Sunday, January 20, 2019

Daily Inspiration 1-20-19

"The coin says:
'In God We Trust.'
Whether we actually do or not
tells much of our stories."

-- Albert K. Strong

[Classic post from 9-30-17]

There's a tingling sensation when we trust in God, our higher vibration, knowing that what we think we know is a teaspoon out of the ocean of knowledge and allowing Source Energy to be our ultimate guide. It is magical. It is release. It is worry-free. And, it is empowering.

While we might think that the word empowering shouldn't be in that last sentence because letting go is often thought of as releasing our power, it belongs there. We are empowered in our trust in our Creator, and trust in our inherent Well-Being. We are most often disempowered as we think it is we who are in control in our just do it and make-it-happen mindset.

Then, early this morning, I received my Abraham, Esther Hicks daily message and I have been renewed again in my trust, and in such a delightful way:

"Some things you're not letting happen right now because the timing isn't perfect for you. Some you're not letting happen because you are very aware of where you are. But all things, as they are happening, are happening in perfect order. And if you will relax and begin saying, "Everything in its perfect time. Everything is unfolding. And I'm enjoying where I am now, in relationship to where I'm going. Content where I am, and eager for more," that is the perfect vibrational stance."

Injoy Your Unfolding! 

Spread Some Joy Today--by allowing yourself to be cared for. Close your eyes and feel that love. It is like a warm bucket of love pouring over your entire body head to foot. Feel the tingle. Feel the warmth. See the glow. You can wear it all day.

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Daily Inspiration 1-19-19

"Whether it is a castle or a button, 
if you are using it as your object of attention, 
it is summoning Life Force. 

It is the feel of the Life Force
that life is about. 
The reason that you are summoning it 
is inconsequential."

-- Abraham, Esther Hicks

[Classic post from 9-27-17]

I separated the two phrases above because the first line of the second phrase is the key idea to me: "It is (whatever we are giving our attention to that is summoning Life Force)  the feel of the Life Force that life is about.

In the last few days on social media and all over the Internet people are giving their attention to some popular things. It might be some colored cloth, a symbol shaped like a cross, a bombastic world leader, or two, or three, or four, a team of competitive teams stocked with individuals, and whenever we gather individuals, there is always some squirming going on because we like our space.

What happened to what we were giving our attention to a year ago? Or six months ago? Or last month? Weather? Economics? Elections? Holidays? But, it matters not what or who or when. It matters only that we are actively giving our attention and summoning Life Force, Life Energy, feeling our way as we wander on our Life Adventures.

You feel that you want to share your thoughts, and another wants to tell you to stuff it, and if you don't, they will shut down their account and ignore you. Whatever we are giving our attention to is summoning.

Does this happen automatically, or without our permission? Do we have automated reactions? Of course, but they are only beliefs that we have held that are temporarily challenged. They summon as easily and effectively as choosing on purpose with careful thought. How we summon, why we summon is not nearly as important as the reality that we do summon. We are constantly summoning.

There is only one question worth asking ourselves that I can think of since no matter what we do we are summoning. That question is this: Is this what I want?

Is this what I want to summon? Is this how I want to feel? We always, always, always, and in all ways have the power and freedom of choice. We are so free that we can choose bondage as Abraham, Esther Hicks has often said. In any case, we always have the power and freedom to choose.

Instead Of Beginning With 'I Believe,' Try This: 'I Want _______', Then Fill In The Blank. 

Spread Some Joy Today--by simply and exquisitely enjoying yourself today. Be injoy as much as possible. Or not. You choose.

Friday, January 18, 2019

Daily Inspiration 1-18-19

"The simplest antidote
to a tough day
is generosity."

-- Seth Godin

[Classic post from 9-12-17]

I love this line from Seth Godin. Of course, it is true. When we make a decision to give, we focus on giving and another receiving rather than our own considerations being paramount. Generosity means that we have a sufficient amount in order to give some away.

We could give away negativity, anger, resentment, but that is really still focusing on our bad day, on ourselves, our perceived problems, our worms. That would never last, nor could it be called generosity because everyone has plenty of their own. Why would they want yours?

What everyone always wants more of is love, respect, kindness, thoughtfulness, consideration, encouragement, and more. They never can get their fill of these blessed thoughts and consequential feelings. In fact, so many go through their days in search of these things and these attributes are why they do what they do, think what they think. And just like our own so-called bad day, we are searching along with them.

Within us at all times is a generous Spirit lifting us to a higher vibration where love is all there is. We have so much going on sometimes that we forget. It is in the slightest opening of the remembrance of this inner Spirit that we can let some of our generosity flow to another. Whether to one or to a thousand, it is the same. It is always, always, always received with joy no matter the initial reaction to our offering.

Our generous Spirit encourages their own generous Spirit which encourages another and another and so on.

If you did nothing else that mattered today, allowing your generous Spirit to flow out of you is all that is needed and wanted in the world.

This Is Love, Love, Love. 

Spread Some Joy Today--as you remember that the generous Spirit that is always within you is loving you first and foremost, and it never, ever, stops flowing.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Daily Inspiration 1-17-19

"It's all good."

-- Common phrase

[Classic post from 9-16-17]

This hurricane, that storm surge, another disaster, a major change. Stuff happens. If we were to pay close attention to all the news, it is all bad, and getting worse, and then comes the long, long, long, recovery.

There's no question that some events like these are larger and more impactful than another, but it isn't all bad. Anything we look at, whether a big recession, a forced change of employment, and many lifetimes worth of a list of things that can and do happen may at times look all bad, but they are never all bad.

Here's a really good practice: Begin to see a larger picture and a more far-reaching picture of the event. Spread the time frame out, zoom out and get a wider perspective. Now make a list of what the good is in this event.

A big natural disaster can spur an economy into quite a growth spurt. Manufacturers will need to expand production because wholesalers will be needing more materials because retailers are ultra short of stock and demand is through the roof. Construction companies, contractors will need more trucks to take up the task ahead. They will need to hire more people. It's an opportunity to create something even better from the ashes of the event.

The demand for services just exploded. They will need more people, more vehicles, more products to sell. All of that flows uphill too. Once the services are being rendered for the basics, people will find they want something more than they had before. They will upgrade. They will improve. The opportunities are growing exponentially.

I remember a little thing that was a big deal in our house when we had a small fire in one bedroom in 2001. There was direct fire damage, yes, but the indirect fire damage was the costly part. The services came, cleaned all of our closets of clothes, there was much to do from the smoke damage throughout the entire house. It was one of the best things to happen overall. There certainly was some short-term unpleasantness, but in the aggregate, we upgraded considerably, and since there was all this other work, we redid our roof, driveway and other things outside that weren't affected at all by the event. My favorite thing: no more popcorn ceiling.

Whatever is going on in our lives that may seem negative or traumatic at first can be seen in a different light as we are willing to draw back and see a larger view so that we can invite our mind and eyes to see the benefits that come from every event.

It's All Whatever We Are Willing To See. 

Spread Some Joy Today--by finding ways to expand your own worldview.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Daily Inspiration 1-16-19

"Wherever we're giving our attention
is our vibration,
and the Universe is matching it."

-- Abraham, Esther Hicks

[Classic post from 9-20-17]

I love the Teachings of Abraham, and they state that the Law of Attraction is simply this: "that which is like unto itself is drawn."

So many over time have stated that as we sow so shall we reap, as we think so it will be, and all of that is, in essence, the Law of Attraction, yet it is often misunderstood that opposites attract, not sameness. Yet, it is easy enough to see that like thinking attracts like thinking like action attracts like action, and the world is clearly demonstrating this to us as we are willing to open our eyes to it.

But, vibration is a bit more challenging to absorb for many. As the quote above states, whatever we are giving our attention to by thinking, looking, feeling, whatever, is our current vibration which is quite malleable.

Have you ever seen one of those demonstrations of colored sand on top of a speaker and as the tone changes, the sand forms shapes, and quite elaborate shapes at that? In case you haven't, here's a link to one of them:

Since the sand changes its shape with each different vibrational frequency, it is easy to see how as our vibration is changed in frequency by what we are giving our attention to, we change. We may or may not feel that change, but it is there.

Now, I'll leave you today with the entire quote where I gleaned the quote above, and it is certainly worthy of your consideration today as you go around giving your attention to one thing or another:

"Have you heard the expression, "We're either growing or we're dying."? Well, what they're saying is, "You can't stand still." We are either giving our attention to where we're going or we're giving attention to where we've been or we're giving our attention to where we are, but in any case, wherever we're giving our attention is our vibration, and the Universe is matching it." 

Since I Get What I Give My Attention To, The Good News Is That I Get To Choose What I Give My Attention To. 

Spread Some Joy Today--by considering this quote from Abraham, Esther Hicks on my wall: "Today, no matter where I'm going and no matter what I am doing, it is my dominant intent to see that which I am wanting to see."

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Daily Inspiration 1-15-19

"Patience is not just
the ability to wait,
it's how we behave
while we are waiting."

-- Joyce Meyer

[Classic post from 9-14-17]

I've often written about what I call "practicing my patience." That means that I get excited when I have an opportunity to practice it because practice helps me to get better and I need the practice.

Buy why? We might often think that having patience means the willingness to be patient. We all have the ability to wait. We don't all exercise our willingness. So, why would we bother with it? Why do it at all?

The best reason why to me, having learned to practice every chance I get, is how each opportunity brings me peace in the face of chaos. It brings me calm as those around me are anxious. It opens my internal storage shed of love, and it causes me to look at this situation with new eyes.

The next best benefit or reason why is what it does to those around me. To see someone who is calm in chaos, peaceful while surrounded by anxiety is inspiring. As I become peaceful and calm, without saying anything at all I give permission to all those around me through my own vibrational stance to do the same. If they choose. I cannot choose for them, but they can be inspired to a new choice as they allow that to be.

So, I love the quote by Joyce Meyer because of the last portion of the sentence: "it's how we behave while we're waiting." That is our example. That is our being. That is our presence.

Peace Is Always Available Within. 

Spread Some Joy Today--by finding more ways to enjoy your day regardless of circumstances, events, or what others choose for themselves.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Daily Inspiration 1-14-19

"You can always, always give something,
even if it is only kindness!"

-- Anne Frank

[Classic post from 9-19-17]

There are two things in this quote that speak so clearly to me. First is the fact--no, it isn't just an idea or a thought, but a fact--that we each can always, always give something. We always have more than enough of something to give away.

The second thing is that kindness isn't something so small, but it is among the most powerful and effective things that we can give one another. As she says, "even if it is only kindness." Only? I laugh. Only? I laugh some more. How about, at least? Only? Indeed.

If You Did Only One Thing Today, Giving Away A Bit Of Kindness Is As Generous As Generosity Gets. 

Spread Some Joy Today--by realizing that it is in our letting go of ourselves for even a moment that can allow us to recognize another.

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Daily Inspiration 1-13-19

"Gratitude bestows reverence,
allowing us to encounter everyday epiphanies,
those transcendent moments of awe
that change forever
how we experience life. . . and the world."

-- Sarah Ban Breathnach

[Classic post from 9-2-17]

Whether you believe that humans have been around for a few thousand years, tens of thousands, or millions of years, any of those choices are old. As of 2014 in the United States, life expectancy in round numbers was 76 for the male and 81 for the female. That's a lot of lifetimes to consider in the time of human recognition on the planet. Which makes the discovery and learning to make use of electricity such an amazing thing in time.

We take it for granted generally in our world today. It has been around all of our lives, and probably the only time we even think about it is when the power goes off for whatever reason. And, we all know that it does from time to time, although we all know it is rare.

There are huge gaps of time from the discovery of the idea of electricity, to the making use of electricity to create electric motors for industry, lighting for industry, cities, and homes, to the products like vacuum cleaners, microwave ovens, hair dryers, and the plethora of products that help us make use of the idea of electricity.

What's even more amazing is how little that time frame is as compared to human time. For all intent and purposes, the electricity that we know today and use every day came about only about 1.3 lifetimes ago or about 100 years.

Sure, the invention of the electric light was earlier, yet once invented, then it needed to be systematized to the point that it became available to use by the public, or rather a large portion of the public, as in power generation, distribution, the invention of products that use electricity and so much more.

Even with this, there were so many rural locations who didn't have power in the 1950s and 60's. Not very long ago at all. That had more to do with distribution it would seem; however, the real reason was a closed mind on behalf of the power generation controllers. They didn't think it was profitable. Once they were convinced it was and changed their mindset, more rural locations got their much-wanted power too.

So today is a wonderful day to celebrate electricity. By the way, it is good to remember that electricity has been around since the dawn of time, let alone the dawn of human existence. It was only waiting around patiently for humans to 'discover' it and make use of it.

Consider how many ways you use electricity and how your life would change in a major way if it were missing. Celebrate not only the 'invention' of electricity, electric tools, motors, and appliances, but take a moment to be grateful for those who made it work for us by making it so available to all the people who invented, marketed, and distributed the many products we have all around us in our lives today.

Celebrate All That We Take For Granted So That We Won't Take It For Granted Any Longer. 

Spread Some Joy Today--by feeling the joy that comes from opening your worldview to be inclusive instead of exclusive.

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Daily Inspiration 1-12-19

"At college age, 
you can tell who is best 
at taking tests and going to school, 
but you can't tell who the best people are.
That worries the hell out of me."

-- Barnaby C Keeney

People have devised all sorts of tests, such as I.Q. tests, personality tests and you name it to find out if someone is qualified or is to be a fit in a certain place. No matter what, they are limited in what they can tell us and yet we tend to give them far more value than they deserve. That reminds me of one of my favorite quotes from Albert Einstein: "Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted."

I remember becoming a brand-new sales manager at a car dealership at age 25 in 1975 and sometime during the next year, the general manager bought into a personality testing program to help determine the right candidates for positions in the store. So, I took the test to test the test. It came back that I was not recommended for the job of sales manager.

Have you ever known when you felt like you had a calling to do something and then did it? That was me in the sales manager position. I felt like I had a calling to it and I think I was pretty good at it, in spite of the personality test results. After that episode and a couple more for good measure, the test went bye-bye.
Over the next 25 years of doing that job, I've run across other tests and none of them were really very helpful. Part of the problem is that a large percentage of people seem to tense up on taking tests and it skews the results to say the least in many and can make it worthless in others. Frankly, I think throwing a wet noodle against a wall and seeing if it sticks is just about as accurate; albeit, not as interesting.

The best judge that I've found so far is if people like what they are doing. If they enjoy the work, they will want to learn more about it and improve their skills at doing it and then they will enjoy it much more. Another judge is how they seem to fit in how they communicate, handle themselves and such. Another is how they respond to encouragement and guidance. Then again, some are seriously good at the interview and not so good at the position. All in all, I believe as my mentor, Jim Rohn, has said: "the reason for training is to find out who you have."

Although tests may tell me some things of interest, I don’t need tests to tell me what I can see with my own eyes, hear with my own ears, and feel with my own feelings. And this I know to be true: Feeling good about yourself is the most important thing you can choose to do today and every single day of your life. It doesn't matter who says otherwise. You deserve it, so just do it.

It's Okay To Listen And Learn, But It Is Best To Rule Yourself From Within. As Within, So Without.

Spread some joy today--by being true to yourself.

Friday, January 11, 2019

Daily Inspiration 1-11-19

“Men build too many walls 
and not enough bridges.” 

― Joseph Fort Newton

[Classic post from 8-24-17]

[Note: This repost seemed so appropriate for the times. . .]

The Golden Calf

I think that we all have golden calves in our lives, and this has come home to me with the most recent pushing and shoving in personal choices of whose golden calf is the good calf and which is the bad calf.

In the Bible in the book of Exodus, which is a hair-raising story to read when fully conscious, there is the story of the Ten Commandments and later the development of the golden calf because the people were tired of waiting on Moses and they craved a symbol to see and so with the help of Aaron, their gold earrings and other things were gathered together and melted into a golden calf for their appeasement. Moses, when he finally came down from the mountain again, was truly upset with them because of what they chose to worship.

It's an interesting story to read thousands of years later in the 21st century, and telling too. It really hasn’t changed much at all as I think about it. We are all still looking for things to worship and we are all choosing different things. Some are really important to us and others are semi-important until someone else takes a disliking to our choice, but in the end, we all have our golden calves and we are quite protective of them.

It doesn’t matter if it is a statue of a fallen General from the Civil War, the massive monument to the President who freed the slaves in dealing with that Civil War, a cross on the top of a church steeple, the flag of the United States of America or any other flag, the golden arches of commerce, the New York Times Bestseller List, the bull on Wall Street, and, well, this list is pretty much endless.

We have the so-called hate groups, and then we have the haters of the hate groups. How can we tell them apart? They are both in hating. They are separated by police in some cases and attacking police in another. We have the never-ending symbol of war, leading up to a war, fighting a war, cleaning up after a war. We have wars on people in other countries, and on drugs, the cartels, cancer, street-gangs, social climbers. We hold right as might and that evil needs to be eradicated. The righteous and the unrighteous. The worthy and the unworthy. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

We have beauty, the standard of thin, the physically fit, then this and that and the other. It matters not whether it is positive or negative as these are only two ends of the same magnet. Two ends of the same stick. Two ends of the same discussion.

And, to keep this as short as I can, the point I want to make here is that it is the same magnet. It is the same stick. And, it is the same discussion. Both are valid. Both are okay. Both sides have something valuable to add to the wholeness of the whole.

Back to Moses. They made the golden calf because they felt the separation of each other. They wanted something to bring them together. Since all they have known was that this came from outside, so outside is where they built the golden calf. To say that these people were wrong because Moses thinks they are is not the best point. The larger issue is that Moses felt the separation and so he looked upon the Lord of the external in much the same way. Guide us, oh Lord. Lead us!

As we allow ourselves to think we are separate from our God, our Source, Source Energy, All-That-Is, we are in separation. We want so badly to be whole, yet all we can see is partialness. All we can see and feel is the separation because that is what we are looking at. We are looking at the ends of the stick instead of the stick itself. As we look at the negative, we see more negative. As we look toward the positive, we see more positive, and yet these are only partial views. We will find wholeness in impartiality as we realize that we are not standing on the stick looking to one side or the other, but we are the stick. As we see the negative, we see that it is us. As we see the positive, it is us.

In whatever way we choose separation, we see more separation. As we will have the courage and wisdom to know ourselves and all other living things as wholly, we see the oneness of the Divine. It’s not about religion, spirituality, or any other name. It is about tuning into what we truly are within and seeing all that we see as the same. We are all Divine. We are all of the same exact Source. We are all on this time-space adventure together. And, as individual creations, we all have the individual power of choice. It matters not so much what others do, but it matters 100% what we choose to see, feel, and sense.

We Are, Each And Everyone, The Chosen Ones. 

Spread Some Joy Today--by challenging yourself to see yourself in those you do not like. See that we are all worthy of love, and in fact, in our depth, that is all we are: Love.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Daily Inspiration 1-10-19

"Creativeness often consists of merely
turning up what is already there. 
Did you know 
that right and left shoes 
were thought up only 
a little more than a century ago?" 

-- Bernice Fitz-Gibbon 

[Classic post from 12-30-14]

As appalling as this sounds to me, after some basic searching, it seems to be true about producing right and left shoes. There is also a shoe museum called the Bata Shoe Museum in West Toronto, Ontario, Canada. In addition, the first sneakers were made in America in 1916 and were not called sneakers until much later. They were called Keds. I can remember as a kid going to the shoe store to get some Keds. I had no idea.

The first lady's boot was designed for Queen Victoria in 1840, and in Europe, it wasn't until the eighteenth century that women's shoes were different from men's. There's a lot about shoes that I had made assumptions about.

What's interesting to me is how much time went by with so little improvements in common things. Transportation is another subject that boggles the mind in how long it took to move faster than walking or running or riding on horseback.

Some years ago I read an absolutely fascinating book by Stephen Ambrose titled, Nothing Like It In The World about the building of the first Transcontinental Railroad in America. I am revisiting this in the audio version as we speak and it reminds me of all this and how things were so slow to change.

Yet, here is the other interesting part: Once they began to change, they morphed quickly into better and better versions and then into other things. Considering the long past, it was a very short time from the invention of, and introduction to, America of the idea of the train and locomotives. Once here, they began a steady improvement and expansion that was nothing short of amazing.

The world moves faster all the time. If you've studied any history before 1900, you found that the world changed so radically after 1900, and even more as time went on. The airplane, then air transportation is a perfect example along with the electric light, appliances, computers, and so much more.

The Internet is not old, it is a youngster. Yet it has changed all of our lives quite dramatically. I remember using the first computers at work in the car business and they didn't even have hard drives. Then when hard drives came out they were 1 MB, 5 MB, and such. As programs became better, they needed more space and more speed and the expansion race was on. Now I have more than 1 GB just for my email. I also remember modems and how new they were, but so slow. Transferring 1 MB would have taken more than a day. Now it takes a second or less. Crazy differences in speed.

As the world gets faster and faster, we take more and more for granted. We even get upset with the slowness of things because we've sped up faster than the technology, or at least the operator sense of the technology. In other words, we become impatient so quickly, whereas in the past we didn't have those issues or the stress from that impatience.

I watched a movie last night where the female dance coach said to the male dancer about to go into a contest: Breathe! It is wonderful advice for us all. Let us pause now and then, breathe, feel for some peace as we absorb and celebrate ever more and faster changes in our future days.

The Pause That Refreshes. Breathe! 

Spread Some Joy Today--by practicing your patience and enjoying the journey wherever you are moving to and from.

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Daily Inspiration 1-9-19

"Everything you are against weakens you. 
Everything you are for empowers you." 

-- Wayne Dyer 

[Classic post from 12-29-14]

It's easy to make a decision that the world needs fixing, but it doesn't. It's easy to see things that are going on somewhere in the world that you don't like or hate or disgust you, but that doesn't mean the world is broken. In fact, if you look for just a little while, you will find plenty to push against; things that you are opposed to, that you may judge as being wrong or bad. But, that is simply a choice of focus.

I went to the grocery store today for some fresh produce and a number of other things. There is a plethora of food in the grocery store. But they also sell poison. In fact, they have plenty of poison for sale. Today I ignored the poison and bought the food, but I felt no need to push against the poison or to tell the store manager to remove it so I could shop in peace. I just had no interest in it.

There were thousands of things in the store that I did not want. There are thousands of things in the store that I probably will never, ever want, and yet I go to the store in comfort knowing that I can choose what I want and freely leave the rest for others to choose if they desire. Next time, I may choose other things, but I have no need to push against anything that I'm not interested in having or using or eating.

If there is something that we feel a strong desire to try to change for whatever reason, we have the option of focusing on that change to take care of it. In other words, by focusing on the solution and not the problem. If I see a problem and I want to solve it, I will never solve it by focusing on the problem. I must focus on a solution.

The contrast of differences is all around us all the time. Pushing against anything unwanted will never change the thing. But, focusing on what we are for and doing what we are inspired to do in that vein, empowers us to make a difference.

Here's To Your Own Empowerment. 

Spread Some Joy Today--by deciding that at least for today, there is absolutely nothing to worry about. Today is Free From Worry Day.

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Daily Inspiration 1-8-19

"Your task is not to seek for love, 
but merely to seek and find 
all the barriers within yourself 
that you have built against it." 

-- Rumi 

[Classic post from 12-28-14]

With my increased awareness, I am finding that my joy and love is far more in letting go, or the releasing of my own resistance, than in trying to make it happen. I now believe that joy and love, or well being is our true natural state and that we have built all sorts of barriers that keep it under control and under wrap, almost as if we are trying to protect it.

Most of it comes from growing up and learning from those around us, and even within our families for so many of us. We see how people respond to us and when they are nice and when they are not and when they like us and when they do not and so on. We learn as we go, and in the absence of being taught how to let go of resistance, to accept that others may choose and that we may choose ourselves, we build walls and dig trenches and otherwise learn to fit in or be left out.

All of that learning then becomes habitual, and it is ongoing throughout our lives. This is true in our own brain and the self-talk that we are constantly listening to.

As I have become more aware of that self-talk, I find myself wanting so much to shut it off and the only way I can find is to focus on this moment, because the self-talk is about the past mainly, and predicting the future based on the past. Also, many of those thoughts, scenarios, and ramblings are so odd how they just pop in from many years ago.

I was walking the dog yesterday, and into my head pops a scenario from 2009 when I was doing a full-time consulting project with a truck dealer. As this played for only a few moments, I began defending myself on some decisions that I made as if the owner was calling me on them. He wasn't, but my ego was directing this and planning for the worst and desperately trying to overcome that in advance. As I said, it was only a few moments, and as I realized what was happening in my mind, I immediately focused on the trees around me, the blue sky, and came back to the present.

I now find myself doing this all the time. I cannot shut off the ego, and trying to change the thought from negative to positive is a lot of work, so releasing the resistance--and it is resistance because you can feel the tenseness in your body--is my goal and the path of least resistance or the easiest way is changing my focus to something around me in the now that is pleasant to look at.

This is also why my desk that I spend a lot of time at is facing a large window. I can look up at any moment and see the sky, trees, and other pleasant views and come back to the now at will. It doesn't take effort. It is much more a sense of letting go which is the opposite of effort.

I Am So Empowered Knowing All I Really Need Is To Put Down The Rope. Just Let Go. 

Spread Some Joy Today--by looking around for things that please you and focus on them for a few moments. Then, find some more, and more. What a wonderful day it will be for you.

Monday, January 7, 2019

Daily Inspiration 1-7-19

"Criticism begins as a choice, 
and some make it a career." 

-- Albert K Strong 

[Classic post from 12-27-14]

Criticism is simply a choice, to begin with. I don't like this. Then it can often turn into a fault finding mission. Of course, when you're looking for faults, they appear. The more you look, the more you find. It's the Law of Attraction at work.

As we find these faults, we categorize and label them so that we can keep score and keep track. This is bad, this is really bad, this is disgusting, this is unfathomable, this is horrific, this is . . . and it goes on.

This can become such a habit that we don't even realize it is happening, or how we sound when we write it out or speak our criticisms out loud. Just listen to people talking, open Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, go to work, in your kitchen. It sort of becomes natural to do this, but it is anything but natural.

Some of this criticism or finding of fault, blaming, labeling, is relatively benign, and sometimes it becomes a career, a mission, a self-righteous purpose, a crusade. It is the length of time doing it and the depth of the feeling that makes the difference.

Yet, let me bring this back to the basics again. It is simply an observation and a choice. You see something you do not like and that is perfect. This world could not work without the contrast with which to make choices. However, rather than focusing on the things you don't like about that, you may choose the real reason the contrast is there: to help you make a decision to choose what you do like and focus your attention there.

We all know it's true that the more you focus on the fault, the more you will find. We often do not pay attention to the fact that the opposite is true as well: the more you focus on what you want, what is good, what is desirable, what is pleasing to you, the more you will find. The real question then is this simple: do you want to feel bad, or do you want to feel good.

We know that when we focus on the faults, we can become enraged, angry, upset, disappointed, discouraged, frustrated, and more, and none of those feel good. So why do we persist in doing it? Habit. We see others around us doing it, we see it in the newspaper, on the radio, on TV, on YouTube, and Facebook and, well, it is hard to avoid.

At the same time, when we turn and focus on what is pleasing to us, what we want, what we like, we feel good. We may feel love, appreciation, joy, enthusiasm, optimism, passion, and all of those feel very good. When we decide that it is important that we feel good, we can then allow all our emotions to guide us to better choices of focus, and enjoy our lives far more while the rest of the world may choose as it will.

We Have The Ultimate Power: It Is Purely Our Own Choosing That Directs Our Lives. 

Spread Some Joy Today--How are you feeling? Joy feels good.