Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Daily Inspiration 7-5-11

"The difference between what we do and what
we are capable of doing would suffice to
solve most of the world's problem."

-- Mohandas Gandhi

"Never mistake activity for achievement."

-- John Wooden

To say that I'm a very busy man is a big understatement, and yet as many others that I know, I fall short in effective achievement much of the time. I have so many things to do and yet, many of those that I could, do not get done, while, many things that were not even on my list and came up in my journey, get done quickly and efficiently. Why?

I was thinking about this the other day and it seemed to me that I was doing the things that interested me, excited me--in other words--the ones that I wanted to do versus the ones that I SHOULD do. I have grown to dislike that word should and that is why I capitalized it there. Should is such a funny word if you think about it. There is no accomplishment possible with should.

So, what would happen if all I did was flow with the things I really wanted to do and let the things that I need to do yet don't feel like doing go? Would my world fall apart? Would my business fall apart? Well. . . I know it wouldn't help anything.

I guess the only really good answer is to find a way to have the things that need to be done be exciting and interesting and create a desire to do them. It's an interesting challenge!

It Really IS How We Look At Things, Isn't It?

Spread Some Joy Today--Maybe today is a good day to pretend that everything you do is fun and interesting! People might wonder what's wrong with you. . .

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