my Daily Inspirations about Ryan, and about having a partner.

Ryan is 31 today, and I remember that age pretty well. A few months ago, I turned 61. To be in business with someone is interesting enough, but to have 30 years separate your ages, that is very interesting. Still, it seems to work very well. Sometimes I might mention a name that he hasn't got a clue about, but we are equal at least in that problem. . .

The best thing about me, is that I know talent when I see it and in Ryan, I saw plenty of talent. So, when he was having a hard time with a negligent employer, I struck quickly while the opportunity existed, and somehow convinced him to join me as a full partner in a risky enterprise. He lacks no courage, as I'm sure it wasn't my skill, but his vision of the opportunity and a bit of trust in me perhaps.

So for three years now we have toiled and planned and changed and grown and laughed at our paychecks and worked late hours and have had a ball doing it. By myself, I may have given up long ago, but Ryan and his enthusiasm and his ability to laugh and get me laughing has helped keep the boat floating when then pumps are working overtime bailing the water. Each time I laugh my spirit is renewed, and so is our business. I've learned that it's all about perspective and Ryan has a way to keep the perspective positive and upbeat.

With Ryan's commitment, I am more committed and more convinced and more inspired. Indeed, I am inspired almost daily by Ryan. We rarely work in the same room together, but when we do, it is like magic how we get on the phone and get going. He's also a skilled networker and makes friends so easily. He seems to know somebody in about every field. If you asked him if he knew of a good nuclear physicist with a minor in biology, I'm confident he would spit out a name and probably have a phone number too. It's funny to watch when people ask him if he knows someone who. . .

Anyway, Happy Birthday Ryan! A better partner I cannot now imagine and I am so appreciating your willingness, vision, skill, commitment, laughter, and general upbeat personality. It is entirely my pleasure to be associated with one as you!

Happy Birthday, Ryan!

Spread Some Joy Today--You do it all the time. I'm not the only one who notices!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Daily Inspiration 2-1-11

"Don't ask yourself what the world needs--
ask yourself what makes you come alive,
and then go do it.
Because what the world needs
is people who have come alive."

-- Harold Thurman Whitman

I remember when I was a young kid, that we were expected to grow up and be something. It wasn't so much about being someone, but something--defined by what I would do for a living. As a child, I fantasized about what were at that time glamorous jobs like fireman, policeman, doctor, lawyer, and such. It changed very often and I found myself entering junior college still not knowing what it was. It was still some thing, not some one.

My father was a carpenter, then when I was five, he became a cop with the California Highway Patrol, and my mother was a housewife. I always thought that was a funny word, but that's what they called raising a family and staying home back then. Then I had a step-father and he was a TV repairman. I was encouraged to find a career and stay in school and be something. The question of what still remained.

Each thing that I became, I did for a time and then became something else. Each time hoping for and working hard to make it be something better and more fruitful. And so it goes. I've seen it hundreds of times in others and I'm sure it goes on yet today in homes and minds all across the world.

How much better to teach children to be somebody, to understand values and communication and interaction. To find their own innate talents and how to best express those and to expand them and to dream and try and do. Not just for the sake of art or just the sake of expression, but a way of sharing oneself with the world; to improve the world by virtue of the individual skills, ideas, thoughts, and attitudes that each of us carries that are our own. They are there begging to be shared.

In that sharing, there will be so many different ways that this will translate naturally and even possibly much earlier than typical into an income. What a better way of going about it than to go out and choose from the list. What a more fulfilling way to have a person become someone--someone of value, and purpose.

Be Someone Of Value . . . The Genius YOU!

Spread Some Joy Today--focus on being the best person that you can be and it is amazing how that brings out the best in others.