Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Daily Inspiration 6-20-18

"You are the only one 
 who creates in your experience--no one else. 
Everything that comes to you
comes by the power of your thought. 
If there are changes you would like to make,
 it will be of great value 
to begin telling a different story-- 
not only about your body, 
 but about all subjects 
 that have been troubling to you." 

 -- Abraham & Esther Hicks 

[Classic post from 2-4-14]

This post is about self-talk mainly and how the only way to make changes you would like to make is to tell a different story in your head and to others too. It is so a part of becoming a grateful person. I'll give you a couple examples.

Since my wife died just less than 6 months ago, I've been living a lot of memories in my head and in my sight too. I've gone through thousands of photographs, chosen a strong number of them and have pasted them on my cabinets in my office. It has been all part of coming to terms with the last few years of our lives together. I remember similar situations in the past whenever there was a change from something that has been for a good period of time.

There was a tendency for me to think of things I should have or could have done to make things better. What could I have done differently that would have changed things? You probably know the drill. It's not feeling sorry for myself, but thinking that somehow I wasn't enough.

So, I began telling a different story on purpose. I began thinking how good a husband and provider I was. I began thinking about all the good things I did; the positive things; the important things. I began talking this out as if I were talking to her about how I did this and that and how much this meant to me and that and so on. It was perfect and it turned me around toward such gratitude--not only more gratitude for her and all that she brought to the relationship but gratitude for all that I did as well. When I might think of something she was upset, angry or unhappy with about me or something I did or failed to do, I would mentally speak back of what I did do and that I did what I knew and was capable of and so on. In other words, I rejected the idea that I had failed in any way.

It's about experience. We can't grow forward ten years and then take that wisdom back in time with us to make better decisions. It was what it was. If we are doing the best we can with what we have to work with, then that is exactly what it was. What I would do today is of zero importance. It is not possible to merge the two, but what I can do is praise her for her choices and me for mine. I can see the love that was the foundation under it all. And, last, I am the only one in charge of me and I can choose to change, grow, become a grateful person even if she may have chosen otherwise.

These kinds of things happen not just with losses of loved ones but in business with old bosses, old friends that may not be in favor today and so on.

The tendency was for me to find myself blameless by affixing blame on my boss, my wife or some other person. My self-talk was always justifying what I did or didn't do and how the other parties were the ones to blame for anything off kilter. Now, my self-talk is finding what they did right and well and how much I appreciated them for all that they brought, and equally important, that I appreciated myself in the same way. I began seeing scenarios working perfectly instead of previously being problems or ugly situations. As I focused on appreciation and gratitude, all the other things faded away.

In this process, I have found more love and respect and admiration for Nancy and for the other important people in my life. I have at the same time found love enough for me to be enough.

Gratitude Changes Everything. It May Require Practice. No. It Does Require Practice. 

Spread Some Joy Today--by changing your self-talk to appreciate yourself and all those on your path.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Daily Inspiration 6-19-18

"I have never let my schooling 
interfere with my education." 

 -- Mark Twain 

[Classic post from 2-9-14]

And, neither have I.

Here's To All The Life-Long Learners Out There! 

Spread Some Joy Today--Have a wonderful time today. On purpose!

Monday, June 18, 2018

Daily Inspiration 6-18-18

"Wherever you are, is just fine. . . 
You can get to wherever you want to be
from wherever you are. . . 
It's time to stop measuring where you are
in relationship to where anybody else is. 
The only factor that has anything to do with you 
is where you are in relationship
with where you want to be." 

 -- Abraham, Esther Hicks 

[Classic post from 1-12-14]

After I read this again today, it struck me that I have arrived at being okay with where I am and who I am. In looking back, I can see that I was always not enough. I didn't measure up to the people I put on pedestals. Oh, I was successful enough I guess, but never made it the way I wanted to--or thought I wanted to. It was always going to be better tomorrow somehow. It was in the future.

Now in reading this again, it is some of the best advice I can think of. Fully accepting where we are and realizing that wherever we want to go we can get there from here is profound and peaceful. It is not giving up on goals or desires. Frankly, it has been my own personal experience that in lightening up, the desires show themselves more clearly and I can achieve them with far less stress than I used to put myself and my family through.

Another way to say it is to make peace with where we are. Allow it to be. Allow ourselves to taste it right now, and feel the presence of that peace that comes from a certain contentment, however temporary.

One of the best ways to say it is that we are enough. We have enough. We are enough. Having more is okay. Yet, right now it's all good.

The Horizon Is Much Brighter From Here. 

Spread Some Joy Today--Love yourself, what you have, and where you are in your life travels.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Daily Inspiration 6-17-18

"It makes no sense to worry about 
 things you have no control over
because there's nothing you can do about them, 
and why worry about things you do control? 
The activity of worrying keeps you immobilized." 

 -- Wayne Dyer 

[Classic post from 1-22-14]

Here's another quote to go along nicely with this great quote from Wayne Dyer by Esther Hicks and Abraham: "Hard work is not the path to Well-Being. Feeling good is the path to Well-Being. You don't create through action; you create through vibration. And then, your vibration calls action from you."

I think that many times we worry because we feel that we should be doing something and though we cannot actually do something at the moment, we worry about it which indicates we are giving it importance and that helps us to feel as if we actually are doing something about the problem. But the reality is often that we only perpetuate the problem and/or increase the size or importance of it in our lives.

In considering this topic, I have gone backward in time to many of the times I was worrying--even worrying with great stress, and I cannot think of one single time where the act of worrying did anything at all to improve the situation.

The hard work of worrying (and we all must know it is hard work), is not the path to Well-Being or the solution even. Feeling good is the path. From that vantage point, any action we are inspired to take will work perfectly.

By Choosing Good Feeling Thoughts, We Clear The Path To Our Well-Being. 

Spread Some Joy Today--Let go of the rope. Love yourself enough to do so.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Daily Inspiration 6-16-18

"Complacency accepts what's 
 not working as a fact of life. 
Contentment accepts what is 
working as your natural condition." 

 -- Alan Cohen 

[Classic post from 1-23-14]

Alan has a great way to compare and explain complacency and the alternative of contentment. I had never thought about it quite like this, but I just love how he states that "complacency accepts what's not working as a fact of life." I had always thought about complacency as not giving a damn, giving up on it, resigning the effort and so on, but acceptance was not a word I would have thought of. Yet, this is a perfect way to see what complacency is and how insidious it can be.

At the same time, I love how he reflects on "contentment accepts what IS working as your natural condition." I've always thought of contentment as in being with peace, accepting what is as being good, even considering I might have thought otherwise in a different time and space. Yet, accepting what is working is a wonderful way to see contentment, and to accept it as a natural condition of my life is peace in and of itself.

Maybe this quote just caught me on a strange day, or maybe you may have had similar thoughts to mine and now are changed as I am.

There Are So Many Ways To Say A Thing, And Sometimes It Jumps Out And Sometimes I'm Asleep. 

Spread Some Joy Today--by seeking things to appreciate all around you. There are so many--too many to number.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Daily Inspiration 6-15-18

"Once we're thrown off our habitual paths, 
we think all is lost, but it's only here 
that the new and the good begins." 

 -- Leo Tolstoy 

[Classic post from 1-27-14]

Getting us off our habitual paths can come in a wide variety of methods. It might be losing a job, a loved one, an expected promotion, or other loss. It might come from a decision to change. Perhaps it might even be being sick and tired of something or some situation, or maybe even as some have said, sick and tired of being sick and tired. In all of these cases and thousands more, one thing is universal, and that is that a change has taken place. It might be a change of attitude, or an emotional response, or something physical. In all cases, there seems to be a decision and change, even when those things seem to have been done for us.

I have had so many of these situations over the years and some were rather traumatic, to say the least, but one thing has changed most recently in me about these, and that is that I do my best to remember to welcome them. I don't always remember right away. Sometimes it might take me a short bit of time to remember, but I am remembering and accepting these events as if I chose them on purpose.

I can state that this attitude is much preferred in how I feel about change. I now try to assume that everything is working out perfectly even when it doesn't appear that I chose it on purpose.

Sometimes things seem to happen to us, but I have come to believe that this is just the way it is packaged. And, it really doesn't matter how it comes to us, it only matters how we respond to it. We ultimately have all the choice in this aspect.

Habit is comforting, and change is often unsettling, yet change is inevitable. Better to welcome it with open arms as if it is the flow of good to you than to struggle and question it. Learning to go with the flow is a process that carries huge benefit.

I May Not Always Be Ready (Or So It Seems), But, Now I Am Willing. It Is Infinitely More Fun Too. 

Spread Some Joy Today--Try to connect with someone you've been thinking of.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Daily Inspiration 6-14-18

"Never underestimate your power 
to change yourself; 
never overestimate your power 
to change others."

-- Wayne Dyer 

[Classic post from 8-28-14]

I was talking with someone on the phone today and we had a lot in common, and it was suggested that I might talk to a friend of his to share some of my philosophy and help convince them to change their ways.

It has taken me most of my life to finally figure out the fantasy in this scenario. I have learned after trying so hard and in so many ways that it is virtually impossible to change someone else to our way of thinking. . . unless. . . and this is a very big UNLESS, they are seeking that change for themselves. Generally what will happen without their seeking will be to cause the other to put their guard up, pick up the rope and fight against all foes. In other words, any attempt is more likely to cause a deepening of their current position rather than us thinking there will be some kind of conversion.

I have a lot of opinions as we all do. Yet on topics that are controversial no matter what country you're in, I keep it to myself unless, and only unless, I am asked specific questions demonstrating at least on the surface that that person is seeking. Then, I will share my point of view, otherwise, it will amount to nothing.

Somehow we think that in relationships, including marriage, that we need to think alike. That's garbage. Have things in common? That can be helpful, but believe all the same things? Garbage. It's even a waste of time to consider that fantasy. Knowing what I know now, I can see how one spouse may agree on the surface, and yet withhold the true feelings for the sake of superficial harmony. It's okay. It's better to accept that we can disagree and still live in harmony, because we can, and we must because no two of us will ever think exactly alike.

If you're trying to convince another, it is better to allow them to change themselves. Take your time. Let it be. It's okay. Even different religions can get along nicely while holding different views, yet allowing some similarities to bring us partially together. It is much more beneficial than thinking we may convert them without their full and complete permission and agreement.

We Have More Than Plenty To Focus On Just Dealing Effectively With Ourselves. 

Spread Some Joy Today--Bang a gong, get it on! Or, what the heck, just enjoy your day as fully as you can today. That's all that really matters.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Daily Inspiration 6-13-18

"What you get 
is what you choose to see." 

-- Albert K Strong 

[Classic post from 8-3-14]

The whole idea of right and wrong has created unlimited fantasies. It also seems that it is like human nature to focus on what is wrong in a misguided attempt to make it right somehow. Another fantasy. Carl Jung put it so well a long time ago when he said, "what you resist persists." The harder we push against something, the larger it becomes. The more we fight something, the stronger it becomes. There is no percentage of success in pushing against or fighting anything in the hopes of making it something we do want instead of something we don't want.

Fighting cancer is made to sound like a fight worth fighting, yet cancer is now one of the largest enterprises in the history of the world. Billions of dollars are involved. Wars have been fought since the dawn of time and somehow we fantasize that "right" won out over "wrong," or good over evil and so on. George Bernard Shaw put it well by saying, "war does not decide who is right but who is left." The war against drugs has actually increased drugs, rather than decreasing it. In fact, there are so many laws against things that have just made them more.

None of these attempted remedies work and will never work because they are pointed in the opposite direction. They are focused on what is not wanted instead of simply turning and focusing on what is wanted instead. Cancer is not cured by fighting it, promoting it, studying it. Cancer is cured by focusing on health, not the illness. We don't win wars by having bigger and better weapons of mass destruction. There are no winners in war. All are winners in peace.

The other thing to remember, or realize is that there are certain benefits to fighting against things. Most of those benefits are economically focused. If there were no benefits, there would be nothing to fight over.

In any case, it is never what is outside, but what is inside that counts. It doesn't matter what we may perceive others doing to us, or circumstances or things happening to us or catching or contracting this or that, and it doesn't matter who's fault it is because blame is also on the outside. What matters is only how we think about those things and then choose to believe or do by what we choose to focus on.

In my own life, like most others probably, I have found it so much easier to find fault, persecute and inflict who is wrong, speak about eradicating all the evils in the world, and generally becoming more aware and spreading awareness about things we don't really want. I've often grown weary of pushing against things and especially noticing what is not right, or not right yet. With this attitude, it seemed like it never would get right.

Now, I am turning. I have been playing with turning for some time now and have been practicing it, wanting it to become natural in me. It's not how I was taught, but it is what I have now learned, and it feels so much better. The value of my emotions is telling me in which direction I am focused. This helps me to realize I am in total control of my choices of focus. I am now regularly making better choices for me. I will let the rest of the world do as they please.

It's Not Hocus-Pocus. It's Focus-Focus. 

Spread Some Joy Today--by focusing on what you want rather than what you do not want.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Daily Inspiration 6-12-18

"Our emotions
don't tell us what to think. 
Our emotions
 tell us what we are thinking." 

 -- Albert K Strong 

[Classic post from 1-20-14]

I was getting my hair cut on Saturday, and the young receptionist was having a hard time. She was heartbroken because she and her boyfriend broke up. She's 18. She was crying in the other room and someone else was trying to console her. Of course, they all knew that she would get over it relatively soon because they've been there and experienced this and so know that another boyfriend will come along even better suited to her. Her life isn't really over, it is just beginning. I've been there many times myself even into adulthood.

There are many places in our lives where our emotions seem to take control of our thinking. I can make a long list of times in my life whether it was dealing with idiot bosses, evil associates, the sight of my paycheck, losing something deemed important, circumstances beyond my control, and more, where I experienced emotions running me ragged, sapping my energy, consuming my thoughts.

After studying with Tony Robbins for a time, I considered all this emotion and I felt like a ball in a pinball machine bouncing off bumper after bumper being controlled by outside influences and helpless to change them, which added to the negative emotions. I was angry. I was hurt. I was sad. I was tired.

I appreciated what Tony taught me and then found one of my all-time-favorite books, Love Is Letting Go Of Fear by Gerald G Jampolsky. He likened what was happening to me as being a robot and other people and circumstances pushing my buttons causing me to feel a certain way.

All of these helped me begin the process of change. Eventually through James Allen, and a long list of others, I began to see that emotions don't cause our thinking, but it is the other way around--our thinking causes our emotions. As enlightening as that was, it wasn't until the book, The Secret by Rhonda Byrne and reading all the authors she brought together, and particularly Esther and Jerry Hicks and the teachings of Abraham, and Echart Tolle, that it all came together for me. What came together is simply that my emotions are a perfect indicator of my thoughts, and rather than my emotions causing me to think certain things, I have total control always about what I choose to think and thereby change my emotions which indicate the change has been made.

In any and all circumstances, we have control over at least one thing. That is what we choose to think. If you're feeling bad, uptight, sad, and don't really want to feel that way, all that you need to do is the same for me: to choose a better feeling thought, then another and another until step by step we feel good again. It's not working through the problem, it is knowing that we alone ultimately have the solution.

"A Person Is Limited Only By The Thoughts That He Chooses." -- James Allen 

Spread Some Joy Today--for yourself. You absolutely have the power to do so. Choose thoughts that feel good and produce the emotion of joy.

Monday, June 11, 2018

Daily Inspiration 6-11-18

"There are two ways to find contentment: 
1. Do what you believe will make you content, and 
2. Choose contentment right where you stand. 
The latter is quicker and lasts longer." 

 -- Alan Cohen 

[Classic post from 1-11-14]

Having studied all kinds of things about life and living from a myriad of authors, I have always believed and have also found that truth is very simple and very old. It is not complicated. True enough, there are lots of directions from which to view it, but it is the same regardless of the viewing direction. When someone says there are 10 things, that is too many. It isn't that hard. It is easy and it is supposed to be easy so anyone who chooses to can get it, understand it and make use of it.

How do you find contentment? Choose it now. No long list of ways. No 300-page book on the subject. Just choose it. Where ever you find yourself, in whatever circumstance you are in, you still ultimately have the choices in your court. Just choose it.

This applies to happiness. It applies to peace and peace of mind. Whatever it is you want, just choose it. Now.

It Will Look Good On You! 

Spread Some Joy Today--It is always and always has been your choice. Want to spread joy? Choose it now. Choose to be joyful and the spreading of it will happen automatically.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Daily Inspiration 6-10-18

"We can't really praise God
without being thankful
for the thing we are praising Him for. 
And we can't really be thankful
without being happy about
whatever we're thankful for. 
Praising, then, involves both gratitude and joy." 

 -- Merlin R Carothers 

[Classic post from 2-2-14]

I don't talk in religious tones much, but about ten years ago, my late wife gave me a copy of a book to read. It moved me deeply. I've shared it a couple of times because I think it is a very powerful book and especially for a religious person to contemplate deeply. It is called, The Power In Praise by Merlin R Carothers.

On the very first page of this book, Merlin gets right to the heart of the matter. I'll quote part of it. It starts where Jim's father was an alcoholic for over 30 years and he got angry when anyone talked about religion. The family was praying for his healing and nothing happened.

It continues, "One day Jim heard me speak about the power that is released when we begin to praise God for everything in our lives instead of pleading with Him to change the circumstances that hurt us."

Jim brought home a tape of the meeting and played it over and over again for his friends. Then one day it struck him; he had never tried praising God for his father's condition. He shared with his wife and they decided to "thank God for his dad's alcoholism and praise Him that the condition is part of His wonderful plan for dad's life."

It was the beginning of an unexpected and very uplifting change in Jim's dad, and in Jim and his wife too.

It is easy to praise God or the Universe or Higher Power for things that bring us joy, but so many of us have grown up thinking that prayer is set aside to ask for God's help to fix something wrong (or at least wrong in our minds) and then wait and see what happens. It is a foreign thought to think to praise God for the so-called problem or wrong situation because somehow we think God had no part in the bad thing and only does good things. A really good question to consider about God is this: Where is God not? When you get your head around that, it opens a whole new world.

So, today about gratitude is to be grateful for EVERYTHING always. Whatever label we give something is not necessarily true for everyone, but withholding our gratitude harms no one but ourselves. Got fired? Praise God! Lost a loved one? Praise God! Got a speeding ticket? Praise God! The blessing has a hard time finding its way through when we are holding on to unhappy experiences and finding someone else to blame. And, there is always a blessing. Sometimes people even blame God. Praise instead of finding fault will change all of that and it will change your life too.

Before I found The Secret or many others that have helped me grow into a whole other understanding, my transition began with this book. I found that by praising God I uplift myself and have found peace in the process. It also completely changed prayer for me. I no longer ask God for things or situations but thank Him instead, for the blessing that I may not yet see, but that I've come to know is absolutely there.

"We Praise God, Not For What We Expect Will Happen In Or Around Us, But We Praise Him For What He Is And Where And How We Are Right Now!" -- Merlin R Carothers 

Spread Some Joy Today--by finding praise-worthy things all around you today.

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Daily Inspiration 6-9-18

"To err is human. 
To make a mistake is unforgivable. 
But, I could be wrong." 

 -- Albert K Strong 

[Classic post from 2-1-14]

It is so easy to become grateful for the "good" things. Those things and events that feel good, or positive, or bring us joy are easy to love. This requires no practice. It is something everyone does. However, to become grateful for things we don't agree with, feel crappy about, or just don't feel right is a serious challenge to most.

If we were to look at this detour from our trip to become grateful as a problem, the problem would be our beliefs. A belief is just a thought we keep thinking over and over again and a belief can be changed by changing the underlying thinking that creates the belief. In other words, we have to change our minds and think differently. The symptom of this problem is labeling. When we call something good or bad, mistakes or success, positive or negative, and so on, these are just labels we have assigned to these feelings. They are judgments.

If we are going to become a grateful person, we need to change our thinking and our labels or our judgments. An easy way to do this is to call all things experiences. When we do this, it eases the judgment and allows us to consider gratitude for the experience and the outcome. After all, the outcome is the outcome. Whatever it is or was, is or was. It isn't really good or bad except in our thinking and labels.

Mistakes in the past cannot be corrected or put behind you. They cannot be done over. They cannot be fixed or repaired. They are what they are. If we call them mistakes, we give that event or experience far more power than it deserves. Our best hope is to release our hold on it. It isn't holding on to us, we are holding on to it. We do that for a variety of reasons but rest assured, we are always in charge even when we say we are not.

As with yesterday's post, I think the metaphor of letting go of the rope is so appropriate and effective. Just drop the rope. Let go completely. Rename this thing an experience. You might even say, "I had this experience and this was the outcome. It is what it is and it was what it was. It has no hold on me. I release my attention to it right now." Lay the rope down and do not pick it back up.

Now see if there is anything you have learned from that experience. Find something you have benefited from, anything. Begin to appreciate the experience. Be grateful that it happened and praise yourself for making that choice then. There is always a benefit. Every experience has value and importance. Accept responsibility for making the choices, and allow it to be.

One day I was fired from a really good job. It was the happiest day of my life. It was sheer joy and elation. It changed my life for the better and released me to make the changes that have led me to where I am now. This is always true and would be accepted this way if people would allow this thinking. Instead, they are often depressed, or lost. But remember, we are always in charge. I created my own firing. It wasn't something that happened to me. I arranged it consciously or unconsciously, but I arranged it nonetheless.

With this approach, you can become a grateful person for everything in your life regardless of what you or others have previously labeled things. The calm contentment that follows is amazing.

You Get To Choose Your Labels And Your Thoughts On All Levels. 

Spread Some Joy Today--Isn't it joyful to realize that you are so in control of things? It is a joyful thing.

Friday, June 8, 2018

Daily Inspiration 6-8-18

"Conflict cannot survive 
without your participation." 

-- Wayne Dyer 

[Classic post from 7-14-14]

Though this is the first time I've seen this quote, I've always known it to be true. It is the old tug-o-war game again and when the rope is dropped, the game is over and the one who released it is freed. Though the other may continue to rant and rave and try to make trouble, there can be no trouble without our participation. 

When there is nothing to fight over, there is no fight. If someone wants something and you give it to them without a fight, what power do they have? None.

When someone is bent on harassment, even though you let go, this is the time to allow people like Marshall B Rosenberg to help make sense with, but these are extreme cases in comparison with the daily issues we face. With most of our issues, it is just a matter of not participating in the fight, or struggle, or pity party.

Releasing Resistance Is Our Own Freedom. 

Spread Some Joy Today--by feeling your way through your day. The better you feel, the better your day.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Daily Inspiration 6-7-18

"To forgive is to set a prisoner free 
and discover that the prisoner was you." 

-- Lewis B Smedes 

[Classic post from 7-10-14]

I was talking briefly with someone today about forgiveness. Through much trial and error, I have learned to forgive and think that I have learned what forgiveness really is. So, here is what I learned that it is: our own thinking and judgment about past events that can never be changed, although we often want them to change, yet we also know that we can never change the past in the present, so the contrast of that creates the emotion of resentment, whereby we hold the other in judgment for their perceived wrongdoings to us.

Most people think that to forgive means to reconcile our feelings about that person and accumulated events associated with them. It can't be done. Usually, those who say they've done this are blowing smoke and acting as if they have forgiven the other when that isn't possible either.

First of all, it isn't about them. It is always about us. It is we who are thinking the thoughts that are causing us to not feel good. It is not them creating the thoughts. It is ourselves alone. No one can make us feel anything. Our own feelings are always a contrast between our real selves and our own ego.

The best description of what it is like to forgive I've ever come up with is to pretend that we are having a tug-o-war with ourselves, equally matched, and impossible to win. This leaves only one solution: to let go of the rope completely, and after letting go of the rope, to find the love that is always there. The way to find the love is to create a list of appreciation. Through appreciation, you can become grateful for the whole event, and then it is forever changed.

No one can do anything to us. Whenever we believe that our feelings are created from the outside, we will experience unhappiness. Our feelings are created from our own thoughts and never from the outside. Since no one can make us feel anything except ourselves, the other thing to grab hold of is that we are always in charge of how we feel and not anyone else regardless of the relationship.

When we let go of the rope and find things to appreciate, we have nothing but love and when there is love for the other, there is nothing to forgive. When we withhold love from the other, we build a wall between us.

Whatever you might be holding onto, feeling resentment about, feeling unhappy about, or even angry about is only ourselves in a tug-o-war with ourselves. By letting go of that rope, all of that goes away immediately.

Today, Right Here, And Right Now Is The Best Time To Let Go And Turn It To Love Through Appreciation. 

Spread Some Joy Today--Make a list today of everything you appreciate. Feel your love grow as you make your list.